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Tuesday, December 5, 2006


New Law Makes iPod Use Legal

Thousands of Austrlians who use iPods and other digital music players will no longer be acting illegally after a major overhaul of copyright laws passed parliament.

Worm Uses QuickTime To Spread On MySpace

A ,alicious video on pages changes people's profiles when played, embedding itself and adding links to fraudulent web sites, experts have warned.

iPod ShuffleBud USB Adapter For 2nd Gen iPod Shuffle

Computers Serve Films On Demand

For years now, personal computer companies have been working diligently to get into your living room. And while Dan Lewis may be a relatively early adopter, his experiences — and the smoothness with which his system operates — shine a light on some very cool high-tech in-home entertainment possibilities.

Apple Buys Asset Management Company Proximity

Apple has extended its stable of technologies with the purchase on Monday of Proximity. The company's flagship product is artbox, an all-in-one asset management and workflow.


Does Language In Computing matter?

Beggin' Your 'Poddin'

I'm left again to ponder why people have grown so affectionate toward iPods that they give them monikers while leaving their Blackberries, cell phones and PDAs with nameless disaffection.

My iPod Got Run Over By A Nissan

Why Older Users Love Macs

Seriously, if you wanted to hook up a recent retiree with a 1998 Mac or a 1998 Dell, which one do you think they'd find easier to learn?

Living La Vida Mac

Oh dear, they're at it, again.


MacBooks Just Got A Lot Faster

I liked both models a lot before, but now, with faster processors, both models, more RAM and FireWire 800, in the MacBook Pro only, I like them even better.

Computers And Music, A Need For Speed?


Rumor Today: Ultrathin MacBook Pro

Apple's annual Macworld show-and-tell at San Francisco is almost here, and the rumor season is in full swing.

The latest rumor is an ultrathin MacBook Pro, a laptop category that Apple has really never gotten into. Yes, there are people (like me) who feel that even the 12-inch MacBook is too heavy for their taste. And, possibly, some Newton lovers will also be cheering for this new product if it really comes to life.

Now that Apple has made the Intel transition, it is time for some new innovative products.

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