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Saturday, February 3, 2007


Apple, Nike Sued Over iPod Sport Kit

Apple and Nike are being sued by a Colorado company accusing them of infringing a patent covering shoes that collect data on the wearer's activity in their Nike+iPod Sport Kit.

Apple Patents Point To iPhone Lockdown

If implemented, the technology could extend Apple's control over the iPod and iPhone ecosystem in ways both positive and negative for consumers.

Apple Warns Of "Distraction" Over Options Scandal

An update to Apple's latest 10-Q reiterates an attitude of transparency regarding the options scandal.

Patents Paving The Way For iTS On iPhone?

Essentially, Apple has patented a method by which a wireless device (hmm... the iPhone?) could access the iTunes Store and purchase content.

Duncan Shiek: Awakening Spring With Rock

"Our conceit in the show is to let the adolescent characters have a catharsis through indie-rock music."


Vista Is Here. So What Does It Mean For Virtualization?

Microsoft has released a new EULA (End User License Agreement) that states that only certain versions of Vista — Business and Ultiamte (and Enterprise for corporate customers) are eligible to be run in a virtual machine. The EULA says that Home Basic and Home Premium cannot be run in a virtual machine.

Lies, Damned Lies, And Bill Gates

It's either an angry, slanderous lie, or Bill Gates is an uninformed jackass.


DiskWarrior 4: Time-Honored Disk Maintenance And Repair Tool Stays Essential

Throughout many years, this program has showed its value as a data and bacon saver, and this new version continues to provide essential maintenance and repair features. This may be one of the few programs that every Mac user should own.

In-Ear Headphones Really Make A Difference

What's wrong with the Apple-supplied earphones that are included with the iPod? Nothing really — the first time I heard them, I thought they sound pretty good. But then I tried a set of in-ear headphones from Future Sonics, which is when I realized what I had been missing, both in terms of comfort and music quality.


Shame On You, Apple.

Shame on you, Apple; don't you care about your customers?

The beta versions of Windows Vista has been out for months and months, and only now you've discover that there is a problem with iTunes on Vista? And it's only now that you're advising your customers not to upgrade to Windows Vista if there are tunes bought from your store?

What a shame.

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