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My Fantasy Tuesday Announcement

by Heng-Cheong Leong, MyAppleMenu

As an existing Mac customer, things I would like to see in the Tuesday announcement:

1. Safari Explained: Why the heck did Apple port the browser onto Windows? Apple should be committed to changing the world, not to just gain a few marketshare points. Does this have anything to do with the new (rumored) super-duper .Mac service?

2. Leopard Revealed: Come on, Apple. 3D docks and translucent menu bars just don't cut it. You said you were hiding juicy (and lickable) Leopard stuff from Redmond. Isn't it time for you to tempt us, so that we can start saving for the October purchase?

3. iPod Transformed: Yes, you said that this is a Mac event. No iPods and no iPhones. But, what if, you call that brand new iPhone-but-no-phone device — not an iPod, not an iPhone, but — MacBook Nano? It can QuickTime, it can Safari, and it can definitely do mail. And, together with a iPhone-but-no-phone SDK, it can do anything under the sun. It runs OS X — that gotta be a Mac, right?

Okay, I'd admit. The last one is really deeply rooted in the fantasy realm.

By Heng-Cheong Leong