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Thursday, February 22, 2007


Analysts Say Apple Appears To Have Topped Cisco In iPhone Agreement

Apple and Cisco Systems ended their feud over the iPhone name late Wednesday — and Apple appears to have won, tech analysts said.

Macworld Conference Shoot Results

We created nine profiles of develpoers who were exhibiting in the ADC Developer Pavilion.

Apple TV: DVD Killer?

Apple's set-top box device for consuming digital media, expected to hit stores next week, has at least one analyst optimistic that it will be a DVD killer.

Settlement Allows Apple To Continue Using 'iPhone' Name

The companies said they had reached an agreement that would allow Apple to use the name for the multimeida device in exchange for exploring wide-ranging "interoperability" between the companies' products in the areas of security, consumer and business communications.

An Apple A Day Keeps Storage Costs Away

When Summit Energy Services looked at its future growth, company decision-makers learned it was time to find more cost-effective storage, backup and disaster recovery technology. So the company tossed out pricey systems and brought in storage, backup and disaster recovery products that could help support the company's growth.

Apple To Stay Ripe

Investors sank their teeth into Apple on Wednesday as analysts voiced positive sentiment for the computer company's near-term future.

iPod's Groovy Factor

What do flying plastic pigs, dancing daisies and robotic Barbie dolls have in common? An iPod.

Symantec: iTunes Sings Bug Song

Hackers can exploit a bug in Apple's popular iTunes music player and online store software, and they may be able to run other malicious code on the compromised PC or Macintosh, Symantec Corp. reported today.

iTunes Clues Rock Classical Music World

Classical music fans and techie musicians were agog this week over revelations of a possible fraud that was uncovered using iTunes and a musical database.

IFC Offers Indie Films Via iTunes Store


When Was The Last Time You Had To Reboot Your Watch?

While I live my life surrounded by computers, they certainly are enormous pains in the ass half the time.

Because They All Suck

General purpose computing devices are designed to be all things to all people. As a direct consequence, they will always be rife with compromises, pitfalls, and disappointments. That's the first secret of using computers: they all suck.

Fair Enough

I think most readers assume that if it were false, that Levy would have called him on it — and so conversely, Levy's silence means it must be true, or at least mostly true.


Wrangle Your Snippets: Software Can Help You Store And Organize Scraps Of Data

There are a number of snippet keepers available for the Mac. But as with any organization effort, you'll have greater success if you choose a program that mirrors the way you prefer to work.

Aperture 1.5.2: Apple's Latest Photography Workflow Update Fixes Glitches, Adds Flexibility

While there's room for Aperture to grow, version 1.5.2 brings the program even closer to fulfilling its promise as the start-to-finish, import-to-output hub of professional and advanced photographic workflow.

Photoshop Lightroom 1.0: Adobe's Rich Photographic Workflow Application Makes An Impressive Debut

Many people realized that Photoshop's power may be overkill for most editing needs, and that image management and workflow are often more crucial tasks when working with large numbers of images. With Photoshop Lightroom 1.0, Adobe has recognized this need and responded by building a strong workflow foundation for serious shooters.


Your Mac Life Moves To A New Domain

If you are a fan of Shawn King's big show over at Your Mac Life, you might want to know that the show has moved to a new domain, at

Apparently, there are some disputes between Shawn and the hosting company...

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