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Tuesday, February 27, 2007


The Battle For The Heart Of The iPhone

Tech firms know that getting their part sin one of the most desirable gadgets on the planet means kudos — and guaranteed revenue.

As Apple 'Leopard' Launch Nears, VARs Spot Opportunities

iPhone Packs A Mighty Pinch

It may seem beyond coincidence that Mr Jefferson Han and Apple came up with the pinching gesture, but in fact the idea predates both.

Apple TV Debut Delayed Until Mid-March

Apple will delay until mid-March its Apple TV device for playing computer-based video on television sets, a spokeswoman said on Monday.

Apple, Samsung, Sandisk Sued Over MP3

Little-known Texas MP3 Technologies is taking on Apple, Samsung Electronics and Sandisk with a patent-infringement lawsuit.


Quantum Has No Qualms About iPhone Design

Quantum has no knowledge of any infringement by Apple of Quantum's patents in regard to the iPhone or any other product other than those products alleged to be infringing in its 2005 lawsuit against Aple and Cypress Semiconductor, specifically the Powerbook trackpad, Mighty Mouse and iPod Nano scroll wheel.

Public Confidence, Thanks To iPod

For me, the most important thing my iPod has given me is the confidence to blow my nose.

MacBook Configuration Insanity

Why put customers through waiting for another machine which ultimately forces Apple to add another computer to its refurb inventory?

Apple's International iTunes Controversy

Impressions Of The New AirPort Extreme

Plus, you know, it's shiny.

The iPhone Says Hello

The ad managed to generate buzz without assaulting people with a wealth of technical details.

Hey, Apple: Remember The Newton Before Releasing iPhone

Remember that two years after Newton was introduced, a smaller, cheaper PDA appeared — the Palm Pilot — which truly did rock the world.


Frenzic 1.0

If you enjoy puzzle and strategy games, odds are you'll like this game and keep coming back for more.

Round-Up: Mac Tax-Preparation Software

TaxCut and TurboTax: Which is the better choice?


Nothing Is Worth That Much Protection

Deep down, as a developer, I honestly believe that no DRM schemes or protection schemes are worth doing. (Having said, that, I shall also note that the people responsible for paying me my cheque may disagree, and my family do need to eat, thougn.) It punishes honest customers while dishonest people can still get away with not paying.

But, this fiasco where a developer had to come out publicly to retreat from his earlier stand that his software will delete home directories when a pirated key has been detected, demonstrates clearly that DRM and protection schemes can even backfire on the developer.

Now, his reputation has been shattered, and he has do much much more hard work to gain a certain degree of trust back, if ever.

In The "Don't Try This At Home" Department...

A real-life proof that your MacBook Pro is truly bullet-proof.


Is Windows Getting More Expensive?

The full answer is more complicated. There are all sorts of factors that go into one's sense of whether the leading operating system "feels" more pricey or less expensive — the cost of other PC components and what gets bundled into the operating system are just a couple of them.

VMware Attacks Microsoft License Changes

Virtualization leader VMware has published a white paper condemning what it calls Microsoft's moves to block competition in the virtualization market, the most public sign to date of the friction between the companies.

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