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Friday, February 23, 2007


Apple iPod Shuffle Wins Design Week Award

"The shuffle is a simple, beautifully executed concept with minimal, re-useable packaging that is fantastic value for money."

Apple Files For Objective-C Trademark

Apple Announces Six WWDC Session Tracks

Sessions at Apple's annual developer conference will cover everything from the features in OS X 10.5 to tools designed to help deveopers take advantage of Apple's latest technologies.

Wanted: An Apple Security Expert

Microsoft Tells Some Users No On Vista

Microsoft's Scott Woodgate, a director in Microsoft's Vista team, insisted that the ban on virtualisation was not a marketing decision. "We are absolutely working with our partners to resolve this security issue," he said.

New Storage Service Targets iTunes Users

Terene Pua is offering to backup music, videos and other media for Mac owners for an introdutory price of $69 a year.

Analyst Suggests 'Solid Quarter' For Apple

Apple should benefit from stronger sales of its Macintosh computer products and lower component costs for its Macs and iPods, according to Prudential Equity Group, which Wednesday lifted its earnings estimate on Apple for the current quarter.

MarsEdit Blogging Software Changes Hands

Red Sweater Software announced Thursday that it has acquired MarsEdit, the Mac OS X weblog publishing software originally created by Brent Smmons, creator of NetNewsWire.

Stem E-Mail Overload

Strategies for keeping your inbox under control.


A Requiem For An iPod

In return for all her bounty, iPod had demanded of me a certain moral dexterity that even I, a child of the digital generation, would never have anticipated.

Great Apple Service

Name me any company, anywhere, in any industry that has this kind of impact on ordinary people?

It Is Time For The Distinction Between Mac Software And PC Software To Go Away

Where you're making a Mac and Windows version of the same software available and currently require two separate licenses, collapse and simplify.

Steve Jobs' iTunes Dance

Now that Apple CEO says he would gladly sell songs without digital restrictions, if the record companies let him. That's hardly a brave definance, and besides, I don't believe him.

Would Apple Mix DRM And Non-DRM Music At The iTunes Store?

Apple could still sell everything under the same terms: that you're allowed to play downloads on up to five computers. It's just that with the DRM-free music, there'd be nothing in place to enforce the policy.

Steve Jobs Should Blog, Part II

He has a lot of interesting things to say on topics more far-reaching than just what's cool about the next version of the Mac OS or the iPod. How about it Steve?

iTunes Store And The Import Of Apple Lossless

Given the kind of music that sells large at the iTunes Store, is it any wonder that Apple hasn't rushed to issue Apple Lossless versions of its inventory?


Toast 8 Titanium

This program has dozens of enhancements and improvements under the hood. With Blu-ray support, TiVoToGo, enhancements, interface streaming, and feature improvements galore, Toast 8 Titanium is the best value Roxio has offered in years.


Mobile Mac? Any Mac That Has A Battery

I don't know why many people are thinking that Mobile Mac is a new product category for Apple, but I'll classify all the MacBooks, MacBooks Pro, and iPhone to be mobile Macs. And I strongly believe that the iPod is going to be a mobile Mac too.

Both the OS and iPod teams at Apple are probably all tied up doing furious work for the iPhone, so I'm not expecting any new product categories from Apple this year.

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