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Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Bracing For The iPhone

Everyone from Palm to Google looks to stock up on ammo before the new iPod/cellphone combination hits the market in June.

Apple TV Ships In US/UK

Apple has begun shipping the Apple TV in the US, with UK orders seemingly ready to roll.

MYOB To Focus More Resources On The Mac

"We are putting specific resources on the Mac and seeing how we can expand our Mac user base and how we can utilize new Mac OS technologies."

Apple Opens Doors By Running Windows

Helping Macs gain a bit of ground within the workplace are a growing aray of programs that let the machines run Windows or Windows applications on Macs with little loss of performance.

Apple Gives Glimpse Inside Leopard With WWDC Sessions

As with past developer conferences the sessions are presented by Aple engineers that work on the technologies, so developers get first hand experience in making the technology work with their applications.

New QuickTime Exploit Hits MySpace, Steals Passwords

It exploits a flaw patched by Apple two weeks ago.

iPhone Generates $400 Million In Free Publicity For Apple

With the iPhone Apple used all the weapons in its buzz-generating arsenal.

Apple TV Could Extend iPod Dominance: Analysts

Because the iTunes customer base is nearly 10 times larger than the estimated 12 million active users of Media Center PCs, the Apple TV could be "a Trojan horse" that Apple can use to extend its dominance from portable digital players into the market for home media centers.

Power Manager 3.6 Improves AppleScript, Automator Support

SpamSieve 2.6 Adds Thunderbird Support

Spinning With DJ Scotty Boy

"It's all real exciting and I'm looking forward to making more and more music with my Mac."


How Apple Orchestrated Web Attack On Researchers

Managing The Podosphere

Our days are already full of legitimate things to worry about, so why find worries in your recreation?

One Size Aggregator Doesn't Fit All

Amazon's listing is customized for classical music, while iTunes isn't. However, neigther of them does a very good job with Jazz.

Apple Of Our Eye: Macs Save Money

Recently, people have been saying the stragnest things about Apple and the Mac. Everything is topsy-turvy. Pundits aren't trotting out the old conventional wisdoms any more. They're saying odd stuff, like Macs are good for business; Macs can save money; and that Apple's stock — at $90 a share — is a bargain.

You're Too Late: Hideous iPhone Painting Sells For $410

Why Apple Should Acquire Adobe

If there are two companies that beter make "a couple" than Adobe and Apple I sure can't think of them.

Why Apple Should Not Acquire Adobe

If Apple acquires Adobe or any large software company, they're in for a nasty surprise and a rocky road ahead.

The Ultimate Mac Setups

If you've got the gear, why not flaunt it? These setups range from beautiful to ust flat out crazy — as in money spent.

MacBook It Is

Apple kept the store open for us, showed exemplary customer service while we were in the store, and had a quick and easy checkout process. It was nice to actually be trated decently at a retailer, any retailer.

How Apple TV Differentiates Itself From Other Players

No doubt, Apple didn't invent this category of device but they did focus on five areas that makes what they've done stand out among the other players on the market.

Prediction: Apple TV Will Never Be A DVR

It seems very clear to me that the point of Apple TV is to sell more iTunes content. Nothing more, nothing less.

Maybe $500 Isn't Too Much For A Phone, After All

When full retail prices are considered, suddenly that $500 price tag on the iPhone isn't all that high.

Sort Fields In iTunes 7.1

One of the key new features in iTunes 7.1, which came out earlier this week, is "enhanced sort options." What does that mean? Why would you want such a thing? How do you use them?

Updating Prebinding Is Dangerous

In fact, just to be safe, I'll do you one better, don't do anything while the update is running.


DoorStop X Security Suite 2.0: Firewall Applications Secure Your Mac And Enhance Your Knowledge

The efficient software, coupled with the suite's educational components, make DoorStop X Security Suite an excellent way to secure your Mac — and learn valuable information at the same time.


What's In Common?

We are not a monopoly! Some kid in a garage can re-create an entire operating system that is much better than ours, and we'd be out of business in a heartbeat!

1 Billion Dollars! That's how much we are losing money on. If this has never happened, all the people deprived of our daily comedy schtick will sign up for cable television and pay us one billion dollars!

You know, terrorists can do anything and everything just to win! Therefore, we should ban anything and everything!

Breakout 2!

Let's see Woz and Steve program this game. :-)


Windows Vista: More Than Just A Pretty Face

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