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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Has iPod's Hit Parade Stalled?

After years of cranking out hit iPod models, has Apple hit a wall?

iPod Gray Market Booms In India

While Windows machines enjoy low prices because they're produced locally, Apple products have to make their way from production facilities in China. Along the way, they pick up several cost-inflating customs stamps. Shopkeepers have responded by smuggling huge loads of illegal iPods and MacBooks from Singapore, Dubai and Malaysia.

Apple Shareholders Sue Apple

Trade Unions Miffied At Apple

Confederation of Free Trade Unions has slammed Apple's whitewash of conditions at Foxconn's Chinese plant.


Switching From Windows To Mac, Part II

The Mac culture will woo Windows users, at least it wooed me.

Is Windows Inherently More Vulnerable To Malware Attacks Than OS X?

Pretty soon any debate with Microsoft over security can be ended in one round when Apple stands up, says "launchd," and sits back down.

Migrating To Apple

If straws in the wind are anything to go by, there is now a very clear Mac migration in progress.


How come all the laptops I've had before the MacBook Pro had the "old way" kind of a connector that doesn't really react well to a brutal lateral move, but it's never been a problem, and then I get a Mac that solves this problem I never had, but that I suddenly begin to have it a lot...

Does iTunes Charge Podcasters?

No. Apple has one job and one job with this whole crazy Apple/iTunes/Podcasting/Television/Movie Rentals thing. That's to sell iPods.

The Life And Death Of Virtual PC For Mac

We said that bringing VPC to the MacTels would be like doing a v1. That's true, but it's not the whole story. It's not just the VPC v8 would be like doing a v1. It's that VPC v9 could also be just like doing a v1, or maybe it would be VPC v10.

An iPod For TV

How Apple could make it work.

8GB Flash And The iPod Nano

8GB nano would make the iPod middle child "more real" to me.


My MacBook Review

Use Of The Function Keys On Portable Computers


For Those Who Read Chinese...

Don't politicise iPod Factory Problem.

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