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Thursday, March 8, 2007


Apple: America's Best Retailer

The high-tech wundercompany has landed — not only on our street corners and in our malls, but also for the first time, on the top 10 of Fortune's Most Admired Companies.

Adobe To Release Two Versions Of Photoshop CS3

The new markets Adobe is reaching out with Photoshop Extended include professionals in architecture, engineering, medicine, and science. Photoshop CS3 Extended includes the same tools as Photoshop CS3 plus a new set of capabilities for integration of 3-D and motion graphics, image measurement, and analysis.

Apple And Microsoft Users Differ On Age And Bias

Internet metrics firm Hitwise reopens a discussion into which of the companies has a monopoly on "cool."

Apple Product Shortages, iPhone Receipt, Store Closing

Reports from overseas claim that several Mac and iPod products are becoming scarce ahead of potential refreshes.

Analysts: Apple To Use More NAND Flash Memory

Apple will likely introduce more NAND flash memory in several of its future products, including a sub-notebook that should hit the market by the second half of this year, according to a March 7 report by American Technology Research.

Apple Exec Disses Vista As No Threat To Leopard

Apple's CFO said Tuesday that Windows Vista is no threat to Mac OS X 10.5 "Leopard" and argued that the steep hardware requirements of Microsoft's new operating system will give Leopard an opportunity to step in and grab more market share.


iTunes Customer Service

Photoshop Over-Extended?

Does this repeated use of the Photoshop brand help or hinder it as a product?

42 Reasons Normal People Can Switch To Macs

Are Macs just for hipster designers? Not at all!

The Case For The Mac

I'm not naive enough to beleive that Apple design and make everything in their computers, but they take charge of the most important bits. Apple gives you attention to detail that you just don't get from PC manufacturers.

Intel's Roadmap May Be Apple's Road

Apple has legendarily been mum on its future product plans, but its relatively recent switch to Intel processors in its Macintosh line of computers has tied these products, at least in processor capabilities, to Intel's public product plans.

Bailing On Apple

I'm out of AAPL. It's been a nice ride these last few years, but for me the rides over. At least for now. I thought I'd just explain why.

An Open letter To Steve Jobs

Apple carries a large part of the responsibility for the situation in which consumers now find themselves.


Extreme Base Station Puts The Others To Shame

Given its ability to deliver a network that's not just faster but also far more useful, it sounds like a good investment in your network's future.

Windows, Macs Co-Exist

Reluctant to switch to a Macintosh because so much of your favorite software requires Microsoft Windows? Now you don't have to hold back.

Big Bang Fun Games For The Brain

Freeverse failed miserably.

Event Reminder 2.8.6

Event Reminder isn't the prettiest or most polished Mac OS X application I've seen, but it's useful for giving you a quick look at what's coming up on your schedule.


There's Washington, And Then There's Washington

What's is the opposite of Washington state?

Zune For A Song

Turns out that Microsoft cannot even sell it's Zune MP3 player in its own employee store at the Redmond campus...

This whole PlayForSure-Oh-And-Zune business strategy by Microsoft is so different from its humble beginnings when it was selling MS-DOS to IBM and Compaq. Imagine if Microsoft came up with Windows 1.0 that only works with Microsoft Computers, while MS-DOS (and perhaps OS/2?) will work with the other PlayForSure (a.k.a. IBM compatible) computers? Apple would have won. :-)

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