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Adventures In Demo Land

My trip to the U.S. — DEMO 2003, Phoneix, & LA


Monday, February 17, 2003

The Venue of the Conference

Posted at 1:16 PM by Heng-Cheong

From The Press

Demo 2003 Focuses on Things to Come, Sebastian Rupley, PC Magazine.

Bad Timing Could be Good Luck for Technology Startup, Associated Press. This article is about one of the demos, OddPost, who has a web-based e-mail product.

Posted at 7:51 AM by Heng-Cheong

The Time Differences

For those who are confused about the dates and times I'm using on this blog...

I've created this blog while in Singapore, and I used the Singapore time (GMT +8) in the settings of Blogger Pro. As this trip will span three time zones (Singapore, US Pacific, and US Mountain), I didn't have an answer on how to manage this time zone differences via Blogger Pro.

(In the regular MyAppleMenu, which uses a in-house CMS, the time zone used is GMT.)

Right now, I'm afraid of changing the time zone settings in Blogger Pro. (Who knows what will happen. Can't find any info in the help pages.) So, it shall remain in Singapore's time zone setting. For US readers, this is how you'll convert from Singapore time to your time:

Eastern: Minus 13 hours.
Central: Minus 12 hours.
Mountain: Minus 11 hours.
Pacific: Minus 10 hours.

Posted at 7:36 AM by Heng-Cheong

Protests Against War

There was a small protest against The War here in Singapore: six protestors outside the American embassy.

They were promptly arrested because of a lack of permit.

Posted at 7:07 AM by Heng-Cheong


Nothing to do with this blog's theme, but I am always sad to read reports of abandoned babies. (Yes, even in the city of Singapore.)

I wonder how I can help...

Posted at 7:04 AM by Heng-Cheong

But Then...

My little trip to downtown Scottsdale was not "wasted". It was a great experience, and even though it is commercialised already, I enjoyed looking at the buildings and the architectures... And I've never seen so many huge catus before in an urban environment.

For those who are passing by Singapore's Changi Airport, there is a small little catus garden at Terminal 1. Just go up to the Country Maana (spelling?) restaurant.

Speaking of airports, there's so many things I can do at Changi Airport to spent my time if I'm stuck there. (Being a Singaporean, of course, I do not ever need to be stuck in this airport.) However, the same thing cannot be said about the airports in the States. I was bored out of my mind during the 4 hours stopover at Los Angeles Airport last Friday.

If I cannot get a late checkout this Friday afternoon, I might have to spent my afternoon and evening hours at LAX airport again. (You are not expecting me to drag two bags all over LA, are you? And the lockers in the airport are closed, no thanks to this time and age.)

Posted at 7:02 AM by Heng-Cheong

The Pressure To Be A Tourist

I'm not sure about this, but by keeping this blog, I do sense a certain pressure from myself on myself that I do have to do some sightseeing or something. I'm not going to tell all my blog readers (not sure how many are there — maybe just one or two?) that I slept the whole day off, only interrupted with watching Comedy Central and grabbing some bites, am I? :-)

It also seems, to me, that after spending so much money to come all the way here, (doesn't matter if it wasn't me exactly that spent that money) I better take full advantage of the journey.

Oh well.

Posted at 6:53 AM by Heng-Cheong

Missing The Desk

Sitting right outside the Grand Ballroom, I've noticed that quite a few people (including me) missed the registration desk.

(And I've nothing else to say beyond that little observation.)

Posted at 5:39 AM by Heng-Cheong


You know, I am pretty surprised to see MyAppleMenu still on the list of Most Influential Site, after going offline for a few days already. :-)

Posted at 5:36 AM by Heng-Cheong

Getting Old

This is the fourth time I'm in the States since I left University of Maryland.

I remember the first day at Maryland, I woke up at 5 a.m. feeling extremely hungry. Walked out of my temporary room at the dorm in search of food, and finally found a 24-hour McDonald's on Route 1. Other than that, I adjusted well.

This time round, my adjustment is not good at all. For the second night in a row, I didn't sleep very well. Woke up several times in the night. And there's a long stretch this morning from 1 am till 4 am that I couldn't get back to sleep. And I've totally lost my appedite. Cannot even finish a simple burger.

Not sure what's happening, but I guess me getting older might have something to do with it.

Posted at 5:26 AM by Heng-Cheong

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