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Wednesday, January 3, 2007


Apple Guru Combats Month Of Bugs

A senior open-source developer with extensive experience working for Apple says he is attempting to offer fixes for each flaw found.

At Apple, Timing Led To Overnight Windfalls

Stock option grants in 1997 came on the eve of a big share-price jump.

Patent Lawsuit Names Leading Technology Firms

Intertainer filed a broad lawsuit asserting that Apple, Google and Napster are infringing on a 2005 patent that covers the commercial distribution of audio and video over the internet.

How To Throw Away That Broken iPod

Wondering what to do with your old electronics this New Year? Online guides tell consumers how to avoid sending their computers to toxic chop shops.

UC Berkeley On iTunes U Galvanizes Campus

QuickTime Zero-Day Bug Threatens Macs, PCs

A newly disclosed security vulnerability in Apple's QuickTime software could put both Macs and Windows PCs at risk of cyberattacks, experts have warned.

Goldman Weighs In On Macworld, Says 1.8m Macs Sold In Dec Q

REALbasic 2007 Release 1 Out For Mac

Future Cut: The Logic Behind Lily

It's hard to believe Future Cut Productions churn out platinum-selling hits from such a small studio, but once you enter the Apple-logo emblazoned front door, it soon becomes obvious how much music production has changed in the digital age.


Ex-Microsoft Exec: Why Pick On Dell, But Not Apple?

Dell and Apple have both just finished years in which each had to grapple with a massive notebook battery recall and each had to grapple with investigation into finances. But the similarities tend to end there.

Does Apple Have A Music Monopoly Issue?

I'm no lawyer, but it's hard to envivions a serious antiturst suit against Apple. However, stranger things have happened.

Parallels Universe

Reading Between Apple's Lines

I don't think the slogan on the home page is a generic New Year's announcement, nor do I think it's a general statement on Apple's mission for 2007.


Audio Hijack Pro 2.7


I Want My Music, And I Want It Now

Ever feel the noise around you is going to eat you alive, while you furiously try to untangle your iPod headphone cords to get into your very own soundtrack of the world? Maybe you should learn how to wrap headphone cords correctly?

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