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Friday, March 23, 2007


Top Geek Details On Apple TV

iLounge's editors have assembled a robust testing environment for our two Apple TV units: four computers, five HDTVs ranging in size and resolution, one widescreen non-HDTV, and audio receivers with and without optical audio inputs. Prior to our final review, we wanted to share some of our preliminary findings for those who are interested.

Environmental Issues On Apple Shareholder Agenda

Two environmental proposals will be on the agenda at this year's annual Apple shareholder meeting. Environment group, Greenpeace, is rallying support for the proposals, while Apple's Board of Directors is recommending shareholders vote against the proposals.

Surprise, Microsoft Listed As Most Secure OS

Apple TV - Is There A Niche?

The question is whether Apple will rise to the top, or be swamped by the existing solutions. Can it carve out a niche? Unsurprisingly, vendors of existing products don't think so.

Disney Sued By Starz Over iTunes Movie Download Rights

Apple Unveils More Apple TV Info

Here are some of things we learned that should whet your appetite as you wait for your own Apple TV to arrive.

Analyst: Google Working With Apple In Phone Market

Despite talk that Google is developing its own mobile phone, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster feels that the search giant is working with Apple, not against it, in the mobile phone space.

FileCatalyst Offer Creative Macs A Transfer Boost

Transferring large files online got easier this morning with the release of FileCatalyst. The software boosts throughput and reliability for users engaged in point-to-point file transfers.


FUD: Windows Is "Most Secure OS"

It's pure FUD.

Apple TV A Game-Changer

Apple TV is about to attackthe fundamental assumptions underpinning the TV business just as the iPod cut the legs out from under CCDs and radio stations.

Once Bitten, Twice Shy?

Paying $250 for an extended warranty and then worrying that I'll never be able to benefit from it is not a gamble I like.

Apple And The Enterprise: In 20 Years, "Who Would Have Thought...?"

So change can happen quickly within SMEs. Yeah, we're not talking about Deutsche Bank going Mac tomorrow, but as the PC user experience degrades and/or requires new hardware, and as more and more grass-roots Mac users begin speaking up,s ome change — material change — will invariably take place.

Dear Mac, You Bore Me

What is with the whole "working" thing? I mean, I'm used to going and scouting for drivers and security patches and updates and tweaks and performance enhancers. With my Mac, I just turned it on and it like... worked.

The Apple TV Debate Is Upside Down

If this line sounds familiar, it's because the exact same grumblings were lodged against the iPod when it first debuted, and all those naysayers have been proven wrong. They will be again.

Apple TV - Will You Be Throwing Out Your DVD Player?

The fact that Apple TV isn't a replacement for a DVD player or a HDD recorder might mean that it's simpler to use, but it also means that it's yet another box and yet another remote control.

Top Ten Reasons You Don't Need Apple TV (Yet)

Some are obvious, others aren't, and all are counterpointed to present both sides of the debate.

Leopard Not Ready For April - "Barely Beta, Not Final Or Gold Master"

Our sources have told Ars that there is very little chance ("and that would be pushing it") for Leopard to ship in late April — that is, if Apple wants to ship with a halfway stable operating system.

Apple's Notebook Sales Down While The Industry's Numbers Are Up: What Gives?

Apple still makes a nice notebook, but what really differentiates it from the rest of the field?


Apple TV Diary: Out Of The Box

Apple TV Surprises And Impressions

My guess is that Apple would rather lose a few customers than confuse everyone. Only standard-def TVs made in the past few years wil have component inputs, so most of the fifty years worth of standard-def TVs out there still won't work with the Apple TV.


And We Shall Call It zMac

The "not invented here" syndrome has definite departed the building, cause Apple is learning from Microsoft in the choice of color. The iMac will now come in black, white and brown. Yummy!

Just kidding.


Google News Think "Zune" Is A Typo

Microsoft's Zune is at risk of becoming the Rodney Dangerfield of digital music players: It doesn't get any respect.

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