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Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Apple Unveils iPhone

After more than two years in the making, Apple CEO Steve Jobs today announced the company's intention to enter the mobile handset market, unveiling the new Apple iPhone. The iPhone brings together several features of the iPod, digital camera, smartphones and even portable computing to one device, with a widescreen display and an innovative input method.

Finally, Apple Answers Call For iPhone

In a written response to an inquiry from CNET made while Jobs' speech was still going on, a Cisco representative said, "It is ourb belief that with their announcement today, Apple intends to agree to the final document and public statements that were distributed to them last night." Cisco expects to receive a signed agreement Tuesday, according to the statement.

Apple TV

Jobs Announces Apple TV

Jobs announced the $299 device would be available in February, though the company has begun taking orders.


Queuing For Jobs And The iPhone

By and large, technology trade shows don't attract average people willing to camp out overnight for a chance at a prime seat. But there they were, exchanging good-natured barbs with each other about the rumored products (namely, the iPhone) expected later than mroning as they struggle to stay warm on the sidewalk.

iPhone Impresses, But Can iAfford It?

Greenpeace Protesters Dog Macworld

Thanks For The Mac Memories

At Macworld, Andy Hertzfeld, a member of the team that built the original Mac, spoke to a crowd of about 50 people about the early days of the project.

Analysis: iPhone A 'Wake-Up Call' For The Industry

Apple has put a tremendous amount of pressure on handset makers like Motorola and Nokia, according to industry analysts. Capitalizing on its legendary ease-of-use, Apple will be a competitor out of the gate.

iTunes Store Sales Going Strong

Apple has now surpassed Amazon to become the fourth largest music retailer in the U.S.

Flaw Found In Apple Bug-Fix Tool

The application, called Application Enhancer (APE), is used by the "Month of Apple Fixes" project to apply run-time patches.

Apple Drops 'Computer' From Name

"The Mac, iPod, Apple TV and iPhone. Only one of those is a computer. So we're changing the name," said Jobs.

Apple Enables 802.11n On Newer Macs

Apple Intros 802.11n-Based AirPort Base Station

Microsoft Reveals Details Of Office 2008 For Mac

Paramount To Sell Movies On iTunes Store


The Huge Potential Downside Of The iPhone

In all honesty, the most amzing thing to me about Apple's iPhone announcement is the exclusive multi-year pairing with Cingular, which locks Apple fans into an agreement with what might be one of the most customer-hostile companies ever.

More Apple

The Apple logo was a prominent feature in my house in my preteen days.

Some Hands-On Time With The iPhone

Today, I had meetings with Steve Jobs and then Phil Schiller, Apple's director of worldwide marketing. I basically played with the iPhone the entire hour.

The Artist Formerly Known As Apple

Changing a name to a symbol didn't work for Prince.

Macworld: A World Of Schwag

The schwag I got today as a conference speaker must have set some kind of record.

An iPhone Sans A Phone? Just Wi-Fi Access?

I'd adore one of those.

Mom Has Her Own Personal iPod

Was this some sort of test by Apple? If you can't open the case in two minutes, are yo too old to have an iPod?

Woz On The iPhone And Apple, Inc.

Regarding Apple's change of name from Apple Computer to Apple, Inc., Woz said that it took him by total surprise, but it's all good. "I never even thought of it in those terms, but it really makes sense," he said.

The Importance Of Being Apple

Apple's Son Of Newton

The iPhone's two distinguishing features will be twofo the least likely bloggers and reporters will mention: Mac OS X and synchronization.

The Apple iPhone

I grabbed some cardboard, scissors, and glue and made a scale model of the iPhone.

iPhone And The End Of PC Era

It is sweet irony that the company that sparked off the desktop computing revolution is the one announcing its passing.

ET, Phone Steve Jobs

This was the most exciting product introduction Jobs has made in 20 years. Reality-distortion field? Bring it on.

Apple Says "Does Not Compute"

The iPhone exemplifies this theory: it's a computer; it runs OS X, and yet it's also a cell phone and an iPod: it's the entire Appel product line in one device. Apple's reminding us that the computers are everywhere today.

Not Waiting On The World To Change

Will Apple become the dominant cell phone maker in the world? I kind of doubt it. But I think it'll be a serious player, and I think its presence in the market will force everyone else who develops cell phones to drop a lot of their assumptions and accept that some of their phones' features simply aren't good enough for consumers.

Expo Reaction: iDisappointed

I was really hoping for some impressive new Macs to look at, and new versions of the applications suites we've all come to rely on. It seems we'll now have to wait for the inevitable Special Event for the release of Leopard, iLife, and iWork... and maybe my highly-desired ultra-portable Mac!


Any "Top Secret" Features Of iPhone Yet To Be Revealed?

Apple held back some features when Steve Jobs demoed Leopard at the last WWDC so as to prevent, as the company claimed, competitors from copying them.

Are there also features yet to be revealed about iPhone? If iPhone is running the full Mac OS X operating system, does that mean InkWell is alive and well, and the soft keyboard is just a red herring? And a lot of us can probably fun and interesting things that iPhone can do with functionalities like Bonjour, Automator/AppleScript, and Speech Recognition.

iPhone Works With Yahoo Mail, And Not .Mac Mail

I speculate that .Mac will be shutting down within a year, and .Mac customers will be migrated over to Yahoo!

Poor Microsoft. Even Poorer HP and Dopod

Bloomberg: Microsoft will introduce video games for its Zune music player within 18 months to match features available on Apple's dominant iPod.

Well, too bad. Now Microsoft will have to add mobile phone features too in order to just match Apple. I'm sure the game features will most likely be great on Zune — Xbox 360 has tons of positive reviews, but who carries around a video game player to the gym anyway?

Now that Microsoft has more or less killed off PlayForSure, should the Windows Mobile phone manufacturers be next in line to worry about whether to sign up for the Made for iPod program?


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