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Friday, January 19, 2007


Apple's Disappointing Forecast Reduces Interest In Tech Stocks

Inside 802.11n: What You Need To Know About The Wireless Networking Standard Apple Supports

Apple Hit With Patent Infringement Lawsuit

The lawsuit claims that Apple used Opti-patended "predictive snooping" technology, which involves the transfer of data from a PCI bus controller to a PCI master bus.

Orb Brings iTunes To Wii Console

Price Cuts On Apple iPhone Likely, Analysis Finds

Apple will likely have some wiggle room to cut retail prices on the iPhone, if a report from iSuppli proves correct.

Apple Wants Two Bucks For Faster Wi-Fi

It will cost $1.99, and will be available on Apple's web site, said Lynn Fox, an Apple spokeswoman.

MacJournal Adds .Mac Syncing


Mac Pro Sales Waiting On Adobe

Reaction To The iPhone Reveals How The Electronics Industry Failed To Beat The iPod

It's as if everyone is wearning "feature" goggles. They think of smart phones as a computing tol, in which the number of features are more important than the user interface.

The Mac Still Proves A Winner For Apple

Despite all the praise lavished on the iPod and other new consumer devices, the Mac has been the real winner since Apple started using Intel chips last year.

Apple TV eletes DMA Deficiencies

You Could Call iPhone Perfect

I really, really like what I've seen so far.

Apple's Numbers Tell The Story

A little more than five years after Apple first introduced the iPod to a surprisingly receptive world, the music device generates nearly half of the company's sales. Can you really blame Apple, then, for looking at new areas like the iPhone and seeing the potential for expanding its business even further?

Is The 8GB iPhone Overpriced?

Why does it cost $100 extra for a mere extra 4GB of storage?

How Steve Jobs Blew His iPhone Keynote


My Favorite Macworld Product: Indigo

Mac Games At Macworld Expo


Getting Into Cocoa?

You are sick of developing applications for Windows? Tired of reading that MSDN, and figuring should you move all your MFC and WTL projects to .Net? You want in on the most exciting operating system in the world? (Sorry, got carried away...)

Late Night Cocoa is a new podcast that's just for you.


Vista: Worthy, Largely Unexciting

XP successor doesn't break new ground on ease of use, but it's the best Windows yet.

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