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Thursday, January 4, 2007


Apple Financials Confirm Four-Fold Growth

Apple's net sales climbed almost 400 per cent in five years, financial statements reveal.

Apple In 2007 - The Only Way Is Up

Leopard, new Macs, iPods and mobile phone will generate bumper Apple corp, an analyst explains.

The Good, The Bad Of Bug Campaigns

A third monthlong parade of security flaw release has kicked off, this time focused on Macs. But some are questioning the purpose of such campaigns.

Is Steve Jobs Untouchable?

An internal inquiry gives him a pass in Apple's backdating scandal — but raises questions about whether he's getting special treatment.

Adobe Brings Premiere Back To The Mac

Adobe will announce on Thursday that it will revive a Mac version of Premiere, the software maker's video program aimed at professional editors. The new Mac version will only run on Intel-based Macs and will be part of a larger Adobe Production Studio suite that will include Adobe Encore DVD and Adobe Soundbooth.

Monkey Business

Catch The Next Chapter On Your iPod (It's Even Cheaper)

Unlike onscreen e-books, which never quite caught on, downloadable audiobooks have taken off, driven by the explosive popularity of the iPod.

Mac Desktop Sales Slump, Portable Mac Sales Skyrocket

WriteRoom 2.0 Released For Your Attention Deficit

Additions include a new live word count, support for standard file formats, and more flexible display options.

2007: The Year In Preview

Predictions for what to expect from the coming year.

2007: The Reader's Predictions


What Jobs Told Me On The iPhone

Steve's ability to know where consumers and technology will intersect often creates a road paved in gold. That's why he'll focus his energy on mobiles.

How Apple Might Wangle Wi-Fi Into Its iTV

Good Sites For Creative Professionals


The 24" iMac: A Quick, Subjective Review

The 24" iMac is splendid, particularly in those areas that are easy to take for granted until you actually see it in person: the all-in-one form factor and the expansive LCD panel just do it for me, and will do it for anyone else who has similar pretnetions to the simple and straighforward.


Things To Try On A Rainy Afternoon

I don't have an Intel Mac, so I can't enjoy the best of both worlds (Mac OS X + Windows) on one machine. Therefore, I tried to next best thing: running VNC Server on my iBook, and connecting via my Windows laptop.

Turns out that the speed is simply too slow. I'm still using the old original AirPort (802.11b), so that may well be the bottleneck.

No, I'm not upgrading to the new AirPort Extreme just do try this trick again. I, like almost everyone else out there, am eagerly awaiting the Steve Keynote next week, to see if I will part with my hard-earned money.

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