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Adventures In Demo Land

My trip to the U.S. — DEMO 2003, Phoneix, & LA


Monday, February 03, 2003

Hotel Suggestion

Does anybody have any suggestion on which hotel I should stay while in Los Angeles? I would like to be able to get to The Grove easily (walking distance?). :-)

Posted at 11:32 PM by Heng-Cheong

A Little Time(zone) Travelling

I'm using Blogger Pro, a commercial content-management system for editing blogs, and I've set the time-zone (see the time below? see the date above?) to Singapore's. (GMT +8)

Now, I am wondering... this blog will actually span across three time zones — Singapore, Los Angeles, and Phoneix. (And if I actually get to blog in Tokyo while stopover during my flight, there's four.) No clear answers come to me on which time zone to use. Maybe I should stick to GMT.

(And yes, I do intend to shut this blog down after this month.)

Posted at 9:58 PM by Heng-Cheong

Why Am I There

Why am I at DEMO 2003? Part of my job to track emerging technologies and applications...

Posted at 9:53 PM by Heng-Cheong

Where Will I Be

Here's how my itinerary shaping up so far...

I will be leaving Singapore on the morning of Feb 14th (Singapore GMT+8) for a 17-hour flight to Los Angeles, with a stopover at Tokyo. Yes, it is going to be a long and tiring flight. And there is no way my laptop will be able to last that long for me to play Warcraft. (I will be bringing my ThinkPad from work. Somebody remind me to figure out how to download photos from my digital camera.) Thankfully, the entertainment is not too bad on Singapore Airlines: Solaris, Punch-Drunk Love, Being John Malkovich, Nintendo Games... (I guess I am easily amused.) But it is still a 17-hour flight, and, based on my past experience, I will be unlikely to fall asleep. Or maybe with age, I can get some sleep.

I'll have about four and a half hour in Los Angeles before my next flight to Phoneix. I hope that's enough for all that security checks and walking between terminals. With luck, I'll reach Phoneix on the evening of Feb 14th (the wonders of time zones... GMT -7) and will be staying at Fairfield Inn in Scottsdale. So far, I haven't find any evidence of Internet access in the hotel, but I think I read somewhere that Marriott does have Internet access at all its hotels.

(Sadly, I'll miss the Live from the Blogsphere! event.)

I'll return to LA on the 19th, and will stay in this city (which I have never really visited) for one night -- sort of a mini-vacation for myself. I wonder if I can easily get to The Grove via public transporation. (I will not be driving.)

Then, it's another 17-hour flight back home the next evening...

So, that's where I'll be later this month. Anyone game for a get-together?

Posted at 9:24 PM by Heng-Cheong

About This Blog

I'll be making a little trip to the United States later this month to attend DEMO 2003, where "the future begins here." And this is the little blog I've created to jot down my little adventure.

Oh, and there is a secondary objective: to test out Blogger Pro.

Posted at 7:12 PM by Heng-Cheong

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