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Adventures In Demo Land

My trip to the U.S. — DEMO 2003, Phoneix, & LA


Wednesday, February 05, 2003


Did find some tours (such as Starline and Grayline) that I can fall back on, if I really don't want to take public transportation. The disadvantage would be lack of time to linger around places that are interesting. (Say, from a history angle, or from a photogrphy angle.)

The horrible state of public transportation — hence the necessitity of cars in daily life — in the U.S. can be quite surprising to a lot of folks from other countries.

Posted at 4:18 PM by Heng-Cheong

Comdex Replacement

The Comdex replacement is here...

Posted at 9:11 AM by Heng-Cheong

Emerging Technologies / Applications

One of the reason I'm attending DEMO 2003 is to try to find out some promising trends in emerging technologies and technologies. (Something people do when attending DEMO or Comdex, I hope.) Question is, are there emerging technologies after the crash of dot-com?

I'm looking from the government context -- how to make a government more accessible, more engaging, and more efficient. Personally, I'm also interested to see if software is still an art, or just a product.

Posted at 8:59 AM by Heng-Cheong

Oh, And Phoenix / Scottsdale Too

Oh, in addition to the plea for suggestions (see below) on touring L.A., I will also have a free day in Phoniex / Scottsdale area to get over my jet lag. So any suggestions on places to visits there will also be appreciated.

Posted at 8:55 AM by Heng-Cheong

Fun In Los Angeles

After some discussions on rec.travel.usa-canada, it seems that I may not be seeing too much of Los Angeles (on foot) after the DEMO conference. (I'll be staying there for two days — sort of a mini-vacation for myself — before heading home). Nevertheless, I've booked a room at Farmer's Daughter Hotel (what a name) which, if I read my maps correctly, would be within walking distance to The Grove. Anyway, the policy seems to allow cancellation 48 hours prior to check-in, so I still have some time to change my mind.

Now, to decide how to spend my two days there. (I'd rather not visit Disneyland alone, although it was an idea I was toying around should LA proves to be a city hostile to tourists-without-cars.) Maybe one day walking around downtown, and one day walking around Santa Monica.

Any suggestions from you will be greatly appreciated.

Posted at 8:53 AM by Heng-Cheong

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