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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Taiwan Market: Apple Trims Workforce By 30%

Apple Plans Expansion Of "Get A Mac" TV Campaign

Apple appears pleased with the result of its "Get a Mac" television commercials and holds plans to expand the campaign more than threefold in the coming weeks and months.

New Horizons For Intel-Based Macs

Apple's transition to Intel chips will improve Macintosh's software development, according to Piper Jaffray analysts.

Nokia Could Speed Up Apple's Entry Into Cellphone Business

Mobile telephone giant Nokia's arrival in the music downloading business is bad news for Apple, which may force the iPod maker to engineer a new "iPhone" to fend off the threat, experts believe.

64-Bit Leopard Knocks Spots Off Vista

This is quite a boon for OS X, and one that should be highlighted frequently and often.

Leopard First Looks: Spaces

Apple brings decades-old virtual desktops to the masses.


The Mac Versus Windows Holy War: Real Or Fake?

The competition and hte back and forth interplay among Mac and Windows users, can be entertaining, but don't take it too seriously.

Now I'm A Believer

The Mac makes it all easy, with maximum integration and with a supremely elegant operating system. Windwos - just say no.

Steve Jobs Lives!

Katie Cotton, Apple's VP of worldwide corporate communications: "Steve's health is robust and we have no idea where these rumors are coming from."

iTune Smart Playlist And Podcasts

Ten Reasons To Switch To An Apple Macintosh Notebook

Windows 5x More Expensive Than Mac OS X

Welcome To The World Of Mass Customized Media

A play list is We Media. And a play list is more than music. It's the ability to go from a song to a news report to a program to piece of artwork to an inverstment decision to purchase of those new — yes, you guessed it — iPod Nike sneakers. Welcome to the next generation of media.

Data, Contexts, And Leopard

Now wouldn't it be interesting if this were a sign of more interoperability between apps to come?

Rethinking Virtualization

Having used Parallels in a real-world situation, I can see the hype is not just hupe, but well founded for those people that need Windows once in a while.


Process 2.0

Project management tool with great interface lacks advanced features.


CoreToDo? CoreRSS? CoreNotes?

You know, I did notice "something strange" in the Leopard preview screenshots: why is there yet another RSS reader in, duplicating the Safari team's effort? Why are there To Do items in Mail, where I think the feature should be more at home over at iCal?

But, perhaps, Giles Turnbull has it right. Perhaps, all these little features are going to be in the operating system system-wide, and we are just seeing evidence of them appearing in the various applications.

As Giles Turnbull puts it, "the app you're using doesn't matter - the data is what counts, and it flows from one app to another depending on your context."

That will really be cool.

iDog iEat iPod

This is not an excuse for not submitting homeworks.... but, well, the dog did eat the iPod.

Any suggestions on how to fix the iPod?

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