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Saturday, March 10, 2007

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Music's New Gatekeeper

From their Silicon Valley cubicles, Apple staffers have become music's unlikely power brokers.


Glen Wexler: Bovine Fancies

Scott Pagano and Jochem Paap: Hi-Fi Fusion

What instruments do the radical artists turn to when they conduct their audio-visual experiments? "It's a no-brainer for me to pick the Mac."

Apple's 5th Ave NYC Store Built Out In Second Life


Various Responses To The "Apple Capital" Idea

I have no clue what Apple's pans for its cash are. But I do know the questions on this topic are going to get louder as the pile grows.

Paradigm Shifting Without A Clutch

Apple has become wildly successful not by trying to destroy competition, nor by trying to "own" a market, but instead by making products that people like and by making those products easy enought o use that people want them.

Beware Apple's iPhone Froth

A closer look at the handset market, as well as at Apple's own launch strategy, suggest 10 million units could prove too lofty a goal for even a consumer electronics powerhouse like Apple.


Rumor Today: Apple Plans To Add H.264 Hardware Support To Its Entire Line

I, Cringely: By going with a chip, Apple ensures the same base performance level from every machine it sells, from the lowliest Mac Mini right up to the mightiest four-core Mac Pro.... The chip Apple has chosen doesn't just do hardware H.264 decoding, it does hardware H.264 encoding, too.

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