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Friday, March 16, 2007


Muscling In On The Mobile Market

Competition in the mobile world suggests that may be a tough act to follow.

Apple Releases iPod Reset Utility 1.0... Again?

Though it is not explicitly stated, this 1.0 release apparently supersedes the original 1.0 and 1.0.1 iPod shuffle reset utility versions.

Can't Get Out Of Your Wireless Contract In Time For The iPhone? Consider Transferring It To Someone Else

Web-based services Cell Swapper and Celltrade offer match-making services for transferring service agreements.

Apple's Hard Drive

As san Luis Obispo's downtown continues a morph into malldom, a local business girds for change.

Solution Providers Pumped Up About Apple TV

Solution providers say they expect Apple TV, which is set to ship next week, to be a hot seller in the burgeoning digital home market.

A Chat With Nobi

For insights on current Macintosh and other high-tech goings-on in Japan, who better to talk to than a journalist covering the scene there? At this year's Macworld Expo in San Francisco, I sat down with Nobuyuki Hayashi, known to friends and colleagues as "Nobi," to do just that.

iTunes 7.1: Finally Supports Full Keyboard Access

As of version 7.1, you can now use the Tab key to cycle through all available UI controls in iTunes's dialog boxes.

Pennsylvania University Pulls PC Plug, Goes All-Mac

Wilkes University announced Wednesday that it has pulled the plug on PCs in favor of Macs, saying the move — which actually began last year — will save the Pennsylvania liberal arts college more than US$150,000 while still letting students and faculty continue to run Windows applications.


Notebook Screens: Matte Vs Glossy And MacBook Pro Vs MacBook Screen

When you spend absurd amounts of time with computers and photo editing software, things like screens become paramount in importance.

Apple Keeps Its Shine

If you have ever kicked yourself for not buying Apple four years ago when you bought your first iPod, you should go for it now during this market weakness.

Macintosh Surge: Three Reasons More People Are Moving To Macs

I've identified three primary reasons for the surge in Mac deployments: lower costs, Intel chips, and web applications.

iTunes And Artwork

Album artwork is no longer embedded in files but, instead, placed in a labyrinth of artwork folders.

Apple Rolls Out A Bright iFuture

The company's amazing transformation continues with a series of big surprises beginning in the next 30 days. They could make it the tech world's undisputed leader. I think shares will double again by 2010.


Rumor Today: Shuffle In A New Season

From Gizmodo, more colors coming soon for your iPod shuffle.

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