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Tuesday, February 04, 2003

DEMO news from Google

... via this search at Google News.

Mainly press releases so far...

Posted at 9:30 AM by Heng-Cheong


On MyAppleMenu.com, I've always used a home-built CMS that caters exactly to my need. Okay, maybe not exactly, as I don't have the time to build everything. But there are little things that I miss now that I'm trying out a commercial CMS.

For example, I always open my CMS in just a little small window on the bottom-right of my screen, so that I can read articles and post links at the same time. I can't do that with Blogger Pro, as the input-screen demands a large window in order to be usable.

Posted at 9:07 AM by Heng-Cheong

Future For Conventions

Key3Media, organizer of Comdex, filed for bankruptcy.

There may be two different kinds of companies: the Apple and Segway people, who loves secrecy, and will not reveal anything unless everything is insanely-great ready. And then there are the cluetrain companies (NetNewsWire, for example), who believe in conversations even before the products are ready.

I've never been to Comdex, so I'm not sure what kind of companies are there. But I do think convention organisers should seriously talk to the cluetrain-companies and find out what they really want in a convention.

Posted at 9:04 AM by Heng-Cheong


Just noticed that Dan Bricklin is going to be there... and he will be taking photos.

That's good news, 'cause I was hoping to take pictures there too, and I am wondering whether the conference organiser will allow photography.

Posted at 8:50 AM by Heng-Cheong

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