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Friday, October 1, 2004


FileMaker Delivers Chirstmas Cheer

Apple Socially Responsible

Apple has been added to a list of companies deemed to be socially responsible.

Live Broadcast

First use of the Internet to broadcast live news throughout world will originate on Maui as Apple Computer and Maui to make broadcast history. The world may tune in next Thursday.

'Podcasting' Brings Personalized Audio Programs To Your Media Player

"Podcasting" is a term that is probably unfamiliar to most people, but it represents a real potential change in the radio landscape.


Apple Is Looking Juicier

Every other major PC maker has struggled to make money while going head to head with commodity king Dell. Only by focusing on innovation, premium products has Jobs avoided the fae. If he can keep delivering ont hat formula, Apple's future looks surprisingly bright.

Windows Versus The World

Anything that raises awareness that there exist alternatives to Windows is a good thing for everyone other than Microsoft.


iPod Speaker Sets Get A Hearing

Compact speakers for personal music players have been around since the original Walkman. Now that mini-hard drive music machines can hold your entire collection, the product category is back with a vengeance.

iMac G5: Apple's Consumer Desktop Strikes A New Pose

The new iMacs don't deliver the same floating-in-thin-air, adjust-it-any-way-you-want experience that Apple rightly made so much of when it introduced the iMac G4 models. But in every other respect — elegance, performance, and price — the G5 generation represents a big step forward.

Hands On With RadioShark

RadioShark is hwat it is — a USB radio that lets you time-shift, pause, and back up live radio, and record what you're listening to. For NPR addicts, dittoheads, sports fiends, or anyone else who enjoys the cornucopia of options on the airwaves, that's probably more than enough.


Now, Where Else Did I See This Before...

The "big" news out there in blog-land is that there is a news report reporting ont he presidential candidates' "debate", reporting as if the debate is already over — when in fact, the debate has not even started.

Of course, media outlets has always pre-wrote news stories. Think obituaries, which might offer a clue to how the media view the debates.

Update: Rory J. O'Connor: "The media have done this kind of work for years... Reporters write out fairly certain aspects of a story in advance, so they can add the news as it happens very rapidly and get that story out to the public. Indeed, wire service reporters often will file a story very soon after the start of some event and then "recast" it some time later when more details are available... I don't view it personally as any indication of how much or how little news the debates might generate. I view it as a way for reporters to work efficiently."


IE — Embraced, Extended, Extinct?

Despite all appearances, Microsoft insists it hasn't lost interest in Web browsers.

Microsoft FAT Patent Falls Flat

As part of a re-examination, the U.S. Patent Office has issued a preliminary rejection for a patent previously granted to Microsoft for a Windows file format.

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