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Thursday, January 11, 2007


Jobs Cites Microsoft Executive's Mac Comment

In Cingular-Apple Deal, Only Phone Was Missing

When Cingular executives went to the company's board last year to get approval for a deal with Apple, they did so without so much as a prototype of an Apple phone to show the directors. The board signed off anyway.

Cisco Files Infringement Suit Against Apple Over iPhone

Cisco Systems late Wednesday said it has filed a lawsuit against Apple seeking to prevent Apple from using the iPhone trademark.

QuarkXPress Gets Upgraded

The latest upgrade offers performance enhancements that make the design software more responsive.


For IT Departments, The iPhone Poses Problems

How Not To Start An Expo Presentation

Always be prepared. But if you're not prepared, make sure you're staying close enough to recover from said level of unpreparedness!

Update On Cisco's iPhone Trademark

This lawsuit is about Cisco's obligation to protect its trademark in the face of a willful violation. Our goal was collaboration. The action we have taken today is about not using people's property without permission.

How Apple Kept Its iPhone Secrets

Bogus prototypes, bullying the press, stifling pillow talk — all to keep iPhone under wraps.

Steve's Devices

In Jobs's world, users are users, creators are creators, and never the twain shall meet. Which is, of course, why the iPhone, like the iPod, is such an exquisite device. Steve Jobs is not interested in amateur productions.

Apple iPhone Have EDGE Leh

Another thing that struck me was how such an innovative product is being launched in thesuch a mobile backwater like the US. Steve, come to Asia first. We will buy your iPhone like there is no tomorrow, and you don't have to partner with the likes of Cingular here to sell one.

When Did Steve Start Showing Vaporware?

By holding his own mini-CES 500 miles away, Jobs literally stole the show.

Applications On iPhone

Apple Waves Its Wand, Again

This machine is so packed with possibilities that the cellphone may actually be the least interesting part.

Apple Fails To Reinvent Telecommunications Industry — Too Bad

Microsoft Learns Less Is More

Based on what I've seen thus far, Microsoft clearly understands that the biggest problem with Office is not some sort of missing feature or capability, but rather, the fact that many users are unaware that features and capabilities they're demanding already exist.


Look Ma, No Wires. For Real.

Erica Ogg, in CNET: Powercast is a radio frequency that is transmitted over a small area, and its energy is "harvested" — wirelessly — to give power to small devices like cell phones.

Steve Jobs must already have his engineers looking into this. (But, if not, can someone please notify him, please?)

Now, we can really get rid of all the unsightly wires.

Watching Your iPod Videos In Private

If you, with an iPod with Video, are watching a recorded video conference from your company discussing the latest ultra-super-top secret plans on how to steal market share from your biggest competitor, you probably wouldn't want to watch it on your train commute. You don't really know who that person sitting right next or behind you is from.

But, here's a solution: a special video glasses for your iPod.

(Of course, there's also porn.)

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