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Friday, December 15, 2006


Apple Makes Deal With Orange

FlickrBooth Plugin For Photo Booth Uploads Directly To Flickr

BluEye Connects iPod To Cell Phone Via Bluetooth

Apple Computer Delays Filing Annual Report With SEC Due To Stock Option Investigation

iTunes Sales Up 95% In 2006 - Analyst

Aging Films Get Digital Face Lift

A monumental collection of gear provides the mathematical brawn behind DTS Digital Images,the world's premier image-processing and -restoration house.

iPod Has Nothing To Fear From Zune — For Now

Microsoft's Zune had a decent debut last month, but Apple's iPod continued to dominate the MP3 market, according to new data from market research firm NPD Group.

Greenpeace Targets Apple's Fifth Avenue Store For Demonstration

Adobe To Release Intel-Native Photoshop CS3 Beta

The free beta can be downloaded at Adobe's web site by any user with a valid Creative Suite 2 or Photoshop CS2 serial number.


Why Is Adobe Releasing A Photoshop CS3 Beta?

I believe this was just a defensive move designed to anticipate on both Microsoft and Apple.

MacTel: 'The Real Story'

Oh What A World...

If people think your application is worth $4, then it is worth $4. The market fixes the price. If you cannot develop it for $4 or deem this so unfair as to cause your blood to boil, then maybe you should not be developing it in the first place.

Apple And Nike Don't Toe Security Line


Editing Systems Get Smaller, Easier, Cheaper

The move to non-linear, disk/file-based systems has given the post-production world a more efficient workflow, made easier and cheaper with hardware-independent tools.

BBEdit 8.5: Essential Editing Tool Adds More, Less


What Will You Eat, If You Only Have $30 For An Entire Month For Food?

Evan Lansing: For the month of November, I'm only spending $30 on food... I desperately wanted to find something tangible that a normal person could do to actually get some insight on what being poor is all about.

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