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Friday, September 08, 2006


Bare Bones Unveils BBEdit 8.5

Bare Bones Software calls this a "significant update," ushering in a claimed 160 new features to the HTML and text editor for the Mac.

Apple Files Upgraded Trademark For iMovie

Powers Of Persuasion

Parallels Updated With Mac Pro, Leopard Support


Apple's iTunes Advantage

Things I Don't Like About My Mac

Apple Enters Phase 3 Of Its Mac Ad Strategy

Apple's Mac marketing strategy is now coming into focus and seems to be close to firing on all cylinders for the upcoming holiday season.

Can A 30" iMac Be Far Behind

The Diary Of A Low-End Computer Consultant


The TV Mini HD: Revisiting HDTV On The Mac

USB Microphones Compared

Blue Snowball and Samson C01U offer ease of use for computer-based recording.


Movie Store? What Movie Store?

I read all these rumors and speculations and gossips about Apple and Amazon and online movie store and pricing and DRM and all such issues with, well, just a little bit of distance and indifferent.

Here in Singapore, I am still waiting for a iTunes music store, let alone television show and movies. :-)

Money To Spend? How About Some Clothings?

For the ultimate Mac users (*cough*fanboy*cough*), here's a guide on how you can spend more money so that you can dress like a Mac. No, we're not talking about Halloween costumes. Rather, it's the "Hi, I'm a PC. Hi, I'm a Mac" Mac.

Of course, real Mac users are either hanging on to their money to spend after next Tuesday ("It's Showtime!"), or have already spend their life savings on that 24-inch iMac.

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