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Saturday, February 17, 2007


eBay Watch: Apple iSight Sells For $610

Apple CEO Jobs Attacks Teacher Unions

Apple CEO Steve Jobs lambasted teacher unions today, claiming no amount of technology in the classroom would improve public schools until principals could fire bad teachers. Earlier in the panel discussion, Jobs said textbooks would be replaced with a free, online information source that was constantly updated by experts, much like the online encyclopedia Wikipedia.

DRM Industry Gets Defensive Over Steve Jobs' Comments

It would appear that the DRM industry is starting to get a bit defesnsive about that whole Steve Jobs doesn't like DRM thing.

Mexican Airline Rents iPods

Mexican flight attendants now serve fistfuls of salted snacks, carbonated drinks and, for about $5, iPods.

Blast Radius: Nothing But Net


My Old iMac

My iMac was dead. The Power Supply probably went out during the car trip. I will always remember that iMac.

The iPhone: Mac Or iPod?

Mac or iPod? Jobs, Apple, and anyone who likes Apple's innovations had beeter hope it turns out to be the latter.

Why The iPhone Will Change The (PC) World

Imagine an iPhone the size of a big-screen TV. That's the PC of the future.

Appearances Can Be Deceiving: What's That 40-Gig Hard Drive Doing Inside My Apple TV?

Here is what I think is happening with the Apple TV hard drive. I think sometime this summer Apple will ship a firmware upgrade for the Apple TV and it will suddenly gain an important new capability. That's when the Apple TV becomes a node on the iTunes peer-to-peer video network.


How Yojimbo Organizes You On Your Mac

I wasn't really adjusting my way of working so much as I finally found something that let me consolidate five or six applications into one that was easy to get started and grows with me. That's sweet. That's the Mac way.

Apple Offers 802.11n, And A Wireless Wow

Not only has Apple advanced the wireless world, it's now started users on the road to home storage networks.

AirPort Extreme Base Station

Apple's new AirPort Extreme Base Station may have been a long time coming, but it's worth the wait for anyone whose network needs either greater speed or longer distance.


Hard At Work

The Onion: Apple Hard at Work Making iPhone Obsolete

"When the second-generation iPhone comes out this fall, we want iPhone users to feel not just jealous, but downright foolish for owning such laughably primitive technology."

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