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Monday, March 19, 2007


Adobe Releases First Apollo Code To Developers

Adobe offers challenge to .Net with technology that lets rich internet apps run offline.

Will Apple TV Be Bigger Than iPhone?

Apple TV isn't the first product to collect, manage and play on TV video that was downloaded to desktop computers. But then, the iPod wasn't the first portable digital audio player.

QuickTime Gains 720P Apple TV High-Definition Export Mode

Apple has quietly added an "Export to Apple TV" feature capable of creating high-definition videos viewable on the Apple TV.


Apple TV: Will It Open Up Hollywood And Create A $11.4 Billion Market?

Could Be Time For An iSight Funeral

One of the cooler feature additions to the Mac OS X 10.4.9 update was its support for USB webcams.

Mac OS X Finds Its Way Onto My Desktop!

Mac OS X poses a threat to not just Windows, but also to Linux because it has all the things people love about Linux (except the freedom). The Open Source community should learn from it and see what people love about it and emulate it, rather than emulating Windows.

MacBook Pro, I Yearn For Thee

Oh, Apple laptop — my heart yearns with the fire of a thousand suns for your companionship. My stomah turns and twists with the sight of your beauty. Give yourself to me — unleash the harnesses of my PC oppression and let my body fold into yours with a lust that cannot be quelled by the voodoo men or their demon magicks within a thousand miles of our love.

MagSafe Cleaning Tips Show Martha Stewart Ain't Got Nothing On Apple

Should you be as careless as me and discover that your MagSafe adapter has gotten a little grungy, or is perhaps not functioning correctly, Apple's got some tips on how to remedy that.



The title is interesting, fun and engrossing and can be played briefly for 15-20 minutes at a time or played in hours-long sessions.

Papers For OS X

How great would it be if there was an app like iTunes, but for papers? The answer is "insanely great!"


Replace Your TV

Now, you really do not need a television. Or an Apple TV for matter. Introducing: Twittervision.

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