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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


BMW Increases iPod Support

September Shall Be The Bearer Of An Apple Special "Presentation"

For Macs In Schools It's Death By A Thousand Cuts

The PC versus Mac debate has once again been ignited, this time in a campaign to raise awareness of the plight of teachers in Australia reporting a dwindling level of support for Apple laptops in schools.

Doctor's Orders: Automation On The Mac


iPod Factories: No Unions

Anti-Apple News Popular?

The Decline Of WWDC

It's distressing to see how WWDC has become more and more unpleasant for the attendees each year.

Final First Impressions Of Leopard

The Curious Case Of The Supposed MacBook Wi-Fi Hack

I see no way out of this where Maynor and Ellch escape with their reputations intact.


Secure Transfer Using Civil Netizen And Pando

The Family Mac

How Apple's desktop computers compare.


What Will Mao Think?

Imagine this: the overworked poor workers in communist China working for a boss from the KMT Taiwan has to be rescued by a company from capitalist United States that is being run by an ex-hipp.

Did anyone check the Great Hall of the People, to see if Chairman Mao has turned over in his grave?


It Is Time For Web 3.0 (And .Mac 3.0 Too)

And what, you may ask, is Web 3.0? Please allow me to list them:

1. Do not store anything on the server, except for things the customers explicitly ask to store on the server. So, a photo sharing web site should store the JPEGs, but not the search log. Put the log on the client machine, and let the client machine make use of the log if necessary to make searchers smarter, for example.

2. Everything that is stored on the server must be encrypted, except for things the customers explicitly ask not to encrypt. The server shouldn't be able to decrypt anything by itself.

Apple, time to leapfrog ahead your competitors with .Mac. We deserve something insanely great, and not a me-too product when compared to the likes of Google, MSN, and Yahoo!

What other essential rules do you have for Web 3.0 / .Mac 3.0? (1.0 is iTools, 2.0 is today.) Send them in to me at, and I'll expand this list with interesting ideas.

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