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August 31, 2007

iPod's Rosy Future

by Jonny Evans, Macworld UK

Global demand for iPods, MP3 players and PMPs remains strong.

Install Unlimited Applications On The iPhone With The Dock

by Charlie Sorrel, Wired

NBC To End iTunes Sales Of Its Shows

by Brooks Barnes, New York Times

NBC Universal, unable to come an agreement with Apple on pricing, has decided not to renew its contract to sell digital downloads of television shows on iTunes.

The decision highlights the escalating tension between Apple and media companies, which are unhappy that Apple will not give them more control over the pricing of songs and videos that are sold on iTunes. NBC Universal is also seeking better privacy controls and wants Apple to allow it to bundle videos to increase revenue, the person familiar with the matter said.

Mac OS X Leopard Vs Microsoft Windows Vista

by Chris Pirillo

With my limited exposure to the latest Leopard beta, I can tell you that it's a far more user-friendly, home network friendly, and 64-bit ready operating system than Windows Vista (even with SP1) could ever hope to be.

SketchUp Pro 6: High-Powered 3-D Modeling Program Is Loaded With Features

by David Karlins, Macworld

What's Wrong With Mac OS X?

by Oliver Rist, Computerworld

Overall, does OS X suck? Hell, no. In some ways it's superior to Vista, and that's probably only going to increase whent he elusive Leopard finally rears its furry head. Yeah, Apple failed a category where Vista didn't, but that's a fuzzy business/marketing category, not something tangibly technical. But for all its fuzziness, business marketing is still important to the buyers in that market and the intended readers of this column. And something has to explain why Apple simply isn't doing as well in the business market as Windows — adn this, three to five years since it began its serious popularity push.

Apple AirPort Can Be Grounded With IP Header Hole

by Lisa Vaas, eWeek

Attackers can exploit Apple's AirPort Extreme wireless routers using the IPv6 protocol.

iPhone Explodes From Unlock Attempt (Picture)

by iPhone Atlas

Apparently No One At Apple Uses The Dock On The Side

by Rogue Amoeba

It really isn't an exaggeration to say that it may make you dizzy.

Mac Mini Core 2 Duo: Apple's Smallest Macs Gets A Subtle, But Solid, Speed Bump

by James Galbraith, Macworld

Still a great bargain, the Mac mini's size and price allow it to fit into spaces and budgets that other Macs cannot.

Apple Spent $720,000 On Lobbying In 2007

by Associated Press

Apple lobbied congress on legislation designed to update the U.S. patent system.

MacFixIt And VersionTracker Bought By CNET

by Derik DeLong, MacUser

August 30, 2007

Anger At iTunes UK TV Price

by Jonny Evans, Macworld UK

Prices for TV shows through iTunes have sparked some criticism as 'rip off Britain' debate bubbles.

Apple Accused Of Short-Shrifting Disabled Retail Shoppers

by Aidan Malley and Kasper Jade, AppleInsider

Two San Francisco women have filed a lawsuit that accuses Apple of largely ignoring accessibility laws at one of its retail stores, making shopping or service trips all but impossible for those confined to a wheelchair.

Transmit 3.6 Comes With Amazon S3, Remote URL Support

by Jacqui Cheng, Ars Technica

The iPhone At Two Months: It's All About Interfac

by Michael DeAgonia, Computerworld

The iPhone is the first phone I've liked in well over six years. To call the iPhone the best phone I've ever used is the biggest understatement of the decade.

iTunes Viewed As B'cast Threat In U.K.

by Kate Bulkley, Hollywood Reporter

iPhone Hackers Could Face Legal Battle

by Peter Svensson, Forbes

AirPort Extreme Gets An Exciting Firmware Update

by Thomas Gagnon-van Leeuwen, MacUser

The big thing with this firmware is that it's officially certified for draft 20.0 of 802.11n, which is excellent.

That, if I understand, simply means it should also work with non Apple wireless clients, such as your housemate's Windows machine.

Joesoft Jax

by Jim Lane, MacNN

Will Music Be The Message On September 5?

by Philip Michaels, Macworld

Folks, I think The Beatles are coming to the iTunes Store. Of course, I say that a lot, so why not be wrong in public all over again.

iMovie '08: Apple Redesigns And Simplifies Its Desktop Video Program As An iPhoto For Movies

by Mike Curtis, Macworld

For speed and convenience of browsing, simple editing, and sharing, nothing in its class can touch it. While great for its intended audience, the video-quality issues and editing limitations make this a poor option for users with heavier editing demands.

Elgebar Studios Releases Pencils Down 4.0

by MacMinute

August 29, 2007

Corporate E-Mail On The iPhone

by Rachael King, BusinessWeek

Security concerns have led some employers to forbid corporate e-mail access on Apple's iPhone, but third parties are stepping in to bridge the gap.

iPhone Unlocking Video Hits Web

by Elizabeth Montalbano, IDG News Service

Roxio Releases Popcorn 3

by Peter Cohen, Macworld

TV Shows Come To UK iTunes Store

by Peter Cohen, Playlist

It's the first time an iTunes Store outside of the US has offered television content.

Deutsche Telekom Confirms iPhone Talks

by John Blau, IDG News Service

iMovie '08: As Easy As Sliding Down A Hill?


THis is probably what the Apple folks had in mind when they redesigned iMovie.

Risks As My Office Goes Mac

by David RD Gratton

My Adventures With My New Mac

by Amiram Hayardeny, Sun

If the Mac is a foolproof device, I believe it just met a very ingenious fool to work with...

The Steve Jobs Master Plan: iPhone Hacking

by Don Reisinger, CNET

To say that Apple has too much to lose in allowing iPhones to be hacked is a severe misconception.

Managing Fonts With FontExplorer X

by MacFixIt

Unlocked iPhones Highlight DMCA ABsurdities

by Nate Anderson, Ars Technica

Legal Or Not, iPhone Hacks Might Spur Revolution

by Jennifer Granick, Wired

Apple's iPhoto 7.0.2 Improves .Mac Integration

by John Martellaro, Mac Observer

Apple Sells More Than One In Six Laptops In U.S.

by Gregg Keizer, Computerworld

With refreshed MacBook lines driving demand, Apple moves up to third-place tie with Gateway on list of notebook sales leaders.

Apple Announces Sept. 5 Special Event

by Jeremy Horwitz, iLounge

With a Cover Flow-themed widescreen graphic for its invitation, Apple has invited selected members of hte media to a September 5, 2007 "Special Event" in San Francisco.

WIth a Cover Flow-themed widescreen graphic for its invitation, how can there not be a wide-screen iPod at the event? :-)

August 28, 2007

New iPhone Lawsuit Targets Unlocking

by Jeff Gamet, iPod Observer

iGlasses 2.0 Adds Digital Zoom And More

by MacMinute

Ecamm Network has announced the release of iGlasses 2.0, a plug-in that allows Mac users to adjust and manipulate camera settings from within popular video applications.

Why Apple Can't Stop iPhone Hackers

by Olga Kharif, BusinessWeek

It could be argued that the lock only protects access to a carrier's communications network—and communications services aren't copyrightable under the DMCA, explains Jane Ginsburg, professor literary and artistic property law at Columbia Law School.

Did Apple Hurt Its Loyal Customers? Or Bravely Resist Software Bloat?

by Mitch Wagner, InformationWeek

The disagreement over iMovie '08 is a microcosm of the entire Apple user experience. Apple is a company that thinks it knows what you want better than you know it yourself. When they're right, customers are delighted. But in this case, many of Apple's customers think Apple was wrong, and that the customer got screwed.

Think Twice About Tweaking Mac Hardware From Windows

by David Morgenstern, ZDNet

My Biggest Complaint About Apple's $99.95 .Mac Email - Not Secure

by My Biggest Complaint

Lure Of iPhone Proves Too Strong For Some In Vermont

by Adam Silverman, USA Today

The device is tethered exclusively to AT&T, which offers no wireless service in Vermont and threatens in legal documents and media interviews to terminate the contracts of anyone who buys an iPhone while living here.

The Apple Store Shopping Experience

by Josh Pigford, The Apple Blog

I honestly don't understand how this entire setup is a good idea. Sure I get that they want you to interact with the employees so they can hopefully sell you more stuff... but what about the people like me who just need to go in and buy something?

Print It! 2.5 Enhances Shortcut System

by MacMinute

Handcuffs Chafe Wireless Users

by Leslie Cauley, USA Today

Debating The Design Dilemmas Of Apple's iPhone

by Tom Krazit, CNET

In the long run, if Apple wants to make the iPhone a more mainstream device, the designers think the company will have to tweak future versions to make them easier to use with one hand without eroding the capabilities of the touch screen.

See Also:

Coming To Grips With The iPhone's Design, by Tom Krazit, CNET

So Who Won The PC Wars, Exactly?

by Peter Burrows, BusinessWeek

To me, it's a powerful reminder of the wisdom of Jobs' approach to business—which values profits over growth, and which values market share mostly as a trailing indicator of success rather than a primary peg of a strategy.

GarageBand '08: iLife Audio Program Adopts Welcome Musical Refinements

by Christopher Breen, Macworld

While I found little kinks in some of these new features, overall they're quite useful. Though not specifically intended for podcasters, those producing podcasts benefit from such new GarageBand features as enhanced and expanded effects and automation.

Unlocking The iPhone Could Invite DMCA Suit

by Grant Gross, IDG News Service

Figuring out how to unlock the iPhone yourself is not likely to be a DMCA violation, most of the IP lawyers said. But posting instructions or code online, even for free, may earn you a cease and desist letter from an unfriendly lawyer, and selling software or a device that unlocks the phone is inviting trouble, most of the lawyers said.

August 27, 2007

The iPhone And The Technology Thieves

by Harold Furchtgott-Roth, New York Sun

It seems many reporters believe that they, not Apple, knew what type of contract Apple should have had.

Why Apple Will Have To Support Flash On The iPhone

by The General Theory Of RIAtivity

Can anyone picture a market where there are Windows Mobile phones which support Microosft Silverlight for delivery of rich content while Apple iPhone users can't view either Flash or Silverlight content?

Actually, I tend to think that Apple's decision not to support Flash in iPhone is a deliberate strategy, not just because they are running late or because current Flash is too buggy. Don't discount QuickTime, yet.

iPhone Hacks - What Would 1975 Jobs/Wozniak Do?

by 9 to 5 Mac

August 26, 2007

Leopard Welcome Video In The Wild

by Dave Caolo, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

As the familiar music plays, we're hurtled through space - Time Machine style.

Why Biotech CEOs Need To Think Like Steve Jobs

by Scott Kirsner, Boston Globe

With Software And Soldering, A Non-AT&T iPhone

by Brad Stone, New York Times

AT&T is paying millions to be the exclusive United States provider of Apple's much-hyped and glowing reviewed gadget, the iPhone.

It took 17-year-old George Hotz two months of work to undermine AT&T's investment.

The New Apple Keyboard

by Loren Morris, MacApper

Zen Of Mac

by Noah Gift, O'Reilly ONLamp Blog

Don't think about how you used to do it on Linux, just forget what you know and try things out. OS X is designed to be intuitive and effortless. Fighting it to make it do what Linux does is not the proper approach.

iHacked My iPhone

by Brian Braiker, Newsweek

Hackers have broken the chains that bind iPhone users to AT&T. Will lawyers be the next ones on the line?

Windows Genuine Advantage Suffers Worldwide Outage, Problems Galore

by Ken Fisher, Ars Technica

See Also:

Microsoft WGA Servers Are Fixed, But No Word On What Went Wrong, by Mary Jo Foley, ZDNet.

Windows Genuine Disadvantage, by Don't believe it when a comany tells you that they're adding DRM to protect you.

Legal Worries Delay Release Of iPhone Unlocking Software

by Elizabeth Montalbano, IDG News Service

Uniquephones founder receives an ominous phone call discouraging him against proceeding with today's expected software release.

August 25, 2007

Hundreds Take A Byte From Apple

by BBC News

Hundreds of people have flocked to the opening of Apple's first Scottish store.

Apple Takes Luxury Phones To School

by Peter Svensson, Globe And Mail

Don't pay any attention to the negative hype: the iPhone is the best phone around.

Review Of The New 24" iMac

by Barkings!

The new iMac is simply the best Mac I've ever used at any price; with its bundled software and premium components, it's also an incredible value.

The iMovie '08 Controversy

by iBoughtAMac

As I look at iMovie through different eyes, I see Apple did a remarkable job at a 1.0 product. I look forward to the next iteration of the new iMovie, that is more refined, and maybe brings an advanced view with more features, while still keeping the simplicity of iMovie '08.

Apple iPhone Unlocked - So What!

by Ephraim Schwartz, InfoWorld

For me the news is just another proof point that when it comes to high technology and public access, freedom of choice continues to be like a steamroller crushing anything in its path that tries to stop it.

See Also:

Now That The iPhone Can Be Unlocked, Will Apple Try To Block That Hack?, by Duncan Riley, TechCrunch.

Kitty Spangles Solitaire Adds New Games

by Peter Cohen, Macworld

iPhone Unlockers Lining Up

by Stephen Lawson and Elizabeth Montalbano, IDG News Service

Several hackers claim to have unlocked the iPhone, allowing owners to use the handheld outside the U.S. or on networks besides AT&T.

The Complete Guide To Rebuilding Or Cleaning Your iTunes Library

by Jeremy Horwitz, iLounge

Why Waiting On An iPhone Deal In Europe Hurts Apple

by Richard Martin, InformationWeek

Jobs' chance to strike an unprecendented service-revenue-sharing deal in Europe is now, not three months from now. But I'm not sure he realizes that.

Does The Glossy Screen Of The New iMac Suck?

by David Morgenstern, ZDNet

Howard Nourmand: Analyze This

by Bija Gutoff, Apple

"The Mac had all the applications for so many of the things I loved — film, fashion, design, photography. All these juicy things came together on the screen. And I had faith in that. That alone was enough."

Source: Major Apple Event On September 5Th

by Jacqui Cheng, Ars Technica

Apple plans to drop the bomb on us with a major unveiling during the first week of September—specifically, September 5, according to our sources within the company.

iPhoto '08 Is A Master Of Organization

by Andrew D. Smith, Dallas Morning News

The program transformed my library from a Superfund site to a clean room in just a few minutes.

Keynote '08: Presentation Software Ads Path Motion, Time-Saving Features

by Franklin N. Tessler, Macworld

Despite a few rough edges, Keynote '08 is more imressive than ever. With PowerPoint 2008 slated for release early next year, I'm hoping that the competition will compel Apple to address Keynote's remaining shortcomings before then.

August 24, 2007

Finally A GUI Installer For iPone Applications

by Scott Gilbertson, Wired

Hacking the iPhone just got a lot easier.

Ringo Starr Comes To iTunes

by Jonny Evans, Macworld UK

Mac Virtualization Wars: VMWare V Parallels

by Karen Haslam, Macworld UK

Macworld asks VMWare and Parallels why, and how, their solutions will win over the Mac market?

Hardware Already Needs Leopard

by Derik DeLong, MacUser

Are Mac Users Smug And Arrogant?

by Jason D. O'Grady, ZDNet

What's the answer to Apple's elitist image problem? Do they even have one?

This Furniture Rocks

by Terri Sapienza, Washington Post

Bookshelves and beds are doing the iPod shuffle.

Apple's Coming iTunes Switcheroo

by Bagelturf

In more than a few years, but in certainly less than a decade, Apple is going to pull a switcheroo on the record industry. Apple will force the record companies to pay hard cash to sell their catalog of music through iTunes.

Mac Pro 2 X 2.66Ghz

by Glenn Wolsey

Why 1.0.2 Is Interesting

by Russell Beattie

Adobe Contribute CS3

by Art Payne, MacNN

Contribute is still a great opton for a small business who has a professionally designed website and needs to be able to do minor updates in-house. Yet, it is a shame that a few of the best features are missing in the Macintosh version.

Audiophiles Vs. The iPod: The Battle Over Loudness

by John Timmer, Ars Technica

The fight has played out over the characteristic termed the "dynamic range" of recorded music, a measure of the contrast between the loudest and quietest portions of a composition.

The Brent Simmons Interview

by Shawn Blanc

Aside from being incredibly cool and an all around great guy, Brent Simmons is also the mastermind behind the sensational news reader for Mac, NetNewsWire.

Mac Users Waiting Months For 'Critical' Java Runtime Update

by Ryan Naraine, ZDNet

It's August 2007 and Apple's Java runtime has not yet been updated, meaning that millions of Mac OS X users are at risk of remote code execution attacks.

Apple iMac Desktop Review

by Wendy Sheehan, Computer Shopper

When The Bad Thing Happens

by Christopher Breen, Playlist

Is iPod's Cool Melting, Or Are Grand Plans Afoot?

by Jeremy Horwitz, iLounge

Apple wouldn't comment on whether it leaks and then withdraws images to let its most opinionated customers vent before a launch takes place, but we're beginning to suspect that's the case.

August 23, 2007

iPhone: The Scratch Test

by Mike Musgrove, Washington Post

iPhone Tantalizes, Frustrates Forensics Experts

by Cathy B. Almeida, Wired

Technophiles may love the iPhone, but you criminals? Watch out. The iPhone may reveal more about your misdeeds than you realize.

Apple's iPhone Learning Curve

by Arik Hesseldahl, BusinessWeek

Once again, an Apple launch is accompaied by complaints and lawsuits. But the actual number of instances is small—and unavoidable.

Video Editing Choices Blossom Into Nicely Workable Options

by Jefferson Graham, USA Today

Apple isn't apologizing. It says it wants a new audience for iMovie and that the redesign had to happen.

Do You Want OS X In Your Other Pocket Too?

by Heng-Cheong Leong, MyAppleMenu

Three of the four Apple's businesses (and hobby) are already using Mac OS X. Now, it's time for the iPods too, according to AppleInsider sources from "people familiar with this year's plans."

The interesting bit of this rumor is that Apple is ready to expand the family of three (iPod, nano, and shuffle) to a family of four. I wonder where is the gap currently — could it be the iPhone-without-phone iPod that many people are wishing for is going to be an (expensive) reality?

The Real Question About Mac Security

by David Morgenstern, ZDNet

By its record, the Mac has been a more secure platform and continues to be a more secure platform. And that's what matters to users.

The New iLife Lives Large On The Web

by Rob Pegoraro, Washington Post

Setting aside the quirks of this release, Apple is probably right in thinking that online sharing will matter more than handing out physical copies of your creativity, such as a DVD or a photo print.

Running Windows Vista On A Mac

by Walter S. Mossberg, AllThingsD

FastCut 3.0 RT Adds Title Effects, Presets

by MacNN

iDVD '08: DVD Creation Application Sees Improvements, Despite Apple's Indifference

by Jeff Carlson, Macworld

My Summer Fling With iPhone

by Amy Tiemann, CNET

Why hasn't iPhone been the end-all, be-all device I was hoping for?

Not So Fast: That 17" iMac Is Still Lurking Around

by Jacqui Cheng, Ars Technica

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly - iPhone Edition

by Aaron Gustafson, The Web Standards Project

All I am saying is that you should not support the iPhone and snub all other mobile devices.

AT&T Saves Trees

by Erica Sadun, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

"We are simplifying your paper bill, removing itemized detail."

Japanese Eager To Get Hands On iPhones

by Paul Wiseman, USA Today

Japanese gadget geeks — and cellphone service providers — are intrigued by the iPHone's sleek design and touch-screen display.

Apple's Surprise Weapon: Computers

by Brent Schlender, Fortune

Apple is growing faster than its competitors because it improves its hardware and software more often than anyone else. It is broadening what we think of as a consumer-oriented PC and thus helping its market grow. That's a good long-term investment story. And, oh, by the way, Apple also makes some pretty slick music players and cell phones.

Thefts At Apple Retail Stores On The Rise, Two Reported This Month

by AppleInsider

Lots Of Questions As Europe Readies For The iPhone

by John Blau, IDG News Service

Latest iPhone Update Boosts Wi-Fi Reception, Says Owners

by Gregg Keizer, Computerworld

But 'modded' iPhones must be restored from scratch, as usual.

iMovie Update Fixes .Mac Web Gallery Publishing

by Jim Dalrymple, Macworld

It also improves overall stability and addresses a number of other minor issues.

August 22, 2007

Many iPods Are Under-Used

by Jonny Evans, Macworld UK

Most owners of iPods and MP3 players don't fully expoit their players, survey claims.

How Far Can Web Apps Take The iPhone?

by Ryan Naraine, PC World

Early apps let you webcast baseball games, check gas prices, and network with friends, but true business software may require more than just Safari.

iTunes' Rivals May Lift Apple

by Joseph Menn and Michelle Quinn, Los Angeles Times

As competitors challenge Apple Inc. in digital music, the biggest beneficiary may be Apple. That's because the Cupertino, Calif., company makes a slim profit on selling songs but cleans up on every iPod music player.

Inside Apple's iLife '08

by Ryan Faas, Computerworld

Despite the long wait, the new version's innovations are definitely worth the time and the $79 price tag.

Is Everyone Buying A Mac?

by Steve Borsch, Connecting The Dots

Why is this happening? The platform works.

Apple MacBook Sales Soar At The Expense Of Dell

by Ephraim Schwartz, InfoWorld

While the story on our site attributes the huge increase in Mac notebook sales to the so-called "halo" effect coming from the iPhone press coverage as well as the groundbreaking design, I believe that had only a limited impact.

I think the increased sales of the MacBook can be accounted for by the decision to switch to Intel processors.

Apple & The DRM Free Market Madness

by Om Malik, GigaOM

As long as iPod keeps selling well (no reason why it won't), Apple doesn't have to worry about its music sales as long as it starts offering more DRM-free music at a price that is similar to its DRM-protected tracks.

Apple Shortage Cuts Renaissance Profits

by Gareth Vaughan, New Zealand Dominion Post

The country's only distributor of Apple computers and iPods says interim profit halved because it does not have enough products to sell and warns the shortages will continue.

Predicting Apple's New iPods: Evolutionary, But Borrowing From The iPhone Too

by Blackfriars' Marketing

My view is that Apple's updated iPod product line largely matches that of today, just with slightly better feature sets and better user experiences.

Apple's Notebook Market Share Climbs To 17.6 Percent

by Jim Dalrymple, Macworld

The good news continues for Apple — with increased notebook sales pushing it forward, the company now has an overall market share of 5.9 percent, up 1.1 percent from the 4.8 percent it posted this time last year.

Apple iPhone Update 1.0.2 Released: Bug Fixes, Will Erase Hacks; Troubleshooting The Update

by iPhone Atlas

When They Changed It - 13 Days

by Macenstein

Apple has changed the ultra-slim computer's potentially UN-"PC" tagline.

Bad Thurrott == Good Design

by Joshua Scott Emmons, O'Reilly Mac DeveCenter Blog

In this case I think Real Paul has a point. Well, not really. But I think that looking at the ways in which he is wrong will illuminate some interesting principals of design.

Microsoft Messenger For Mac 6.0.3

by Scott McNulty, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

HandBrake 0.9.0

by Dan Frakes, Macworld

Hardware Unlock Of iPhone Successful, Instructions Imminent

by Justin Berka, Ars Technica

Apple Secures Europe iPhone Revenue Deals

by Astrid Maiser and Volker Muller, Financial Times

The contract requires that the operators hand over Apple 10 per cent of hte revenues made from calls and data transfers by customers over iPHones.

The contract was signed by T-Mobile of Germany, Orange of France and O2 in the UK, people familiar with the situation told FT Deutschland, the Financial Times' sister paper.

August 21, 2007

Dell Takes Huge Hit As Apple Laptop Sales Soar

by Jonny Evans, Macworld UK

New research indicates that Apple laptop sales have soared to new highs on the back of a new halo efect for the company's products generated by clamor surrounding the iPhone.

Thomson Scientific Releases Endnote X1 For Mac OS X

by MacMinute

Apple CEO Among Latest Inductees To California Hall Of Fame

by Modesto Bee

If It Can't Handle An iPod...

by Tony Whitney, Vancouver Sun

Even if the vehicle is some megabuck supercar with every imaginable option and a powerplatn capable of uprooting tree stumps, it isn't properly equipped until a favourite MP3 player can be connected.

Google: But Apple Says It's All Good

by Heng-Cheong Leong, MyAppleMenu

Adobe will be adding H.264 support to an upcoming version of Flash Player. Anyone wanna bet partly this is Google (i.e. YouTube) leaning on Adobe?

Font Rendering Philosophies Of Windows And Mac OS X

by DamienG

Neither of these may matter to a casual user but for professionals preparing material destined for high DPI (film or print) then it's a world of difference. How can you layout a page on-screen and expect the same result on the page when the font isn't the same width?

GarageBand '08: A Review For Podcasters

by Adam Weiss, O'Reilly Digital Media Blog

For a heavy GarageBand user, I see these improvements as nearly worth the $80 pricetag for the iLife suite.

The New Apple Keyboard

by Aaron Wright, Apple Matters

The real achievement lies in the ergonomics.

Virtual Villagers For Mac Hits Store Shelves

by MacNN

iPhone Texting Study Sparks Controversy

by Hillary Childs,

An Interview With Hacker CHarlie Miller On Dealing With Apple, Hacking The iPhone, The Vulnerabilities Of Leopard, And Responsible Disclosure

by Dean Takahashi, Tech Talk

Keep Your Enemies Closer

by Dan Moren, Macworld

Microsoft is Apple's last rival of any import and Apple needs them, just as they need Apple. The two have a symbiotic relationship; not just in business or software, but in ideology.

Apple Profits Affected By Component Prices?

by Arik Hesseldahl, BusinessWeek

Apple can stand the hit because sales volume is higher in the fourth calendar quarter than in other quarters.

Wired For Customer Satistifcation

by Dave Dreeszen, Sioux City Journal

It's A Faster, Cheaper iMac

by Mike Wendland, Detroit Free Press

The new super-skinny keyboard is easy to use, too.

iPhoto '08: Apple Refreshes And Updates Its iLife Photo Editor

by Rick LePage, Macworld

It does a great job of walking that fine line between making it easy to organize and present your pictures, while still placing solid editing tools at your disposal.

Refurbished iPhones Available For $100 Less

by Eric Zeman, InformationWeek

iWork As A Creative Tool

by James Dempsey, Macworld

Even as designers and content creators, we are in the world that lives on Office, so we need something on our Macs that lets us live in that world.

August 20, 2007

Apple iPhone, iPod And Leopard Launches Due

by Macworld UK

The next two months seem set to be busy in the Apple world. Reports are suggesting that September could see Apple launch new iPods (in time for the Christmas rush) as well as the European version of the iPhone.

Apple Takes Silver While Toshiba Gains Gold For Green Notebooks

by CHris Mellor,

Leopard: Ready Or Not?

by Thomas Fitzgerald

Now that the iPhone is out I hope the management at Apple take the time to fix the great big UI mess that is the current build of Leopard.

Sunday Evening At The Fifth Avenue Apple Store Is A Popular Hang

by David Morgenstern, ZDNet

Et Tu, iMovie?

by Gedblog

I definitely think Apple decided to dumb down the new version of iMovie to give Final Cut Pro some breathing room.

Is iPhone Typing Slower?

by PalmAddicts

Typing on the iPhone gets better over time. It learns how I type and makes suggestions, most of which correct even significant typos. After 2 years with a Treo, I was still making mistakes and it never learned.

Why Did Apple Air Two New iPhone Ads Last Week?

by Business 2.0

August 19, 2007

Software Developers Ready To Catch iPhone Wave

by Garry Barker, The Age

The iPhone, touted as the world's most desirable electronic device, has local software developers tinkering though it is not expected to go on sale in Australia for nearly a year.

Introducing The New And Improved iPhone — By Hackers

by Mike Musgrove, Washington Post

Well, that was quick. The hacker community has taken over the iPhone. Heck, in some cases, hackers are already releasing updated versions of their underground software.

iWork '08 Stupidity

by Michael Galpin, Programming And Politics

Changing timezones caused a false positive.

My iMac Made Me Tidy My Room

by Eucharis

Apple MacBook Pro 15-Inch (LED)

by Cisco Cheng, PC Magazine

THis model deserves an Editors' Choice, though I will say that the MacBook Pro's next upgrade should be around its second birthday, in January, and it's due for a design change. Not that the current design won't appeal to Mac converts, but in order for Apple to get existing MacBook Pro owners to upgrade, the company will need to do much more than just bump up the processor speed.

'If Lovin' This Phone Is Wrong, I Don't Want To Be Right'

by Etan Horowitz, Orlando Sentinel

The iPhone seduces us with its bells, whistles... and ease of use.

Gaming On The Mac: Once Maligned, Now Showing Signs Of Improvement

by Jacqui Cheng, Ars Technica

Inside CNET Labs: Windows Virtual Machine Performance On The Mac

by Daniel A. Begun, CNET Crave

From a pure performance perspective, Fusion proves to be a faster performing platform than Parallels... All that said, if all you need to do is run more pedestrian Windows applications on your Mac, you are not likely to notice significant performance differences between any of the virtualization options mentioned here.

August 18, 2007

iWork 08

by PluggedOut Blog

I have to say I am very impressed - for the price, I am astounded. The ease with which I was able to make the standard "sine / cosine" spreadsheet and turn out a production quality graph made me realise how much we have become closted by the way Microsoft Applications do things.

iWork '08 - No Office Killer 'Cause It's Not Supposed To Be

by Marc Orchant, ZDNet

Pages '08: New Word Processing Features Shine, But Still Some Room For Improvement

by Jeffery Battersby, Macworld

For most individuals, it should be perfect fit for day-to-day needs. But if you want to share and edit files on a network, or if you need robust mail-merge features, Pages will not be enough to fulfill your needs.

Hey Eminem, Blame The System, Not Apple

by Greg Sandoval, CNET

Eminem would be better off tangling with the street toughs back on the 8 Mile than mixing it up in court against Apple.

We're In This Together

by Daniel Jalkut, Red Sweater Blog

The Mac is a really attractive, trendy retail district. If the shops don't remain classy, then the customers won't keep coming. So it makes sense to support our competitors. We're in this together.

August 17, 2007

Is This Apple's Word 6?

by Heng-Cheong Leong, MyAppleMenu

"That's why," David Pogue wrote about iMovie '08, "with what I imagine is a certain degree of sheepishness, the company is offering a free download of the previous iMovie version to anyone who has iMovie '08."

"I can't remember any software company pulling a stunt like this before: throwing away a fully developed, mature, popular program and substituting a bare-bones, differently focused progam under the same name."

Anybody remembers Word 6? Microsoft threw away a perfectly fine working user interface and replaced it with, well, yuck. I wasn't there, but from what I understand, a lot of people downgraded back to Word 5.1.

iMovie '08 is looking like Apple's Word 6.

Apple Takes A Step Back With iMovie '08

by David Pogue, New York Times

It's not iMovie at all. It's designed for an utterly different task, and a lot of people are screaming bloody murder.

Ebooks And Text Adventures Come To The iPhone

by Charlie Sorrel, Wired

Apple's Shrinking Packaging

by Jason D. O'Grady, ZDNet

Have you seen Apple's packaging lately? It keeps getting smaller and smaller.

What Apple's iWork Moves Mean For Office

by Philip Michaels, Macworld

As intriguing as an iWork-versus-Office storyline mayb e in some quarter, the realities of the marketplace seem to nip any would-be feud in the bud.

Bye Bye Mouse

by Heng-Cheong Leong, MyAppleMenu

Everytime I use my bluetooth mouse to turn off Bluetooth on my MacBook, I always feel like commiting assisted suicide. :-)

iWeb 2.0.1

by Scott McNulty, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

iWeb 2.0.1 'addresses issues with upgrading and publishing iWeb 1.x websites.'

Apple Shares Fall 7 Percent Amid Market Declines

by Reuters

Front Row Reaching Beyond Macs, Apple TV?

by MacNN

How To Make Money On The iPhone In Asia

by Mike Elgan, Computerworld

They haven't officially arrived there yet, but that hasn't stopped people from renting them, cloning them or selling unlocked models.

Businesspeople Face Steep Learning Curve With iPhone

by Antone Gonsalves, InformationWeek

Businesspeople and others who use their phones regularly for text messaging are likely to experience lots of frustration in using the Apple iPhone, at least in the short term, a research firm said Thursday.

Second Class-Action Suit Filed Over Alleged iPhone Battery Fraud

by Aidan Malley, AppleInsider

A Bay Area resident is the next to join the ranks of those filing lawsuits against Apple and AT&T, arguing that both companies have tricked customers into paying for frequent battery replacements.

What Do You Listen To On Orbit? Astronauts Take iPods

by Gina Sunseri, ABC News

Every astronaut on the space shuttle Endeavour has an iPod. NASA certified the MP3 players for flight about a year ago. Astronauts used to carry CD players, but iPods are better because they are smaller and weigh less.

Number '08: New Spreadsheet App Shows Potential, But Has Some Performance Issues

by Rob Griffiths, Macworld

If you work with large data models, rely on Excel's macros, or some of its more advanced functions and features, you probably won't be migrating all your work to Numbers just yet—at least not with this first version. You may still find Numbers useful for smaller projects, though, as its ability to quickly create stunning reports could help you win some clients or promotions.

We Think You Shouldn't Buy An iPod Right Now

by Ryan Block, Engadget

Sources at retailers are telling us that Apple is slowing down iPod shipments, strongly suggesting the company is running out its current stock to make room on shelves for new product.

See Also:

No iPod At Apple?, by Chosunilbo. Apple Korea has recently been telling customers looking for the hot selling gadget that they have no more iPod available. Officials don't even know when they'll get new supplies.

iWork /08/Microsoft Office 2004 Conflict: "Corrupted Fonts" Message

by MacFixIt

Apple's Numbers The Big Draw In iWork '08, Users Say

by Daniel Drew Turner, eWeek

The iPhone Is Internet Explorer 4 All Over Again

by Scott Gilbertson, Wired

In suggesting that developers use the web to build iPhone applications, what Apple has done (perhaps inadvertently, perhaps not) is force the creation of a subset of the mobile web that only works with the iPhone's unique features — namely the touch-screen interface.

Two More iPhone Ads: All These Years And All The Parts

by Jacqui Cheng, Ars Technica

New iMacs Mac-nificient, And They Come With A Charmed iLife

by Edward C. Baig, USA Today

Dockables 1.0.5

by Dan Frakes, Macworld

Safe Sleep Revisited

by Joe Kissell, TidBITS

Apple's iWork Package Is Elegant But Wimpy Compared With Office

by Wlater S. Mossberg, AllThingsD

iWork simply isn't as powerful or versatile as Microsoft Office, especially when it comes to word processing and spreadsheets. And it suffers from a design that places far more emphasis on making documents look beautiful than on the nuts and bolts of the actual process of writing and number-crunching.

August 16, 2007

Grab Your iPod, Turn On, Tune In, And Drop By

by John Dyer, Boston Globe

A school project delivers an oral history and walking tour of West Medford's African-American community.

I Smell Another OS X Leopard Delay

by Graceful Flavor

If I had to guess — and I am guessing, so readers who like to read only a few sentences then go apeshit on me in the comments might want to pay attentio here — I think Apple is coming up to a go/no-go decision meeting and they need all the data they can get before they pull the tigger on another delay.

iPhone Is A Platform, iTunes Is A Platform: The Apple Strategy

by Supernatural Agency

Apple owns the entire ecosystem: Content creation, content distribution, communciation across all channels.

What It Must Be Like To Not Have To Ask Questions

by Hacking Cough

I think a number of people who really want to know the answers to those. It's unlikely that they will come from the mouth of Steve Jobs but that doesn't mean people should stop trying.

Apple Confirms That It Is Triggering (Or Unlocking) iPhone Updates Over The Network

by iPhone Atlas

New iMac Tempts A Windows User

by Peter Svensson, Associated Press

The iMac deserves to be a strong contender for any PC user looking to get a new computer.

iWeb: Apple's Stillborn Application

by Jason D. O'Grady, ZDNet

iWeb is tolerable if you want to develop a single site and host it on, but that's about it.

EA Is Not In The Game

by Dan Moren, MacUser

EA's behavior has almost become ridiculous to the point of hilarity. This is how they show their "commitment" to the Mac platform?

See Also:

EA Mac Games Still MIA, by Jeff Gamet, Mac Observer.

C4 Conference Rethinks MacHack

by Adam C. Engst, TidBITS

Warning To Overseas Cell Travelers

by David Pogue, New York Times

It's rip-roaring expensive.

Apple Lays AppleWorks To Rest

by Gregg Keizer, Computerworld

Apple's venerable consumer application suite AppleWorks, which at one point was the industry's best-selling piece of software, beating even Lotus 1-2-3 on the PC, has finally been laid to rest at the age of 23.

See Also:

RIP AppleWorks, by Charles Jade, Ars Technica. What does it say about Apple that the company includes iLife on every new Mac, but not iWork?

AppleWorks: The Death Of A Great Program, by Dan Knight, Low End Mac.


by David Weiss

I think Apple's work on Numbers underscores that despite the large advances being made in web interfaces, there is still a place for rich client applications. Numbers specifically proves there's opportunity left for innovation in the productivity applications space.

First Look: iWeb '08

by Jason Cranford Teague, Macworld

Photo management tools, Web 2.0 technologies highlight update.

A Love Song For Aperture

by Andy Ihnatko, MacUser

Never forget that a key part of the Mac's spirit is the way that it encourages its users to reach their full creative potential. In an era in which Apple's future is becoming increasingly fed by iTunes, Aperture is a most welcome thing.

Eighth iPhone Television Ad Appears Online

by Charles Starrett, iLounge

Benchmarking In Your Pants

by Craig Hockenberry,

Just how fast is the iPhone?

Apple iPhone Cost Is High, But She Still Loves It

by Sheldon Liber, BloggingStocks

Audi Announces iPhone Support

by Kevin Massy, CNET

August 15, 2007

Apple's iPhone: An Inside Look At A Sensation

by Daniel Turner, MIT Technology Review

Apple's latest offering proves that revolutionary tech products don't have to be that revolutionary.

Hidden Leopard Treasures In iLife '08

by Fraser Speirs

No Rest For The Remote

by Derik DeLong, MacUser

"Unlike some previous iMac models, the iMac (Mid 2007) does not include a magnetic Remote rest for storing the remote on the iMac."

C4[1] In A Nut

by John Gruber, Daring Fireball

Hands On: New iMacs' Form, Function A 'Fabulous Combo'

by Ken Mingis, Computerworld

Who doesn't want faster processors encased in stylish aluminum?

First Look: iDVD '08

by Jeff Carlson, Macworld

Although iDVD '08 isn't a great leap over previous versions, it's a solid upgrde that brings a few welcome refinements.

Did Jobs Diss HD Camcorder Makers?

by David Morgenstern, ZDNet

Since when is "stellar" a pejorative?

The Apple Store Uses Technology To Its Advantage

by Service Untitled

Apple Changes Rules, Forgets To Tell Customers

by Techno//Marketer

Apple's innovative point of sale system is cutting-edge and the store concept is beautiful and much more utilitarian. The problem is that they changed the rules without telling anybody or helping them to understand.

The New iLife: We Test Upgrade Of Apple Suite

by Katherine Boehret, AllThingsD

The new programs in iLife '08 are a pleasure to use, and the new iMac is a great way to experience them.

Apple TV Worth A Look, Especially For iTunes Fans

by Murray Hill, CanWest News Service

The Absolute, No-Questions-Asked Best Time To Purchase A New Computer... Sort Of

by Chuck Harrell, KTVU

How Apple Killed The iMac

by Tech Blot

This is essentially the same form factor iMac we have had to deal with for over 3 years.

Apple Head-Hunters Reveal Australia, UK Store Plans

by Tony Smith, The Register

Apple has begun recruiting staff to run its first Australian Apple Store, currently being kitted out in Sydney's central George Street.

Still No Beatles, But Apple Adds Lennon

by Tom Krazit, CNET

First Look: iMovie '08

by Jeff Carlson, Macworld

Current iMovie HD users are in for some adjustments, and I'm hoping Apple doesn't wait a year to fill in gaps such as support for third-party plug-ins and DVD chapter markers.

Microsoft POsts Mac Office 2004, 11.3.7 Update

by John Martellaro, Mac Observer

The Sims Pool: iPod Offering Proves Casual Games Don't Need To Lack Sophistication

by Peter Cohen, Playlist

This is by far my favorite iPod game to date.

August 14, 2007

Apple Kills Another Great App

by Dan Knight, Low End Mac

iWork isn't AppleWorks. It's not an integrted word processor, database, spreadsheet, paint, and drawing program. It's much more like Microsoft Office, where Word and Excel are separate programs that can work together.

Apple's New iMac Core 2 Extreme, Mac Mini Benchmarked

by AppleInsider

SubRosaSoft Announces Release Of FileSalvage 6

by MacMinute

Leopard Successfully Run On Non-Apple Hardware

by Justin Berka, Ars Technica

Crack Open The Monolithic iPhoto '08 Library

by Michael Rose, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Eyeing A Mac - Switching Teams?

by David Risley, PC Mechanic

Finally Joining The Expensive Mac Side!

by Luis Suarez

Over the course of those few days that I have started to make hevay use of my MacBook Pro, I have found out that there is a price associated with it. And I am not just talking about how pricey the overall machine is, but talking about the software applications available for it.

AirPort Base Station Update Released In Advance Of Updated Base Station

by Glenn Fleishman, TidBITS

(Non-) Secrets Of WWDC

by Mike Morton, Official Google Mac Blog

For me, this is when WWDC really begins, and I like to call it The Running Of The Geeks.

Is Apple's Customer Satisfaction Slipping?

by Peter Burrows, BusinessWeek

The 'Stickergate' Kerfuffle

by Jason Snell, Macworld

I can't condemn Keefe for asking the question. I wouldn't have asked it, and it was a bit moldy and off topic, but damned if its end result wasn't a great distillation of Apple's product philosophy.

iPhone Hack Session Wraps Up C4 Conference

by Dan Moren, Macworld

One thing's for certain: Developers aren't letting Apple's barriers obstruct them in their quest to code for the hottest new platform around.

iPhone Hacking For The Rest Of Us

by Christopher Breen, Macworld

First Look: Numbers

by Rob Griffiths, Macworld

The program is fast, the features are well thought out, and the new paradigm that Apple has applied to the staid old spreadsheet application solve many of the frustrations that we've come to accept with those traditional programs.

iPhone Screens Susceptible To Tangible Failure?

by Stevie Smith, Monsters And Critics

Users have been reporting that sections of the iPhone's innovative pressure-sensitive screen have been dying, leaving the affected screens space - and the interface upon it - completely unresponsive to touch.

Dinosaurs With Jetpacks

by Shots Ring Out

For Universal, the experiment is win-win. If it "succeeds" then they can continue on that path, cultivate other retailers, and ditch Apple. If it "fails" then they are justified in maintaining DRM on their products.

Doom On The iPhone (Kinda)

by Charlie Sorrel, Wired

Researcher Thinks Mac OS X Is Easy To Exploit

by Robert Vamosi, CNET

Skype On iPhone. No, Seriously.

by Om Malik, GigaOM

SHAPE Services, a Stuttgart, Germany-based company, well-known for making mobile IM clients, has just announced Skype for iPhone, an iPhone-optimized web site that allows you to access Skype via the browser on the iPHone. You can try out this for free for a limited time.

20- And 24-Inch Aluminum iMacs

by Jonathan Seff, Macworld

The latest iMacs are a nice step forward—and a good value to boot. The two biggest changes—the glossy display and new keyboard—may have more of an impact on your buying decision than anything inside the iMacs.

First Look: Pages '08

by Jeffery Battersby, Macworld

AppleWorks heir (finally) aims to be a Word killer.

AirPort Base Station Update 2007-002 Issues "Compatibility Updates"

by Jacqui Cheng, Ars Technica

New iMac's Digital Media Shortcomings

by Jeremy Laird,

Apple's lastest iMac is a looker, but where's the Blu-ray and HDTV support?

August 13, 2007

Microsoft Welcomes Office File Format Support In iWork '08

by PC Pro

Microsoft has praised the inclusion of Office Open XML file filters in iWork '08, suggesting that it indicates that software developers are adopting the controversial format in preference to the open source Open Document Format.

Apple Faces European iPhone Legal Battle

by Wily Ferret, The Inquirer

Apple is gearing up for a legal battle in Europe, it seems, over the trade mark for the iPhone.

Apple iMovie '08 Perfect In Some Ways, Lacking In Others

by Danny Gorog, APC Magazine

While iMovie '08 does have some drawbacks, I've been really impressed by its performance.

First Look: iPhoto '08

by Rick LePage, Macworld

Overall, it appears that Apple has struck a good balance between keeping iPhoto simple, and adding the right level of features to make it more useful.

AppleWorks Is Dead

by Zensmille Dot Com

Marketers Have I On You: Products Everywhere Start With That One Little Letter

by Stuart Elliott, New York Times

Just about anywhere consumers look, they will find products, brands and other commercial offerings that begin with a lowercase "i," inspired by popular technology names such as iMac, iPhone, iPod and iVillage.

Nintendo And Apple Platforms Are Gaming Each Other

by Damon Brown, New York Post

Apple has been secretly plotting its foray into portable video games for months, looking to add games to its hot iPhone, according to various on- and off-the-record sources.

Corporations Eye iMacs

by Rafael Ruffolo, Computerworld

Analysts say Apple's newest desktop are drawing interest from enterprises as well as consumers.

New iMacs Post Modest Gains Over Predecessors (Benchmarks)

by AppleInsider

Google, Microsoft And Apple Building Online Storage Havens: You Win

by Jacqui Cheng, Ars Technica

As competition heats up, it won't be surprising to see these services gain functionality and drop in price in order to compete more fiercely with each other.

Surgically ALters Thumbs To Better Use iPhone


The article was not understood as satire by some who encountered it.

August 12, 2007

My Next Computer... Mac Mini?

by Andrew Carter

Apple Beats Microsoft At Its Own Open XML Game

by Gregg Keizer, Computerworld

Apple Inc.'s release of iWork '08 this week is "embarrassing," an analyst said Friday, not for its maker, but for Apple's rival, Microsoft Corp.

Sticking With The Apple Remote

by Mike Schramm, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

August 11, 2007

Moneydance 2007 Enhances Interface

by Peter Cohen, Macworld

The Quiet Riot: iPhone Volume Complaints Continue To Pour In

by iPhone Atlas

First Look: Keynote '08

by Franklin N. Tessler, Macworld

Path animation, instant transparency highlight Apple's updated presentation app.

iPhoto '08 Does Selective Importing

by David Chartier, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

The new import dialog itself has been updated, presenting thumbnails of all the photos on the device you plugged in.

And They Call It The Cult Of Mac...

by Bob Keefe, Austin American-Statesman

Of course none of the web "journalists" bothered to call and ask me, but my qustion had nothing to do with Apple or its computer design and all to do with a story I'm working on about the future of the long-running "Intel Inside" program.

See Also:

Some Perspective De On "Intel Sticker Guy", by Andy Ihnatko, The Mac Observer. It wasn't a stupid question. It just wasn't a very good question, particularly under the circumstances.

In Mild Defense Of Bob Keefe, by Arik Hesseldahl, BusinessWeek. Cut Keefe some slack. Maybe he's not a Mac user, or maybe new to the Apple beat, or was filling in for someone who normally covers Apple for Cox.

The Columbo Technique, by Derek Powazek. To the Apple faithful, sure, it was dumb. But a PR event is not for the faithful (that's Macworld), it's for the rest of the world. And to the world at large, it's not a dumb question at all.

August 10, 2007

A First Look At Numbers

by Phil Windley, ZDNet

Numbers isn't a world changing paradigm shift. Rather it's Apple doing what Apple does best: improving, refining, and concentrating on user experience.

Apple Fix For iDVD '08 'Crash On Launch' Problem

by Jonny Evans, Macworld UK

Will Numbers Add Up For iWork '08?

by Eric Lai, Computerworld

Or will adding a spreadsheet simply subtract from AppleWorks and FileMaker Pro?

Apple Shareholder Vote Shows Growing Governance Focus

by Daniel Del'Re,

Apple's Greening Of The iMac Falls Just Short

by Mike Antonucci and Troy Wolverton, San Jose Mercury News

Apple's iPods and its 15-inch MacBook Pro notebooks laready contain the mercury-free screens. But Tim Cook, Apple's chief operating officer, said that LCD manufacturers have yet to overcome the technical hurdles involved in making such screens in larger sizes.

Apple Keyboard Software 1.1 For New Aluminum Keyboard Released

by MacFixIt

Universal Goes DRM-Free

by Cory Doctorow, Boing Boing

It's inevitable that Universal would come around to this position. They're not selling DRM-free tracks through iTunes (where Apple charges a 30 percent premium) — they're selling them through Apple's competitors. But since they're MP3s, they'll work in iTunes and on iPods, so Apple customers can get $0.99, DRM-free, iPod-compatible Universal music.

Apple Posts Two New iPhone Ads

by David Chartier, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Both ads bring a new perspective to the iPod's appeal, focusing on how much it allows you to carry — or stop carrying — in your pocket.

Apple Introduces My iTunes Widgets

by Scott McNulty, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

First Look: GarageBand 4

by Christopher Breen, Macworld

Magic GarageBand gets the buzz, but it's just one of many additions to audio app.

Universal To Sell DRM-Free Tracks, Excludes iTunes

by Charles Starrett, iLounge

Finding Evidence Of Mac Life At LinuxWorld

by David Morgenstern, ZDNet

Quicksilver Goes Open Source With Leopard Release

by Mike Schramm, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Alcor, developer of Quicksilver, the little launcher that does everything, quietly mentions on the Blacktree forums that Quicksilver will go open source and Leopard only with the next release.

DEVONagent 2.2 Improves Workspaces Access, More

by Jeff Gamet, Mac Observer

The New Frontier

by John Gruber, Macworld

The iPhone's screen measures just 3.5 inches, but it's now the biggest frontier in interface design.

Will we see Newton technologies — Inkwell, soups — slowly being introduced back into the iPhone?

Mac OS X Leopard Server Preview

by Ryan Faas, Computerworld

Judgin from Apple's various Leopard demonstrations, the new operating system appears to be well worth all the oohs and ahhs that it has won from commentators.

iWork By The Numbers: No Threat To Microsoft. Maybe.

by John Martellaro, Mac Observer

Why does Microsoft seem so indifferent to the Apple market opportunities given Apple's success?

Apple Investors Vote On Options Backdating

by MacNN

Apple Sued Over Power Adapters, Store Receipt Concerns

by Aidan Malley, AppleInsider

A class action suit in Florida claims Apple is exposing its American shoppers to fraud and identity theft through store receipts. Meanwhile, a Michigan resident is filing a lawsuit against Apple for designing notebook power adapters that include a built-in battery charge light.

LightZone 3.0: Intuitive Photo Editing FOr Photographers

by Lesa Snider King, Macworld

If you long for simplicity in photo editing in an un-bloated piece of software, give LightZone 3.0.6 a try. Its unique visual approach to editing, time-sving Styles, and well-designed help system will aid the learning process.

MacBook Optical Drive Woes

by Cyrus Farivar, MacUser

Clipboard And Text Selection : iPhone :: Arrow Keys : Original Macintosh

by John Gruber, Daring Fireball

Apple Kicks Microsoft Where It Hurts

by Mitch Wagner, InformationWeek

It's getting hard to find reasons to buy a WIndows PC, aside from sheer inertia.

Hey Apple, Who Is iMovie's "Brilliant Engineer?"

by Harry McCracken, PC World

Somewhere along the way, Apple stopped treating its techies like rock stars.

World Exclusive!!! Bob Keefe Is Not Fake Steve Jobs. But He Is The "Intel Sticker Guy."

by Dan Moren, MacUser

Oof. Bad move.

Apple Offers iMovie HD 6 With iLife '08

by MacNN

Apple is allowing iLife '08 owners to download iMovie HD 6 for free, which may appease a crowd of upset Mac users gathering on various forums across the internet to protest the company's removal of important editing functionality in iMovie '08.

MacBook Pro Software Update 1.1 Posted

by MacMinute

August 9, 2007

Steve Jobs Sells Sugar Water

by Kirk McElhearn, Kirkville

Touting YouTube and prompting people to put ads on their web pages is nothing more than selling sugar water.

Analyst Welcome Apple Product Salvo

by Jonny Evans, Macworld UK

Apple's new product range has consolidated anlyst sentiment favouring good long and medium-term prospects for the company's stock.

Apple iPhoto '08 Clever, But Not Brilliant

by Melissa Perenson, PC World

I liked a lot about the new iPhoto. Some of the updates are nifty, others are practical—and will make managing thousands of digital images easier. However, I'd still have to make significant changes to my digital workflow on the PC before iPhoto would work for me.

The iMac Gets A Makeover

by Eric Bangeman, Ars Technica

Ding! Mac Vs. PC Cost Analysis, Round II

by Scot Finnie, Computerworld

You're not conscious of your TV while you're watching it. Thats the way it is with a Mac. I found that much harder to achieve on Windows PCs, which are constantly drawing attention to themselves.

Breaking Down The Apple Announcements

by Jason Snell, Macworld

What's Behind Apple's IWork?

by Arik Hesseldahl, BusinessWeek

Microsoft Office still dominates the market, but Apple's new software may signal a tectonic shift in the two behemoths' uneasy alliance.

China's iClone

by Dan Koeppel, Popular Science

Cellphones, microchips, cars, even iPhones — there's virtually no high-tech western product that China's cloners can't copy. Pretty soon, you might even prefer their work.

Mac Virtualization Apps Are A Boon For Channel

by Pedro Pereira, Channel Insider

The ability to run Windows off a Mac creates more options for solutoin providers to present to customers.

Where's The Mac?

by Don MacAskill, SmugBlog

Apple has a huge, gaping hole in their desktop lineup. They have an iMac, a Mac mini, and a Mac Pro. But where's the Mac?

Freedom From The Press: Google News Lets Newsmakers Comment On Stories

by Nate Anderson, Ars Technica

See Also:

Google News Hypocrisy: Walled Off Content, by Michael Arrington, TechCrunch.

First Look: Numbers

by Rob Griffiths, Macworld

I think Apple's new aproach to spreadsheets is going to be quite successful, at least based on my initial hands-on time. The program is fast, the features are well thought out, and the new paradigm that Apple has applied to the staid old spreadsheet application solve many of the frustrations that we've come to accept with those traditional programs.

It Ain't A Podcast Without An XML Feed

by Dave Slusher, Evil Genius Chronicles

New Look For Apple Websites Around The World

by Thomas Gagnon-van Leeuwen, MacUser

Nearly all international Apple websites now sport the dark grey design US visitors have grown accustomed to.

iMovie '08: Lacks SUpport For Plug-Ins

by Erica Sadun, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

It is nice for putting together basic video but you'll want to keep a copy of iMovie 6 on-hand for more advanced video projects, especially if you've invested in third-party plug-ins.

iPhoto '08 Does Tagging Right

by David Chartier, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

New .Mac Storage Eats Disk Space For Breakfast

by Dan Moren, MacUser

I realized with a lurch that becaus my iDisk is synced, that means that OS X needs to create a 10GB mirror image on my hard disk—and that's space I can't really afford to give up.

Three Things I Don't Understand About Apple's Moves

by Rob Griffiths, Macworld

The "confused" side is curious about three decisions Apple has made regarding the following items.

Apple And Google Alliance Just Got Stronger

by Steve O'Hear, Last100

It's not hard to see how these two core competencies can continue to compliment each other.

Boot Camp Gets Some Updating Love Too

by Thomas Gagnon-van Leeuwen, MacUser

Boot Camp 1.4 adds some very welcome improvements, the most important of which is support for keyboard backlighting.

Apple Releases iMac Software Update 1.0 For New iMacs

by Justin Berka, Ars Technica

Apple, known for their somewhat brief descriptions of updates, is unusually terse this time. The update contains "important bug fixes," but that's all Apple is saying.

Apple Releases Mac Pro SMC Firmware Update 1.1

by MacMinute

August 8, 2007

Apple's Stealth Campaign For Business?

by David Morgenstern, ZDNet

Apple's Mac Set To Soar

by Lance Ulanoff, PC Magazine

The word of mouth for any Macintosh is remarkably good, and with the negative press that Vista is getting, the shine on Apple only gets better and better.

Open Apple No More

by Scott McNulty, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

The Apple logo has been banished from the keybaord, replaced with the muc more useful label 'command.'

Apple's iMovie Goes YouTube

by Robert Scoble, Scobleizer

A Great, Free OS X Text Editor? Look No Further Than TextWrangler

by Dan Knight, Low End Mac

Apple Event Features Rare Q&A With Jobs And Other Executives

by Justin Berka, Ars Technica

Apple wants to make the best product; Jobs added that "we can't ship junk" and that "we don't offer stripped-down products."

iWeb '08 Sites Freed From .Mac Thrall

by Jonny Evans, Macworld UK

Apple Adds Gigabit Ethernet To Airport Extreme Base Station With Draft 802.11N

by Iljitsch Van Beijnum, Ars Technica

.Mac Webmail Now Does Server-Side Spam Filtering

by David Chartier, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

.Mac webmail offers an option to filter out junk mail right on the server, giving you at least some sort of a break from the stream of junk you mgiht inevitably encounter.

iWork '08 30 Day Demo Available

by Scott McNulty, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Pages '08 Opens Word 2007 Documents

by Scott McNulty, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

It doesn't just open them either, Apple says that styles, tables and other parts of the document are intact as well.

How Apple's Small Things Influence Their Big Things

by Michael Long, 37signals

The iPhone design has influenced the new iMac design just as the widescreen iPod influenced the pervious iMac design.

Apple Silently Updates Mac Mini With Core 2 Duo

by Peter Cohen, Macworld

.Mac Expands Storage, Adds Personal Domains

by Peter Cohen, Macworld

.Mac members now receive ten times the amount of storage space they had: 10 GB of combined storage space for their .Mac e-mail account and their "iDisk." What's more, the data transfer limit has been increased tenfold as well, to 100GB per month.

Spreadsheet App Numbers Joins iWork '08

by Philip Michaels, Jim Dalrymple and Peter Cohen, Macworld

Apple CEO Steve Jobs described Numbers as a spreadsheet application "done in the style of Keynote and Pages." Among its features are "intelligent tables," that allow users to sort and filter by clicking on headers, as well as chart creation, image management, text labels, and the ability to add photos and diagrams. A flexible canvas feature lets users put multiple sheets on a canvas and tie tiem together in formulas but not in formatting.

Apple Ushers In iLife '08 Suite

by Jim Dalrymple and Philip Michaels, Macworld

All five applications underwent an update for the new version of the suite.

Apple Updates iMac Offerings

by Philip Michaels, Macworld

Apple announced an overhaul of its iMac line Tuesday, replacing the white enclosure of its all-in-one desktop with a new aluminum-and-glass design. In addition to its new look, the updated iMac also comes in 20- and 24-inch versions, eliminating the entry-level 17-inch offering.

August 7, 2007

MacBook Pro: Are Macs "The Dark Side"?

by Michael J. Miller, PC Magazine

I've always thought the "Perfect PC" was the one that worked best for you, at your price range. For those who can afford it, the Mac may well be the right choice, especially now that we are moving into a world where many of the great new applications all run in a browser.

FileMaker Pro 9: Hitching A Ride On The SQL Bus

by William Porter, Macworld

My Fantasy Tuesday Announcement

by Heng-Cheong Leong, MyAppleMenu

As an existing Mac customer, things I would like to see in the Tuesday announcement:

1. Safari Explained: Why the heck did Apple port the browser onto Windows? Apple should be committed to changing the world, not to just gain a few marketshare points. Does this have anything to do with the new (rumored) super-duper .Mac service?

2. Leopard Revealed: Come on, Apple. 3D docks and translucent menu bars just don't cut it. You said you were hiding juicy (and lickable) Leopard stuff from Redmond. Isn't it time for you to tempt us, so that we can start saving for the October purchase?

3. iPod Transformed: Yes, you said that this is a Mac event. No iPods and no iPhones. But, what if, you call that brand new iPhone-but-no-phone device — not an iPod, not an iPhone, but — MacBook Nano? It can QuickTime, it can Safari, and it can definitely do mail. And, together with a iPhone-but-no-phone SDK, it can do anything under the sun. It runs OS X — that gotta be a Mac, right?

Okay, I'd admit. The last one is really deeply rooted in the fantasy realm.

Fake Steve, Unmasked

by John Gruber, Daring Fireball

It's the performance that counts, not the secret.

Project Calculator 2.1 Released

by MacMinute

Further Progress Made On US, European iPhone Unlocking

by Justin Berka, Ars Technica

However, the iPhone still hasn't been fully unlocked.

Apple's .Mac Service Unavailable During Tuesday's Event

by Tom Krazit, CNET

Apple is expected to unveil new iMacs during an event Tuesday, but it could also have some improvements to its .Mac service up its sleeve.

Running Windows On Macs Becomes A Race With VMware Fusion Out Of The Gates

by Elizabeth Montalbano, IDG News Service

For Apple, What A Difference A Decade Makes

by Seth Weintraub, Computerworld

In contrast to Microsoft's atitude of benign neglect of the Mac platform, Apple seems to be innovating away on the Windows platform.

August 6, 2007

Researcher Calls Apple "Negligent" Over iPhone Security

by Jeff Smykil, Ars Technica

VMware Fusion

by Robert Mohns, MacInTouch

VMware Fusion worked very well for use with Windows XP and Windows Vista, and fairly well with Ubuntu 7. We had a few issues, and there are some missing features we'd like to see added, but we're quite impressed with Fusion.

Journey To The Core Of Apple

by Tom dunmore,

I'm more confident about the future of the Mac platform these days...

Will Fake Steve Jobs Take Over The Stage?

by Heng-Cheong Leong, MyAppleMenu

It's not without precendent: Noah Wyle, the first and original Fake Steve Jobs, opened the Macworld Expo back in year 2000. (Noah Wyle, if you cannot remember, played Steve Jobs in the "Pirates of Silicon Valley" movie.)

Will we get to meet another Fake Steve Jobs this coming January? :-)

Fake Steve Jobs Comes To

by Forbes

"From Jonathan Switft to Jon Stewart, satire has spoken truth to power as well as amued," said Editor Paul Maidment. "Fake Steve Jobs will add a different voice to, but one that is in the Forbes tradition for both."

The Trial Of Fake Steve Jobs

by Brad Stone, New York Times Blog

Are you happy that the mystery has been solved? Or did we just ruin the fun for everyone?

Fake Steve On Fortune, BusinessWeek, And Forbes

by John Gruber, Daring Fireball

Tech World Falls For Tom's Foolery

by Edmund Tadros, The Age

A 16-year-old Austrlian who duped high-profile technology blog with a fake Apple rumour said the site should "triple-check its sources."

A Mystery Solved: 'Fake Steve' Blogger Comes Clean

by Brad Stone, New York Times

"Im stunned that it's taken this long," said Mr Daniel Lyons, a senior editor at Forbes magazine who lives near Boston, when a reporter interrupted his vacation in Maine on Sunday to ask him about Fake Steve. "I have not been that good at keeping it a secret. I've been sort of waiting for this call for months."

Mr Lyons writes and edits technology articles for Forbes and is the author of two works of fiction, most recently a 1998 novel, "Dog Days." In October, Da Capo Press will publish his satirical novel written in the voice of the Fake Steve character, "Options: The Secret Life of Steve Jobs, a Parody."

See Also:

Damn, I Am So Busted, Yo, by The Secret Diary Of Steve Jobs.

August 5, 2007

Old Mac Keyboards No Longer Shipping, New iMacs Probably Coming

by Gizmodo

It has yet to be confirmed, but it seems that Apple and Best Buy stores are no longer going to receive old Apple keyboards shipments.

Who Needs Record Labels? Unsigned Canadian Matthew Good Debuts At #17 This Week In US iTunes Store

by LAist

This is the story the record labels have always feared.

When Was The Last Time...

by Heng-Cheong Leong, MyAppleMenu

... that you listened through the entire album? Do you still remember what an album is?

August 4, 2007

'Doom' Creator Unveils 'Rage'

by Reuters

'Classic story' of good vs. evil from id Software will ship for Macs, Xbox 360, and PS3 — but when?

Secret New iPhone Features

by Walt Mossberg, All Things D

Apple issued its first iPhone update this week. And while the company billed it as merely a bug-fix and security-improvement patch, in fact it has several small feature improvements that Apple hasn't announced or documented.

Apple Adds iPhone iPod Hi-Fi Tone Control Support

by Jeremy Horwitz, iLounge

Apple Sued Over iPhone Touch-Screen Kybd

by MacNN

Apple this week was sued by a Florida company that owns patent it claims is used in the iPhone's touch-screen display.

Worries About The iPod's 'Maturity' Miss The Point Of Its Value To Apple

by Herb Greenberg, Wall Street Journal

More important, said Charles Wolf, in terms of the overall strategy, even a mature iPod "is incredibly important," because it is converting non-Macintosh computer users into Mac buyers and is driving revenue from other sources, such as iTUnes. And that, he says, "is where the juice in the story is. Not the iPod." And not even the iPhone.

Homage To A Great Machine

by Micah Walter, O'Reilly Digital Media

iPhone Security Slammed At Black Hat

by MacNN

First Native Non-Apple iPhone App Released

by MacNN

The application, called MobileTerminal, is terminal emulation software developed without an official software development kit (SDK) from Apple.

Report: Mobile Phone Industry Already Changing Due To iPhone

by Justin Berka, Ars Technica

Coming just a month after the launch, the "iPhone effect" could mean that other manufacturers and carriers hav emore to worry about than they previously thought.

The iPhone Explored: The Internet On Your Phone

by Dan Frakes, Macworld

Take a closer look at the phone's web browsing, e-mail, chat, and map features.

Apple Moves Slowly, Surely Into Big Business

by Vern Seward, Mac Observer

A compartively low cost of ownership and a bona-fide UNIX OS is what Apple can present to big business. Will they bite? Few things in the IT world change over night and it will take some doing to get CIOs to change their views, but views are changing.

August 3, 2007

My 25 Year Love Affair With Computers

by Steve Rubel, Micro Persuation

This week I took my first overnight business trip in 10 years without a laptop. All I took was my iPhone and a travel router. It worked perfectly.

64-Bit PCs Still Searching For Software

by Tom Krazit and Ina Fried, CNET

Now that they're 64 (bits, that is), personal computers are still searching for developers to need them and feed them.

The Seven Ages Of Steve Jobs

by Guardian

Does The iPhone Need A Screen Saver?

by Jack Ewing, BusinessWeek

Balda, reportedly the touch-screen supplier for the uberpopular cell phone, says sales were down due to last-minute changes — maybe Apple's.

Brilliant Journalists Prove That If You Leave Your iPod Lying Around, It'll Get Stolen

by Mitch Wagner, InformationWeek

I'm sure there's a Pulitzer Prize in this for Dateline. Because we could never have figured that out on our own.

Unprofessional In Black

by Tim Bray, ongoing

I'm talking about my computer, which is a MacBook, not a MacBook Pro, and a lovely flat black colour. It's by a long shot the best Mac I've ever had.

Apple Playing 'Chord' Patterns With Future Devices?

by Tom Krazit, CNET

Apple could have a lot more in mind for the multitouch user interface found on the iPhone.

Reassessing Office's Space

by Philip Michaels, Macworld

For every day that Office 2008 doesn't come out that's another day for users to get acustomed to not having it — and to wonder whether they even need Office in the first place.

Apple Releases iTunes 7.3.2

by Charles Starrett, iLounge

Octaga Player Launched For Mac OS X

by MacNN

Octaga today launched its Octaga Player for Mac OS X, a new 3D player developed on behalf of the Seattle-based Ymetech and the NASA.

Noodlesoft Releases Hazel 2

by MacMinute

Noodlesoft today announced the release of Hazel 2, a housekeeper for your folders and files.

Taiwan Suppliers Seeing No iPhone Slowdown?

by MacNN

LicenseKeeper 1.2 Major Update Released

by MacMinute

August 2, 2007

Security Fears May Handcuff iPhone

by Hiawatha Bray, Boston Globe

VMware Fusion 1.0 Launches Aug 6

by Jeff Gamet, Mac Observer

Apple Begins Testing Mac OS X 10.4.11

by MacNN

Microsoft Delays Office For Mac Release

by Jessica Mintz, Associated Press

Microsoft Corp. will delay the release of Office 2008 for Apple Inc.'s Macintosh computers until the middle of January 2008, in order to fix lingering bugs in the software.

"It really is just a quality issue across the boad," Craig Eisler, general manager of Microsoft's Macintosh business unit, said in an interview Wednesday.

Breaking Down The Walls Of Phones' Web Gardens

by Li Yuan, Wall Street Journal

EDN: iPhone Is Precisely Designed

by John Martellaro, iPod Observer

It appears that Apple engineers made a conscious decision to not rely too much on hardwired circuits — even though they would deliver higher performance and lower power consumption. The goal seems to have been to trade that against increased future flexibility and functionality with software.

Can Your Mouse Last 18 Years?

by Maria Langer

Yes, that's right: she's using an 18-year-old computer daily to manage a radio station's accounting.

I think she got her money's worth.

Linux Vs. Mac: Which Is The Better Alternative To Microsoft Windows?

by Serdar Yegulalp and Mitch Wagner, InformationWeek

If you're a Vista-wary Windows user who would rather switch than fight, should you move to a Linux distro or Apple's OS X? We asked a Mac fan and a Linux advocate to lead a guided tour of each OS.

Traders Take Another Bite Of Apple

by Joshua Lipton, Forbes

Shares of Apple finished up on Wednesday after traders, briefly spooked, decided that the company was still a smart place to park their cash.

UniSudoku 1.7

by Dan Frakes, Macworld

UniSudoku is the best computer-based Sudoku game I've tried because it foregoes the fancy visuals of other Sudoku offerings in favor of apuzzle-lover's clear and clean interface, gets the gameplay right, and adds useful features for actually playing and solving puzzles.

Leopard Gets Unix Seal Of Approval

by Dan Moren, MacUser

The Open Group has officially certified Leopard as Unix "on Intel-based Macintosh computers."

August 1, 2007

Amid A Computer Crisis, A MacBook To The Rescue

by Arik Hesseldahl, BusinessWeek

I don't know exactly why the Mac can see the files, whereas Windows machines cannot, but who am I to question a data-recovery miracle hapening right before my eyes?

Deluxe PocMon

by Peter Cohen, Macworld

At $20, Deluxe PocMon is a bit high-priced for a shareware game, but hardened classic arcade game fans will find more a little to like here—it's like Pac-Mac, but it's not an exact clone, and that's good.

Eminem Publsher Suing Apple When It Should Be Suing Universal Music

by Techdirt

Curing Your LaunchBar Addiction

by Mat Neuburg, TidBITS

FirstEdge V3 Accounting Software Goes Universal

by Peter Cohen, Macworld

Happy 20Th PowerPoint!

by Mac Mojo

All of us on the PowerPoint team have been heads down working on the new version of PowerPoint and the PowerPoint Beta Converter so we totally missed this huge milestone.

Liveblogging The iPhone 1.0.1 Update

by Erica Sadun, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Apple Updates iPhone, Safari 3 Beta And Security Update

by Jim Dalrymple, Macworld

iPhone 1.0.1 was released and is available through iTunes when the iPhone is connected. According to Apple, the iPhone update fixes two security issues in Safari, two in WebKit and one issue with WebCore.

Apple To Hold Mac-Focused Presentation Next Week

by Jim Dalrymple, Macworld

The presentation will take place on Tuesday August 7, 2007 at 10:00 am at Apple's Town Hall.

iPod Noise Pollution Irks Those Nearby

by Erin Carlson, Associated Press

Amped to its highest volume, the iPod is not nearly as invasive as the classic loud cell phone conversation. But it can have its moments.

The Ironic Rise Of The Mac Among Open Source Developers

by Matt Asay, CNET

As a die-hard Mac addict and open-source advocate myself, I was thinking this morning about why the two increasingly coverge, despite all the ironies and conflicting approaches.

So Does AT&T's eMusic Work With iPhone? Of Course Not

by Brian Heater, ExtremeTech

Naturally, when we heard the news about the eMusic/AT&T deal, the first thing that ran through our one-track minds was, "so, is it compatible with the iPhone?" The second thing that ran through our minds was, of couse, "heck no, this is Apple we're talking about."

Microsoft Releases Remote Desktop For Mac 2.0 Beta

by Jacqui Cheng, Ars Technica

Six Months To 1 Billion

by Rob Griffiths, Playlist

Tuesday's announcement makes it clear that the iTunes Store hasn't yet reached a point where the growth rate is slowing.

TimeCache 7.0.2 Released

by MacMinute

Apple Posts Airport Update

by Mat Lu, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Apple Sinks On iPhone Cutback Talk

by Scott Moritz,

Apple shares took a 3% dip Tuesday amid speculation about a cut in production of the trendy iPod-inspired phone. The chatter that sent the stock down was that Apple was reducing its production of iPhones from "9 million units to 4.5 million units," according to a note from the stock trading desk at Miller Tabak & Co.

Daring Fireball Feed Goes Free

by Mike Scharmm, The Unofficial Apple Weblog


by Scott Gureck, MacNN

By Heng-Cheong Leong