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Adventures In Demo Land

My trip to the U.S. — DEMO 2003, Phoneix, & LA


Tuesday, February 18, 2003


Kubi Says Groupware Stars with Mail, Barbara Darrow, CRN.

Posted at 10:46 AM by Heng-Cheong


VMware expands to higher-end systems, by Stephen Shankland, CNET News.com.

Posted at 9:29 AM by Heng-Cheong


Glenn Fleishman explains why Vivato is important.

Posted at 7:44 AM by Heng-Cheong


Mok3 was introduced as the 3-D Photoshop. It will convert images — QuickTime VRs, for example, — into 3-D models, fast.

(Image from Mok3's web site.)

Posted at 7:37 AM by Heng-Cheong

Dan Gillmor

Dan Gillmor is also here at DEMO 2003...

Posted at 5:12 AM by Heng-Cheong

Check These Out

Other products that I've checked out...

OS Engine - can Windows be really secured now?

OddPost - web emulate Windows application. The wrong interface for the web, or great enhancement of productivity? (Simply learn / train on one single interface.)

Preventsys - reduce headaches of IT infrastructure guys?

Posted at 4:57 AM by Heng-Cheong


My impression is that innovation in this industry hasn't stopped. But the innovation has shifted to low-risk, evolutionary products and technologies. No more evolutionary, difficult to figure out the why's and how's (why I want to use this? how is this going to make money?) products anymore.

Agree? Disagree?

Posted at 4:52 AM by Heng-Cheong

Profits Now!

The audience of the next wave of digital music subscription service, as Full Audio said, is the employed adults.

Posted at 4:50 AM by Heng-Cheong


The image on the left is your regular security camera. The image on the right is the new, improved version. Does this means that those face-recognition software can finally do their jobs?

(The following image is the set-up on the stage.)

Posted at 4:46 AM by Heng-Cheong


Is this the next wave of digital (music) hub? Would you want to navigate via the small screen on this device, or would you want to navigate on iTunes?

(Picture taken off the video screen during the conference, which isn't great.)

Posted at 4:44 AM by Heng-Cheong

Hot Seat

This is the part of the demo where companies are given 60 seconds to tell us why their booth are worth visiting.

And away we go to visit booths.

Posted at 4:40 AM by Heng-Cheong


Picasa, by LifeScape, is the iPhoto for Windows. (Picture from their web site.) I've downloaded the trial version (or is it free? Haven't check out their web site yet), and chances are, this will replaces my current photo organiser software on my Windows XP machine.

During the DEMO, the emphasis is definitely on the sharing of photos. As the company said, how to get the photo from your digital camera to your grandma's refrigrator.

Cool! Most impressive (to me) so far this morning.

Posted at 4:36 AM by Heng-Cheong

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