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Monday, March 12, 2007


New UK "Get A Mac" Ads: The Naughty Step Is Always Serious

Apple is plowing forward with the "Get a Mac" ads in the UK despite supposedly being met with some poor reactions over there.

Analyst Expects Mac Sales Spurt Soon

Leopard, Vista, CS3 and 'Get a Mac' ads spell Mac sales spurt.


The iPhone, And A Humbler Side Of Steve Jobs

maybe Apple is talking a good game in public, but behind the scenes it's approaching the mobile business with a lot of care. After all, as Steve Jobs himself has demonstrated, there's more to this company than the cocky exterior suggests.

Will Web Developers Start To Develop For Safari First?

The iPhone is Apple's trojan horse into not only the development community, but also to ensure tha tweb sites work best on a Mac.

The Great Mac Software Hunt

The Mac shareware/freeware marketplace, while not as gargantuan as that for Windows, is filed with a rich selection of largely well-done products. There are many small small commercial Mac software companies. At the same time that Windows development companies appear to be consolidating, you have the sense of a renaissance among Mac software makers. The Mac market was reborn with OS X.

I'm A Big Fat Mac Newbie!

Whoa! Wait a minue. Are all OS X discs not created equal?

Is The Biggest Challenge To Apple In The Enterprise Still The IT Director?

The biggest challenge is that Apple stil won't communite even basic product futures to enterprises.


Big Bang Brain Games

This is a good collection of puzzle/logic games at a great price.

A Fistful Of Flicks On Your iPod


Product Roadmap Is Over-Hyped

If I were an IT department, and I'm planning based on product roadmaps released by company, I'll be busy upgrading all my internal applications now so that we can upgrade all the Longhorn machines to the next great Windows OS release.

Product roadmaps are over-hyped; I don't know why companies still do their planning based on promises by technology companies (read: Microsoft) because these "promises" are never really kept. If I am an IT department (which, granted, I never was, so I am just a layperson) I'll plan based on what is released, not what is promised.

Of course, having said that, I would like to know whether Apple is planning to release a small-sized notebook, because I am planning to buy a new laptop and I am eyeing the cheapest MacBook Pro right now... :-)

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