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Thursday, January 25, 2007


Mac Will Get Boost From New Photoshop Release, Analyst Says

Sales of Apple's professional line of Macintosh desktops and notebooks could get a boost after Adobe releases the full version of its new Photoshop CS3 digital imaging software later in 2007, according to one analyst.

What's In A Name? For Apple, A Focus On The Digital Living Room

The bottom line, experts at Wharton note, is it's still early in the development of the digital living room, and that means more strategic trials and errors lie ahead.

Apple Safe From Citrix's Legal Hounds

Luckily for Apple, neither Citrix nor Nortel seem eager for an iPhone lawsuit.

Mac Tablet Distributor Recruits Dealers

Two weeks after its introdution, the Axiotron ModBook, which Apple reseller Other World Computing called "the One and Only Mac Tablet" computer, is starting to lure independent Macintosh dealers.

Apple Stores Increasing Focus On Windows Stragglers

Apple's retail stores will begin courting Windows users with added finesse this spring, as new product launches from the company help pique interest in its Mac line of personal computer, Needham and Co. analyst Charles Wolf says.

Apple To Charge 802.11n Fee Overseas As Well

Apple claims that Apple Italy and Apple Australia, while looking like their own entities for most day-to-day operations, are still arms of the main corporation that is based out of Cupertino, California.

Norway Toughens iTunes Stance

Apple could face legal ation by the Norwegian government in March if the U.S. company refuses to unlock its iTunes online music store from its iPod media player.


Mark Hamburg Interview: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Part 1 Of 2

I spoke with Mark Hamburg, Adobe Fellow, former Photoshop architect, and founder of the Lightroom project.

The Steve Jobs Effect... On The Backdating Scandal

I predict Apple's hndling of its backdating problem will impact decision-making in many other boradrooms. Now, so long as evidence shows their CEO was less involved in backdating than Jobs was at Apple, there will be less pressure to automatically take the "throw-the-bums-out" route.

Is Apple Out To Kill Tivo?

Yeah, I'm calling it. I think Apple are about to send Cable TV and Tivo a clear message... your time is almost up.

iPod: A Love/Hate Relationship

When you need your battery replaced, suck it up and pay Apple the $66 to install it for you. If you don't, there is a very good chance that you will be sorry.


A Tiny Thing Of Beauty

If you want something with fuss-free usability, ultra-portability and elegant looks, the shuffle is your best bet. That's the price of cool, I suppose.

FizzBall: Cute Action Game Hits A Home Run For Family Fun

"Cute" certainly doesn't work for all gamers, but as a dad, I can't find a bad thing to say about FizzBall.


Lesson Of The Day: Don't Interrupt Steve Jobs

From MadTV, a lesson in attending Macworld Expos. :-)

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