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Sunday, October 31, 2004


iTunes 4.7 Disables "iPod Download" Application

C'mon guys, this is our music, on our iPod.

Google Desktop For OS X Misreported By Reuters And Others?

"He made no announcement of actual plans to deliver the product, or even that Google was actively working on it."

NSA Security Guide For Mac OS X


Apple To iPod Owners: "Eat Shit And Die"

Apple is spending money seeing to it that features are removed from your iPod.

Saturday, October 30, 2004


Google Plans Desktop Search Tool For Apple PCs

"We intend to do it."

Apple Secures iPod Design Patent

Apple has successfully secured a design patent for its ubiquitous iPod digital music player.

iPod Photo: Attributes And Accessories

Over the next few months, you can expect to see many new accesories as vendors revise their product lines to fit the new [thicker] iPod Photo.

iTunes Ireland Sees 'Pot Of Gold'?

It appears Apple originally planned to open for busines in Ireland this Tuesday. These plans, however, were stymied at the last minute by a disagreement with the Irish Music Rights Organization.

iPod Photo Manifests Audio Defect

It has the same audio defect widely reported in the fourth-generation iPod shortly after its release.


You Broke It. Who Fixes It?

Apple's service sounds promising if you're at all technically inclined. But anyone who's tried to talk a parent or grandparent through the steps of tweaking settings in their e-mail client or — gasp! — scan for and rid a system of spyware and viruses can tell you that over-the-phone consultations can be horrible torture for those on both ends of the line.

iPod Mania

Today Music, Tomorrow Our Lives

Could the iPod and similar devices be the start of something bigger in the area of personal data storage?


New To iTunes

Lost among all the new iPod Photo hoopla are a couple of new iTunes features that I find extremely helpful.


iPod Costume

Where are the white ear-phones, eh?


Concerns Over Windows Cashpoints

Cash machine networks could soon be more susceptible to computer viruses, a security firm has warned.

Friday, October 29, 2004

Top Stories

A Rising iPod Lifts All Boats

Consumers who buy all of the iPod's add-ons are more likely to stick with the iPod over rival offerings from Dell, Sony and others — just as most PC owners won't consider moving to the Mac because of all the Windows software they already have.


Canada To Get iTunes; Japan Next?

Apple "can't just translate its North American catalog to Japan. They have to be sensitive to that market to succeed."

RadioSHARK Software Update Improves AM, More

Apple Shares Barrel Past $50 On iPod Juice

Apple's stock has continued to soar along with sales of its iPod digital music player, topping $50 a share for the first time in four years.

Apple Announces Three New Store Openings

Lynnwood, Washington, West Des Moines, Iowa, and Syracuse, New York.


iPhoto The Next iApp Likely To Go Cross Platform

I don't think Apple needs to convince people to buy iPods, but they want people to slowly migrate to Apple's applications until the only thing left is the operating system and the computer hardware. And from there the next step is moving to Mac OS X on Apple hardware.

60 GB iPods! Woo Hoo!

I actually like the store workers talking to me.

A Sound Contention

In the Windows world, a portable media device capable of video makes sense because of Microsoft's enterainment strategy. TV programming is a source of legally consumable content.

Why There's No Video iPod — The Real Reason

No evil schemes. No Machiavellian thoughts behind it. It's just not a good move for Apple without the sources of content they need.

The World's First iPod Photo Trick

You've just created the first electronic photo flipbook.


Java Development From Linux To Mac

The Apple PowerMac G5 with cinema display made a fine Java development platform, and should be considered by anyone who likes a stable, attractive and quiet computer, and is not constrained by a budget.

iPod Photo: First Impressions

Given that few of these iPods have made their way into the world, I thought I'd offer a few initial impressions.

iPod Photo: A Photo Gallery

Myst IV Revelation

Myst IV: Revelation is truly a work of art on many levels, and is far and away one of the finest adventure games ever created.


Backward And Forward Compatibility

Windows goes to great length in order to maintain backward compatibility; Raymond Chen illustrates yet another instance. Of course, it will lead to all sort of interesting, er, features. "If you have a triple-monitor Windows 98 machine lying around... you will see all your minimized windows parked out in the boonies."


Gateway To Tap Out Photo, MP3 Player Beat

Gateway is joinging the band of computer makers selling hard-drive-based digital audio players, but its riff adds miniaturization and a color screen for displaying photos.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Top Stories

You Broke It, You Fix It

The new iMac is perhaps the most user-serviceable machine on the market. But Apple is not alone in outsourcing repairs to customers.

The iPod's New Trick: Photo Show

As it turns out, the existing iPod's design, originally conceived for music, lend itself beautifully to photo shows.

New Food For iPods: Audio By Subscription

While Internet-based recorded audio is not new, podcasting combines audio with an online subscription technology known as R.S.S., or Really Simple Syndication.


Faithful Get The Good Word Via iPod

Sydney's inner-city St. Barnabas Anglican church is converting its archived semons to MP3 format so tech-savvy faithrul can listen to them on their iPods.

iPod Chipmaker Edges Toward Stock Market

PortalPlayer, the company whose chip powers Apple's iPod, has moved a step closer to becoming publicly traded.

Steve Jobs: He Thinks Different

Putting Bluetooth In An iBook

The hack permanently ties up one of the USB ports, but no longer does the iBook have an ugly appendage.

Apple Shares Hit Four-Year High Of $50.30

Apple Posts Security Update 2004-10-27

A Second Fleeting Look At Tiger


Linux Kills Apple

Should Linux become more elegant or easier to use than OS X then Apple could be in a serious amount of hot water. Fortunately that scenario seems unlikely.

Mobile Video: Why Steve Jobs Is Wrong

I honestly think this is Steve trying to shape consumer opinion because of his ties to the movie industry, rather than him listening to what people want or looking towards the future.

Apple Sticks To Being Personal

A video iPod at this point in time would likely face the fate of the famous Newton: amazing technology, lousy timing.

The iPod Photo's Slippery Slope Towards Video

Sure, video is ridiculous, but how about an iPod that can display 30 photos per second synchronized to sound?

Even I Didn't Know That Windows Had Gotten This Bad

It's one thing to be the better platform. It's a whole other thing to be the only usable platform out there. You do the math.


XM Vs. The iPod

Is it just me, or is it obvious that XM and Apple should get together?


Two Years Old

My little girl turned 2 last Monday.

Proud Owner

My brithday is coming up... but during my daughter's brithday party last Monday, my wife surprised me with a brand new blue iPod mini. And I've been loving it ever since.

Rejected Limited Edition iPods

The door has been opened for imitators to follow...


Three Challengers Take On The Mini

These challengers are getting closer in style to matching Apple. But, until they are as easy to use, I can't recommend them over the iPod.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

iPod Event

Apple Intros iPod Photo, iPod U2, iTunes 4.7

Apple took the wraps off the iPod Photo, a color iPod available in 40GB or 60GB storage capacities. The company also introduced the iPod U2 Special Edition, Apple's 20GBplayer clad in black, equipped with a red Click Wheel and featuring engraved U2 band member signatures.

Jobs: 'Photos Are The Next Big Thing'

Steve Jobs said it is clear that consumers want photo capabilities and not video features on their iPod.

iPod Bloody iPod

The Complete U2 boxed set would run to more than 30 CDs. "It's impossible to have this product in the physical world," Steve Jobs said. "But in the digital era, you can buy the product with the push of a single button."

Apple iPod Event Posted Via QuickTime

Apple has posted a QuickTime stream of the vent, where Steve Jobs took the stage to take the wraps off a color iPod, a special edition U2 iPod, and introduced Bono and The Edge themselves.

Griffin iTrip-Black Matches iPod U2 Special Edition

iTrip-Black sports the same features as its predecessor.

Apple Opens EU iTunes Music Store, Canada In Nov

The iTunes Music Store was updated to allow residents of nine new European countries to buy music online. Apple also announced plans to bring the iTunes Music Store to Canada in November.

iPod Updater 2004-10-20 Posted

iPod Photo: As A Digital Wallet, Does It Miss The Mark?

Lack of a Compact Flash memory slot is disappointing, and questionable support for raw files should raise eyebrows among serious amateur and professional photographers.

The Video iPod Is Coming, I Hope

Yes, watching portable video now is a kluge exercise, but Apple can fix that.

Apple's Newest Gambit: U2 iPod

With this U2 bundle the numbers skew wildly in Apple's favor with two-thirds of the money going to Apple.

Some Lessons iPod Photo Teaches

I think Microsoft and some of its competitors could learn some lessons from Apple's approach to the new product, most importantly from the name and broader marketing.


Virtual PC For Mac Straddles Two Worlds

What happens next to Virtual CP is in the hands of the Macintosh Business Unit. The fact that there is now a Virtual C that is a fully Microsoft version could help increase the use of Windows on Macs.

QuickTime Won't Make Quick Time To Cell Phones

While Apple competitors Microsoft and Real prefer to attack the burgeoning market for cell phone entertainment by having handset makers embed their media players directly into phones, Apple doesn't see the need, Apple Senior Director Frank Cassanova said. Major cell phone carriers already use QuickTime on their servers that manage media for photo e-mailing and other new services.

Regent St., London Apple Store Opens Nov. 20

The Regent Street, London location opens on November 20, 2004 at 10.00 am.

O'Reilly Announces OS X Innovators Contest

The first place winner fromt he United States was Delicious Monster Software's barcode scanning application Delicious Library, while the same prize in the International division went to Boinx Software's slideshow software FotoMagico.

Apple Makes QuickTime 6.5.2 Available

The update features a security update, bug fixes, enhancements to the Apple Lossless Encoder and AAC codecs and better support for iTunes and other QuickTime-based applications.


Mac Modding Shortcuts

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Top Stories

Virginia Tech Beefs Up Mac Supercomputer

The fastest Mac supercomputer has gotten faster, thanks to an Xserve makeover.


System X Faster, But Falls Behind

Virginia Tech's recently rebuilt Mac supercomputer has squeezed out a few more teraflops, but it probably won't be able to keep its top-five world ranking.

Apple's iPod Honeymoon Continues

Analysts say that Apple's iPod could do more than just boost the company's bottom line.

OS X Springs A Security Leak

After more than a decade of Macintosh users telling Windows users to eat crow — or actually to "Get a Mac" — in response to their security woes, an alarming piece of malicious code has turned up that's designed to exploit OS X in ways that are normally used to attack Windows.


Home PCs Plauged With Problems

Internet users at home are not nearly as safe online as they believe, according to a nationwide inspection by researchers. They found most consumers have no firewall protection, outdated antivirus software and dozens of spyware programs secretly running on their computers.

Monday, October 25, 2004


Microsoft Notebook: HP Links Up Apple, Windows Media Center

If you looked closely, even in the middle of the Microsoft event, Apple's presence was evident, thanks to a unique partnership of its own. The latest Media Center PCs from HP come with a special iTunes-related feature builtinto Microsoft's new Windows XP Media Center Edition software.

The Cult Of Apple

U2 Are 'Selling Out' With iPod Deal, Say Fans

U2 has angered fans with its decision to sign a deal with the global corporation Apple and launch a special-edition U2 iPod.


Microsoft Coup Starts Media Codec Fight

Microsoft's effort to shoulder its way into consumer electronics, movies and TV broadcasting worldwide by proposing its propreitary Windows Media Video 9 as an industry-standard codec seemed like a coup. But the standardization has not gone as smoothly. The process appears bogged down by infighting and general distruct, with no clear sigh of when VC-1 — the SMPTE standard based on WMV9 — will reach fruition.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Top Stories

Pixar's Mr. Incredible May Yet Rewrite The Apple Story

At Pixar, one of Mr. Jobs's masterstrokes has been to emphasize the old-fashioned virtue of compelling storytelling. "It is chiseled in stone at our studio that no amount of technolgy can ever turn a bad story into a good one." One could add that the same maxim applies to Apple.


Macs Do Star Wars Dirty Work

Behind the scenes, painstaking effort and computing power has gone into cleaning up George Lucas's original Star Wars trilogy for its DVD release.

Inside Apple's Comeback

After years of sluggish sales, Apple is suddenly booming. The outlook for the company, worldwide and in the Middle East.

Happy 3rd Birthday iPod


Toosl Of The Trade Apple Power Mac G5 Dual 2.5GHz

The G5 is tightly integrated and represents good value for money. Users who run high-end creative applications will need one. Lots of others will want one, even if it does resemble a portable dehumidifier.


The Real Meaning Of Life

What's your meaining of life? Wanna share your thoughts?

Saturday, October 23, 2004


Apple Making Multimedia The Life Of The Party

Color Your iPod, Save Your Life

Sure, you could send out an SOS via telegraph or a mayday by radio, but why go through all that trouble when you could just paint your iPod orange?

5 Apple Execs Make $29M Stock Profit In Last 7 Days

Apple To Open Two New Retail Stores Next Week

Rancho Cucamonga, California; and Danbury, Connecticut.

The iPod's Real Dirty Secret

The FireWire port in first- and second-generation iPods suffers from a fatal design flaw. The connector is unreinforced, and the constant plugging and unplugging of the FireWire cable can loosen the solder on the motherboard.

Lee Browstein: Extremely High On High Definition

"We knew we had to take post in-house. So we asked ourselves, 'WHat do we need to invest in, to make it work?' That's where Final Cut Pro HD saved the day."

Francis Hills: Shooting Star

"As soon I began working with images I struggled horribly with the PC. My colors weren't right. I was having all sorts of trouble. So I went over to see a friend, we did some image work on his Mac — and that was when the bolt of lightning hit."


Radio, Radio

If Apple were to offer some kind of radio feature on the iPod, it would skip plain old FM and do something far more impressive — like make the iPod compatible with an Apple-branded satellite broadcasting system.

Does This Brushed Metal Stuff Really Even Matter?

Maybe it is just aesthetics — merely the color of pixels, rather than how the interface truly works.


Making Cocoa-Java Apps Scriptable


Rumor Today: International iTunes Music Stores

Think Secret: Apple will roll out local iTunes Music Stores for several European countries, as well as possibly Australia and other countries [on Tuesday, October 26].

Friday, October 22, 2004

Top Stories

Sky Captain And The G5 Of Tomorrow

The new movie Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow was shot entirely in bluescreen, and the production process made a Mac convert of special effects supervisor Darin Hollings.


Apple iPods Spring Up Across Campus

Fruits Of The MP3 Market

The market has grown from one solo fruit tree to an entire orchard of players... Meanwhile, Apple's influence has not dissipated.

Return Of The Browser Wars

With the elegant Firefox, the open-source camp is mounting a full frontal attack on Microsoft's long dominant Internet Explorer.

Join The Podcasting Revolution

Feed your iPod fresh daily content.

iPod Your Car, Even If You Can't Afford A BMW

Digital Denistry In Colorado

University of Colorado School of Dentistry students no longer struggle with heavy backpacks full of books, and trying to find time to work in the computer lab. Instead, the future dentists carry a 12-inch wireless PowerBook notebook computer from home to class to the patient simulations clinic.

The iPod Economy

The iPod itself is the beating heart of a growing body of marketing centered on the device.

Older iTunes Versions Being Shut Out, Apple Warns

Apple is warning users of older iTunes software versions that it plans to stop allowing those versions to connect to its music store.


The MacAddict Guide To iPhoto

After Effects 6.5 Professional: Adobe Packs A Punch In Upgrade

Its accelerated performance, built-in animation effects, and generous software bundle continue to make it a market leader. But its overburdened interface keeps it from being truly exceptional.

Airport Express: Compact Base Station Touches Down In The Living Room

Apple has created a product that not only provides a highly functioning 802.11g base station in a portable shell, but also pushes into a new product category.

Interarchy 7.2: Internet File-Transfer Program Aids Power Users

If you need only basic FTP abilities, Interarchy 7.2 is probably overkill. If your needs include encryption, Web transfers, automation, and network monitoring, Interarchy rolls together an impressive array of tools at an attrative price.

Phone Answering And Automation Systems

The more mature PhoneValet offers a refined interface that will appeal to people who seek an easy-to-use voice-mail system enhanced with dialing features.

Pumping Up The Power Of The iPod

Replacing the battery yourself is the way to go. It's half the price of getting someone else to do it, and very easy to do.

Behind The Bargains

iMac G5: Get The Skinny On Apple's Superslim All-In-One

In many ways, the new iMac G5 represents an even more radical design leap than the two models that came before it.


Bye, And Thanks

One of the better local Macintosh resource (local == Singapore, in my case) is saying bye-bye. Thanks, MacSingapore.

I Was Wrong; Podcasting To The Rescue

I once thought that music subscription service (you know, what those other guys are offerin?) is the solution to music sampling and discovery, and is something that Apple should promote for their iTunes/iPod platform? I was wrong.

Podcasting is the solution. Catch some of the podcast of Daily Source Code, and you will have already discover some cool new music. And it works with your iPod.

More Notes From A (New) Cocoa Programmer

I wish Apple will really make some good APIs for kiosk-like applications to go full-screen. I know that, in general, Macintosh applications shouldn't take over the entire screen, but even Apple's HCI guidelines acknowledges that sometimes, you just have to.

Actually, the actual rant today is that handling the moving of NSViews across different NSWindows is a pain in the neck. :-)


Microsoft's Software Assurance Mistake

The company's greatest failure has been its inability to transition from a products company into a subscriptions and services company.

Thursday, October 21, 2004


Hacked By An iPod

A recently discovered security flaw in the FireWire spec lets a connected device gain elevated access and/or control of any kind of computer without the perpetrator having to do anything mor ethan plug in, say, an iPod.

Apple's New Retail Strategy? Mini-Me

"They're going after people who aren't looking for an Apple experience."

Filemaker Pro 7, Developer 7 Updated To v3


The Audio War

The question that has already achieved cliche status is whether Apple will be able to maintain its overwhelming share of the protected digital music market when it expands beyond the minority of well-off and "cool" people into the mass market.


For Portable Players At Rest, Life Beyond Earbuds

The Dual 2.5-GHz Power Mac G5: Unadulterated Power

There's no doubt this is the fastest Mac I've ever used. Having said that, even I wondered at times if this desktop machine doesn't pack more power than even I need. OK, I've thoght about it. It does offer more speed than I can use. But I still want one.

Getting A Grip On Yourself

Surprisngly, many Mac users have yet to employ iSync to the full extend of its power, or even use it at all.


Windows Users Want Results, Not Ballmer Promises

Windows users said actions speak louder than words when it comes to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's promise that Microsoft will fix the various security vulnerabilities in his company's computing platform.

Microsoft Scales Back Passport Ambitions

.Net Passport identification system now will be limited to Microsoft's own online offerings and those of close partners.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004


iPod Bribe For UK Retailers

Apple has been promising retailers: "Let us come and pitch our product to you for an hour and we'll give you an iPod."

Apple iTunes Wins Digital Music Awards

Apple iTunes Music Store won recognition once again last night, at the Digital Music Awards.

Kids Make The News As Presidential Election Nears

Parkview Middle School eighth-graders are learning as much about sound bites, newscasts and movie-making as they are about the election with their iMovie production.

Due For Reassessment: Sony

Song has rebranded themselves as thugs who are playing also-rans to the iPod.

Mac OS X V10.4 Tiger: Developer Overview

This article will highlight some of the most exciting new technlogies in Tiger and show what they will mean for developers.

10 Years Of OpenStep

Today, the OpenStep API celebrates its 10 anniversary. What started out as a joint adventure of NeXT and SUN to define an application development standard that would run on all machines, making 'write once, compile everywhere' a reality, is still unfolding within the vivid and active community of GNUstep, old NeXT, and Apple lovers.

Apple VP: No New PowerBooks Before The Holidays

According to Dvaid Moody, Apple's vice president of Worldwide Mac Product Marketing, Apple fans shouldn't expect new or revamped PowerBooks before Christmas.

Apple Offers Tiger Early Start Kit For Developers

The Tiger Early Start Kit for Developers is priced at US$500 and includes: a year-long ADC Select membership, pre-release versions of Tiger and Xcode 2.0, and more.


Quiz Tests How Well You Know Your Mac

How well do you know your OS X Macinotsh? Here's a 10-part quiz.

Today's Theme: Themes

Consistency in and of itself has been a fundamental pillar of the Mac user experience from 1984 onward. But with Apple no longer leading the way, it's fading. "At least it's still more consistent than Windows" is not high praise.

Nowhere To Run: Why Mac Programs Don't Work On Your PC, And Why They Will Soon

I can't imagine that a generation from now, people will still tolerate incompatible breeds of digital devices, any more than we'd accept a Sprint phone that couldn't take calls from an AT&T phone... My hope is that, in another decade, when I find a cool new piece of software, I'll be able to run it anywhere I want.

Microsoft Movves In On Music Downloads

Investors, at least, don't think that Microsoft can undo everything Apple has worked for over the past three years, in one single announcement.


Second-Class Software? Not Anymore

I thought I'd join in the fun and add a handful of the great low-cost Mac programs I use constantly on my Mac.


New On MyAppleMenu

Here are some of the new things here on MyAppleMenu:

This site is now licensed under a Creative Commons License, which allows you to copy, distribute, display, and to make derivative works, so long they are for non-commercial purposes.

The web page layout has been cleaned up a little, but it shouldn't be noticeable.

The monthly archive will list all the daily contents throughout the month, instead of just individual links to the daily archives. (However, note that I have not converted most of the older archives to the new format yet.)

The Google ads (on the web page) has been moved to the right, so as to be less intrusive (I hope.)

Enjoy, and do report any bugs to me. Thank you.

Some Random Thoughts From A (Newly) Cocoa Programmer

I've signed up on a new project at work, and it's a job that invovles programming on the Mac OS X. Yeah! My last Macintosh project (for real money) was working on some multimedia stuff on System 7/8 long long time ago, so this is really the first time I'm playing around with Cocoa and Mac OS X as a developer.

Anyhoo, here are some of my first impressions:

Cocoa is great — much better than MFC. (I have not really examined .Net up close yet, so no comparison from me.)

Is it me, or does the FileMerge application need some work on the UI front? I've already lost work a few times using that little beast. Now, I am super-careful when using this application.

I want my Think Reference updated for the 21st century. In fact, Apple needs to strive for the quality of Inside Macintosh for its current documentation, which is somewhat lacking.

Why, after so many years, it is still so "difficult" to create a full-screen application on the Macintosh?

Cheered Me Up

For some reason that I'm not too sure, I really like this little poem by John Mazur.

Rumor Today: Expanded Multi-User Controls, QuickTime Sharing Spotted In New Tiger Builds

AppleInsider has apparently gotten hold of a recent build of Tiger. If you are eager to find out what's new in multiple user control and QuickTime player, do take a look.

Amazon Is Guessing

Now, has a "June 30, 2005" ship date tagged for Mac OS X Tiger. As I've said before — Amazon is guessing. Just like the rest of us.


Microsoft To Debut 'Istanbul' Applicaton

Microsoft introduced on Tuesday a desktop computer application that aims to seamlessly integrate e-mail, instant messaging, video conferencing, traditional phone service and Internet-based calling.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Top Stories

Apple Announces Souped-Up iBooks

Apple today announced that it has unveiled its fastest, most affordable iBook G4 ever, featuring built-in AirPort Extreme across the line and prices starting at US$999.


There Goes The Neighbourhood: Sims 2 Moves To The Mac

After months of speculation, Texas-based game publishers Aspyr Media have officially announced that they've licensed the award-winning god game, The Sims 2, and are bringing it to a Mac-Near-You.

Apple Adds 1.8GHz Model To Power Mac G5 Line

Apple today announced the addition of a 1.8 GHz single processor Power Mac G5 desktop priced at US$1,499 to its 64-bit Power Mac G5 line.

Apple Updates Xserve RAID Storage System

Laptop Student The Teacher To The Parent

Parents of Hodgkins Middle School students became students themselves Monday, in a night of training on the state-supplied laptop computers.

Apple 'Will Satisfy' Xmas iPod Demand

Apple is reported to have cranked up iPod production in time for the Christmas shopping season, hoping to avoid the iPod shortages that marred last winter.

iPod 'Product Of The Year' — What? HiFi Magazine

Apple's iPod has claimed yet another award — this time from What? HiFi magazine.

Apple Stock Continues To Climb

RSS For Mac OS X Roundtable

The first DrunkenBlog Roundtable, with five of the best RSS aggregators available for Mac OS X.

Special Apple Music Event Planned For Oct 26

Select members of the press on Monday received an invitation to a special Apple event at 10AM Pacific Time on October 26. "Steve Jobs, Bono and The Edge invite you to attend a special event," reads the top of the invitation.

See Also: Bono's iPod

Rock band U2 has cut a deal with Apple to sell custom iPods promoting the band's forthcoming album. Sources close to the group say the U2 edition of the popular digital music player will come preloaded with the band's new album along with portionsof the Irish supergroup's 25-year catalogue.

Corel Ships Painter IX

CherryOS Not BS, Author Says

Despite being widely accused of code theft, fraud and other chicanery, the author of the controversial CherryOS Mac emulator is sticking to his guns: It's all on the up and up, says programmer Arben Kryeziu.

Apple Stuck In Its Niche

For all the democratic appeal of the iPod, Apple still sees its computers as premium products.


Why The Small White Box Is Boosting Online Advertising

You might not think the music industry has much to do with the world of advertising. There are no ads on your iPod and no commercial breaks on your favourite CDs.

Mac OS X And Java 1.5

Apple Computer Customer Support — How To Weasel Out Of A Warranty

A screw comes loose from my one month old computer and causes damage. Apple then cites the damage as violation of my warranty — even though a flaw in the machine caused the damage in the first plce... Apple can find a way to get out of a warranty situation — however slimy — they will do so.

Don't Be A Dork

As with the Walkman before it, the iPod is a brand — and, like Kleenex and Xerox, nearly a generic one at that. Regardless of how many features you pack into your MusicLamer 200, that's a tough advantage to overcome.


Microsoft Office 2004 For Mac Service Pack 1 Squishes Bugs

Adobe Updates Its Easy Photo Fix

This is not the full Photoshop that is used daily by professionals the world over. It's not supposed to be. But it is a very, very useful program for those of us who want to take care of our vacation pictures, or touch up heirlooms from the family album. I highly recommend it.

Net Service Offers More Than Ever

I consider .Mac a bargain at $99 a year. If you use even half of what it offers, I bet you'll feel the same.

Griffin RadioShark

The radioShark is now a firm fixture on my desktop. I can't wait for a digital edition.

Software Bargains Week

We're delcaring this Software Bargains Week at Macworld, and have rounded up some of our favorite utilities that you can use to perk up or perfect your Mac without having ot break into your piggy bank. Today, programs that bolster the Mac's creative powers are int he spotlight.


It Is Still True

Three years ago, Farhad Manjoo wrote: "Apple needs only to scribbe a note to reporters and, immediately, there are rumblings about something big afoot. The rumor sites abound with speculation, and Mac fans strain their heads to put their fingers on Apple's next dream machine."

Three years later, as demonstrated once again, this is still true.

Saving Up For An iPod Mini

If you know me, you'd know that I'm saving up to purchase an iPod mini this coming December. Why the mini? Because it's small, it's light, and it will work great with my Macintosh.

So, I'm having mixed feelings about Apple releasing new iPods between now and then.

On the one hand, of course I want the latest and greatest, so if Apple releases new iPods, I will get the latest and the greatest.

On the other hand, if Apple does release new iPods, chances are, there will be product shortages and waiting lists and — worse — later availability outside of the U.S. just like what happened to the minis. Which means I will not be getting the latest and the greatest until later.


Rumor Today: The Unmarked Boxes Are Here

ifo Apple Store discovered that new products are "being delivered to... retail stores in unmarked boxes, with instructions not to display them until notified."


These Days, Microsoft Isn't So Scary

Rivals still fear Redmond and its deep pockets, but its clout is diminishing. The decision to unveil Office's source code is the proof.

Monday, October 18, 2004


Google Not Ruling Out Desktop Search For Mac

Apple Improves Logic's Distributed Audio

The update improves Logic's distribution audio processing, which lets users expand the processing capacity of Logic systems by distributing complex software tasks to other Macs.

Apple's New "Mini" Stores

We Want To Know: Where's Apple?

Take this straight from the mouth of the CEO (and co-founder) of Apple Computer: There will be an Apple Store at Carousel Center mall.

History Haunts Jobs' Plans For Mansion

Preservationists don't want house moved.

Google Desktop In Firefox (Even On The Mac)

Intrepid developers have released the Firefox Toolbar that extends the Desktop Search to the Firefox browser on Windows and the Mac. Note: This news has been updated: "Google Desktop Search requires an .exe file that is currently only available for Windows 2000 and XP."

Santa Rosa Plaza

The waiting line for the grand opening of the Santa Rosa Plaza Apple store formed slowly, starting at 6 am.


Me: Never A Windows Technician

No viruses. No spyware. No popups. Take back control of your computer and browsing experience. Get a Mac.


The Great Ad Divide

Apple's iPod and Creative's Zen Touch are neck and neck in quality, but shrewd advertising puts Apple on top.

iPod Caters To Individual's Choice

There's been a buzz about those iPod products, and for the most part it's true.


Rumor Today: Speed-bumped iBooks, U2-edition iPod

Think Secret believes they are coming: new iBooks on Oct 19 (that's tomorrow), and new iPods around Nov 21, right when the new U2 album will be released.

Sunday, October 17, 2004


Why The iPod Will Soon Be Calling The Tune At Apple

In the space of 18 months, Apple will have gone from being a $6 billion-a-year company to a $12 billion-a-year company.


Brushed Metal And The HIG

The big problem, obviously, is that Apple has simply ignored the HIG. Another problem, however, is that the HIG itself ocntributes to the conflation of the two arguments — visual appeal vs. consistency.


Aqua Vs Metal

Yes, it's one hell of an inconsistency. In fact, I once thought that one of the visual look will die out as Mac users clamour for one look over the other. Well, that didn't happen. In fact, I think that most Mac users actually gotten used to the fact that there are two different looks on their Macintosh. I know I have.

The difference wasn't as drastic as the OpenDoc days, where you actually have to do different things (for example, to create a new document) in different applications. But it is an inconsistency that leaves a black mark on Apple's design nonetheless.


Chasing Apple's Dominant iPod

If your music library — like most — is dominated by MP3s, there's still no beating the iPod. Except for maybe the iPod mini.

Saturday, October 16, 2004


Changing How We Listen To Music

The iPod has revolutionized the way we consume music. Unlimited song storage and the nifty shuffle function has let ordinary listeners become DJs.

Apple Computer Store Opens In Christiana Mall

"This is a different ball game here," said Karey Pittaro, store manager, "because we're talking about tax-free shopping."

I See An iMac And I Want It Painted Black

Thanks to the folks at ColorWare, you can now order an iMac in virtually any color you want.

Helmut Kobler: Marketing The Indie Film "Radius"

"Final Cut Pro is thorough, well-designed and intuitive. In 15 minutes I can teach someone the skills they need to edit a movie — and of course you can do so much more when you learn the advanced tools."

iPods An Eye-Opener For Industry

"It really shows that the digital music age is here, if there was any doubt about it."

Mac OS X Tiger Available March 31, 2005?

Online retailer has puslibhed a page on their Web site taking orders for Apple's Mac OS X Tiger, saying that Tiger will ship on March 31, 2005.


The iPod In Perspective

Now the copycats are on the march, and in time they'll have the numbers on their side.

Microsoft's Strategy: Be Apple

You'll pardon my skeptcism if we've heard much of this before. Like maybe from — oh, I don't know — Apple.

CherryOS: The Latest

I've been trying for the last three days to get the system up and running on various machines — to no avail.

So Where's That 5GB iPod Mini?

Since 5GB drives are the same physical size aas the 1-inch 4GB drives Apple's currently using, it's only natural Apple would raise their game and intro a new 5GB iPod minin in time for the big holiday shopping bonanza that awaits us.


The Game Room: Space Colony, Total Immersion Racing, Big Bang Chess, Tapwave Zodiac, And More


Overall, Gish is a fabulous game. On the other hand, it is fairly odd and macabre, which may not appeal to some people.


Choose A Date. Any Date.

The rumor of today: Tiger will ship on March 31, 2005, based on the estimated (?) date by

You know what, this really sound like just a date pulled from the air. First half of the year is what Apple promised, so let's just choose a date in the middle. April 1st sounds so not-real, hence March 31st.

Choose An OS. Any OS.

Fine, Microsoft, so Apple didn't allow you to put your tunes on the iPod.

But for a music store that promises "Play for Sure", why haven't you port the whole Windows Media Player to Mac OS X or Linux? Why can't I use my Creative Zen on my Mac?

Friday, October 15, 2004

Top Stories

Steve Jobs Unveils Apple Mini Stores

The first six stores using the design, which Steve Jobs described as "designed to be small, and cool because [they] are small," will open this Saturday.


MP3 Losing Steam?

After years as the unrivaled king of the digital-media world, the venerable MP3 music format is losing ground to rival technologies from Microsoft and Apple.

Are Hackers Now Gunning For The Mac?

Mac users have to keep their OS patched — like Windows users — but there's no cause for alarm.

Synaptics Gets Strong iPod Boost

Synaptics shares surged more then 10 percent Thursday on expectations the company will benefit from higher-than-expected iPod sales by Apple.

.Mac Members Get 300 GarageBand Loops

.Mac subscribers can download a sampling of 300 loops from the three GarageBand Jam Packs currently available.

Apple Eyes Birmingham For Next UK Store

iMac, iPod, iConquered

For Apple Computer, will 2004 be remembered as a transformative year?

iTunes Music Store Tops 150 Million Downloads

iTunes users are now downloading more than 4 million songs per week, a rate of over 200 million songs per year, Apple said.


Apple Is Not "Duping" Anyone

Saying that music purchased from the iTMS won't work with anything but the iPod is very misleading and patently untrue. Buy it, burn it, play it back or copy it to wherever you please.

Is Apple Still A Computer Company?

Apple's stock may be ripe and worm-ridden from every traditional valuation method, but its business is now as golden and delicious as it has ever been.

iTunes At The Airport Apple Store

If Apple's going to start selling iPods in airports, it needs to create some sort of kiosk to allow people to buy music from the iTunes Music Store and load it on their iPods as they stand within the store.

Why The "Photo iPod" Won't Do Video: It's All About Battery Life

Licensing Fairplay Would Dilute, Not Strengthen Apple's Position

Downloads Up, Purchases Down. Now What?

What should those involved in commercial music distribution do?

A Bitter Apple Replay?

Apple lost one war to Microsoft by not licensing its Mac operating system. It may repeat the error with its iPod and music software.


Microsoft Program Lets Macs Run Windows, Easing Switch To Apple

In my tests, even on the speedy G5 iMac, the virtual Windows computer ran like very slow Windows hardware, despite some speed improvements in this new version.


When Web Geeks Meet Car Geeks

The result: cars that "roll over".


If It's Tuesday It Must Be Patch Time

Microsoft can't plug holes fast enough.

Storming The Microsoft Edifice

Now that the leading opening source browser and office suite have blooming qualities that attract Windows users in swarms, we need not actually storm the Microsoft edifice. Moderation and having a good ear for the markets will have untold benefits as the Microsoft era itself passes into the realm of myth.

PlayForSure? It Had Better

My advice to Microsoft: Make damn sure all these pieces — many you can't control — really do work together. Plays for sure? It had better.

Thursday, October 14, 2004


'Touch Me, Touch Me,' Macs Get Interactive

A new touchscreen system for 17-inch PowerBook G4's ships next month.

This Is Not An iMac!

Hordes of clueless customers at a French computer store are unable to distinguish between the flat-screen iMac G5 and Apple's flat-screen Cinema Displays.

MSN Messenger, Remote Desktop Connection Client Updated

Apple To Open Six 'Mini Stores' This Saturday

The smaller stores will have a completely new layout and design, and will allow Apple to get its products in front of more people in "interesting locations."

Apple Reports $106 Million Profit; Ships 2 Million iPods

"We are thrilled to report our highest fourth quarter revenue in nine years."


The Competition Killer

Apple announced fourth quarter financial results that clearly demonstrate the iPod's domination of the personal digital player market. And by domination, I don't mean that Apple simply has a comfortable lead over the competition, I mean that, for the most part, there is no competition.

Mac Takes Honors As Best Unix Desktop

GNOME is nice, KDE is fine and the forthcoming Looking Glass may be wonderful, but the best Unix desktop is the one in the Macintosh.

Business Motivation

Much has been made of Apple's paltry OS/hardware market share, but when you think about it, when a designer label can capture even 5% of a market that competes heavily on price, that's an impressive achievement.


iPod Tested

CherryOS First Impressions

The new CCherryOS Mac emulator for Windows XP is not an outright fraud, but whether it works aas advertised, I can't yet say.

Screen Spanning iMac

Apple has disabled extended desktop mode in Open Firmware. The key is that if this feature can be disabled in Open Firmware, it can also be enabled in the same way. The trick is how to do it.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell


Genius Bar? Your Bar Is Too Low

Owen Rubin discovered that some geniuses at the genius bar are not really up to the mark.

Apple Creates Comptuers...

While the other guys do a part at a time, and hope that everything fits together.

What's the point of creating the world's smallest Windows compter, when you have to use hacks to read web pages?

Rumor Today: Music Giant Readies Canadian Launch

National Post: iTunes, Apple's hugely popular online music service, is gearing up for a Canadian launch that could come as early as next month, music industry sources say.


Spyware Targets Only Windows Users

Anti-spyware maker Webroot Software said that it hasn't detected a single piece of spyware targeted at Macs or Linux machines.

Putting Your PC In A Pocket

Thanks to some of the very advances in miniaturization that make hand-held gadgets possible, a couple of former Apple laptop designers have devised the world's smallest Windows XP computer: 4.9 by 3.4 inches and less than an inch thick.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Top Stories

Apple Whistles A Happy iTunes

It's been 12 months since "hell froze over" at Apple Computer. And while the company hadn't magically converted Windows users all to the Mac view of hte world, it has made a pretty nice business for itself.


Quark Launches QuarkXPress 6.5

iPod Shortage Now On The Cards For Xmas

A shortage of iPods is now on the cards for the Christmas market in Ireland, acccording to Apple.

iPod Contract Brings 100 Jobs

On-Line Support has landed a contract to provide technical support for one of the hottest MP3 players, the Apple iPod.

iPods Tap Word Of Mouth

The iPod has done it again — launched a whole new way of communicating. It is called podcasting, and in less than a month, it has built a tidal wave of sound for surfers.

Teachers Have A 'Grassroots' Mac Effort Underway At University School

The Univeristy School of Nashville is officially an all-Windows school, but a dozen or so Mac-using staffers keep the Macintosh spirit alive, thriving and even growing as part of their "rebel" movement.

Now, For Your PC: Mac OS X

"It's not a hoax," programmer and designer Arben Kryezlu said in response to widespread skepticism about CherryOS on the net.

Apple Users Hit By One Of 19 Critical Microsoft Flaws

A critical flaw in Microsoft's Excel means Mac users who run Excel are also at risk of having code remotely executed on their systems.

Apple Fires Back At Microsoft Over 'Closed' Comments

"There is a lot of customer choice happening today, it's just that Microsoft doesn't like the choices customers are making."

U2 Pitches For Apple

It was a beautiful day for Apple on Tuesday, as the company kicked off a new advertising campaign featuring rock superstars U2.

It's All About The iPod

Despite increase competition, Apple's iPod still rules the digital-music world, according to new reports from market researchers.

See Also: Fewer People Paying For Music Downloads — NPD

Apple's iTunes remains the leader in paid digital music downloads, but the number of paying customers for this sector overall has decreased since April, research firm NPD said Tuesday.


PhotoPod? Uh, No Thanks

Squinting down at a tiny 2-inch screen, or worse still, trying to share a tiny 2-inch screen with a bunch of friends, just doesn't sound like much fun.

Apple's Mid-Life Crisis

The biggest mistake an investor can make with a stock that's had an amazing run is to try to call a top when its business remains strong. Take Apple Computer, for example.

iMac: The Missing Memory

In the long run, insufficient stock RAM only hurts Apple.


Pod People Untouched By Zen

The iPod is even more user-friendly following the introduction of the click wheel. iTunes is the best jukebox software on the market and if Apple ever manages to introduce the iTunes Music Store locally, the digital muic experience will be complete.

Extend Your AirPort Network With AirPort Express

Fsck And You

Spoken Word

I recorded a meeting using the Notebook Layout feature in Word 2004. Here's how it turned out.

An RSS Reader Made The Apple Way

What struck me the most about NewsFire was its simplicity.


Peeling Into The Cherry

A new emulator, Cherry OS, claims to emulate the Mac OS X on a Windows PC. Breakthrough in emulation, or just plain hoax? Leadner Kahney from Wired News is on the case.


Microsoft Launches Windows Shopping Portal

Microsoft quietly launched its new shopping portal for hardware and software, which the company claims will not be used to promote its own products.

Microsoft Takes Aim At Everything

New partners and products signal Redmond's intent to dominate online music and video. Apple, watch out!

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Top Stories

The Seed Of Apple's Innovation

Steve Jobs: "Our primary goal here is to make the world's best PC — not to be the biggest or the richest. We have a second goal, which is to always make a profit — both to make some money but also so we can keep making those great products. For a time, those goals got flipped at Apple, and that subtle change made all the difference."


iPod Users Go Into The Closet

As Apple's iPod moves fast into the mainstream, many users shun the telltale white earbuds. Behold the closet iPod lover, some of whom are not too keen on the growing hordes of plebes with new iPods.

Microsoft Offers Office 2004 Service Pack 1

The service pack "addresses potential security issues and bugs that feedback played an important role in identifying."

Cherry OS Lets PCs Emulate Macs

It purportedly runs at about 80 percent of the performance of the host CPU, according to the developer.

Apple Remote Desktop 2.1 Update Released

Apple To Open First Delaware Store This Week

The new Apple Store is located at the Christana Mall in Newark.

Piper Jaffray Takes Shine To Apple

With Apple's stock trading at more than twice where it was a year ago, Piper Jaffray raised the bar for the shares even higher due to an anticipated benefit from increased iPod sales.

All I Want For Christmas Is AN iPod

"It was really surprising. They didn't say music player. They said iPod. Teens want to be cool, they want their music, and the iPod is a cool way for them to get their music."

Giving Apple's AirTunes A Second Chance Thanks To NetTunes

Shareware developer Dave Nanian made netTunes as a companion to AirTunes to solve the problems users of AirTunes encountered.

iPod US Marketshare Rises To 82 Percent


Use The iPod As A Trojan Horse? You Betcha

Why Classical Downloads Have A Long Way To Go

Even if my son doesn't share my penchant for '60s crooners, he can hardly expect me to throw out my CDs just yet.

When Is Tiger Shipping?

Is there any chance that some publishers know more than "the first half of 2005"?

Of Rumors And Ruminations

The trick to adding new features is to do it in a way that doesn't complicate the iPod's interface.


Will Linux Finish Off The Mac?

The premium cost of Apple hardware hurts and OS X only runs on Apple hardware.

Device Records Radio For Later

I believe the folks at Griffin Technology might want to refine the radioShark. I have every confidence that they can build an even better mousetrap, or radio program trap to be more precise.

Home Theater Harmony

Logitech's Harmony Remote is a universal and programmable remote control. It's also expensive, with a suggested retail price of $200 and up. However, it's the only universal remote I've used that actually relegates the originals to a drawer.

Apple iMac G5

Bargin hunters should look to the Apple eMac and power users to the Power Mac G5, but for anyone with a love of sleek, minimalist decor, this is the computer for you.

Virtual PC 7 Puts A (Sluggish) Windows PC On Your Mac


We Don't Need No Music Subscription Service For Our iPods

Podcasting to the rescue. :-)


Microsoft Ups Ante Vs. iTunes

What Dell Needs: A Jazzier DJ

Its attempt to unseat Apple's iPod is falling way short, so a spiffy new player would help this holiday season. Will Dell have one?

MSN Fighting Messenger Difficulties, Virus

Monday, October 11, 2004

Top Stories

Sampling A World Of New Ways To Grapple With The Web

Microsoft still has an enormous lead in market share when it comes to browsers. But we've come, in the browser world, to that memorable moment we came to long ago in the world of telephones. America woke up one day and discovered that you don't need a Ma Bell telephone to use Ma Bell.


Rocking The Music World

Digital technology has changed everything about the art of making music.

Moviemaking Comes To St. Vincent College

"We wanted to break the stereotype that you had to be in communications to make a video."


Why Microsoft's Media Center Is Stuck On The Edge

In another corner is Mr White. He sells Apple computers that consumers love, but which have never reached the critical mass of the PC. He has suddenly got a huge hit on his hands in the form of the iPod.

A Metric Assload Of Journey Tunes

If 1 in 10 people have an iPod in the morning... what's the estimated total temporary storage of music, across all of Manhattan each and every morning?


Airburst Extreme

Airburst Extreme is manic fun; an adrenaline rush that is simultaneously maddening and joyous.

Sunday, October 10, 2004


Ellison To Microsoft: You're No IBM

Oracle's CEO talks about why IBM used to be the great innovator, and why no other company has been able to fill those shoes, with the possible exception of... Apple Computer?

Low Budget, But Not Low-Effort

"During this psending spree he bought an Apple iBook and a digital camera, and — poof! — we had ourselves a mini film studio."


Virtual PC 7 Links Best Of Both Worlds

Let me tell you that Virtual PC 7 worked great, letting me plug Windows-compatible devices like a digital camera, scanner and printer into Mac ports and then operate them in Windows XP Professional.

Cinema Display Evokes A Surge Of Tech Lust

The Cinema Display is a luxury accessory that inspires tech lust of the highest magnitude. It seems sinful to want one, but impossible not to after using it.

User-Friendly iMac G5 Keeps It Simple

The iMac G5 makes a few important leaps for Apple's consumer line of computers. Adding the G5 processor is a significant boost but doing so in a simple, functional and space-saving design seals the deal.


Eat Bugs, Win iPod

Winner: Manhattanite Shai Pariente, ate 13 cockroaches — without ketchup, mind you — to win an iPod. "Crunchy and salty."

I wonder what you'd have to eat to win a PowerBook.

You Can Predict The Result Of The Election By Watching ESPN

The outcome of Washington Redskins football games has correctly predicted the winner of every U.S. presidential election since 1936.

Hence, someone better be watching the Redskins vs. Green Bay this coming Oct 31.

Rumor Today: No Settlements For The Apple Vs Apple Case

Johnny Evans, Macworld UK, quotes an unnamed source: "This case is likely to go to court."


MSN Music Falls Just Short Of iTunes' High Marks

If you're not going to shop at iTunes, you'd do well to direct your online-music budget toward MSN. But for this store to start winning market share from iTunes, Microsoft has more work to do.

Saturday, October 9, 2004


Music Industry Presses For Common Standard For Downloads

Major record labels have vowed to take on computer giants such as Microsoft and Apple in an effort to establish a common standard for digital music and avoid a repeat of the dmaging video format wars between VHS and Betamax in the 1980s.

See Also: Discussion: Labels Push For A Unified DRM Standard Back In Business


Adventures In Proto-Podcasting

Podcasting is cool — and is bound only to get cooler.


More Perfect Pictures

If you find ordering through the various online photo services cumbersome, you might take a look at the FotoWire Print Service.

A Month With A Mac: A Die-Hard PC User's Perspective

What you are about to read are my impressions, as a devout PC users, of the Apple way of life.

Massive Assault

Aside from a few minor quirks, Massive Assault is one sweet turn-based strategy game.


Rumor Today: PowerBook 2004/2005 Roadmap And iSight 2

Jason D. O'Grady: The current line of PowerBook G4s is being considered for one more round of updates before the form factor is mothballed in favor of a new G5 design.

Friday, October 8, 2004


Students Get Schoolbooks, iBooks

Cahaba Heights Community school distributed laptop computers to its sixth-graders Thursday in the launch of a pilot program called the first of its kind in Alabama.

Is Apple's Closed Shop Lawful In Europe?

Apple has refused to license the digital rights management (DRM) software in its iPod to competitors, resulting in an antitrust complaint to French authorities. But analyst firm Reckon suggests it unlikely to fall foul of European competition law.

Podcasts: New Twist On Net Audio

For anyone who loves listening to the wide variety of internet audio programming, but can't always listen to their favorite shows when they're scheduled or take the time to download them manually, help has arrived.

Microsoft Confirms Virtual PC RAM Issue; Update Coming

Microsoft has confirmed that its recently released Virtual PC 7 will not work with Power Mac G5s with more than 2GB of RAM installed.

Jonathan Ive's Apple Cube Still Considered A Work Of Art

The Museum of Modern Art reopens in Novvember... "and Apple's G4 Cube computer will greet the public."

Apple Is 'Clear Winner' Of PCWorld Retail Survey

"In contrast to the cluttered warehouse feel of many tech superstores, The Apple Store had a Zen-like simplicity."


Supporting The Mac Is Required For Social Computing

You can build enterprise software that doesn't work on a Mac but you cannot build social technologies that don't work on the Mac.

Soho Apple Store

Has the Apple Store in SOHO become a victim of its own success? Every single time I've been there, it's been wall-to-wall with people. Purchasing something as simple as a box of blank DVD's is an exercise in frustruation because so many people in the checkout queue use it as a way to circumvent the endless lines at the Genius Bar.

Microsoft Surrounded?

Despite the clear advantages of OS X, the trajectory of improvements to desktop Linux, and Sun's ability to field a technically competent player, all three operating systems sorely lack the one thing that will likely be a factor in decisions by AT&T and other businesses to stick with Windows: a tier-one hardware partner as the sales channel.

In Defense Of The iEmpire

Apple is a classic Rule Breaker.

Apple Is Rotten

The Borg-like fidelity of Mac zealots, coupled with misplaced enthusiasm for the firm's nifty gadgets and a giant dose of media hype, has conspired to push the stock far beyond a rational valuation.

Still Not Much Of A Joke

Ballmer clearly claimed that most music on iPods is "stolen", and implies that the iPod's support for non-DRM-protected music is a "problem."


Broken iPod Remote

Not broken, as in cannot be used, but broken, as in, who came up with this horrible, stupid broken design.

This Is Broken: "When you have [the remote] in your pocket or out of sight, and you want to change the volume, skip or pause a song, you actually have to look at the remote to see which direction it is facing, or run the risk of htting the wrong button."

Firstly, Someone Need To Buy Me An iPod

Dave Winer: If you want to understand podcasting, get an iPod, get the software, subscribe to some feeds. Then go for a drive, ride a subway or an airplane, take a walk, do something away from the computer and take the iPod with you. Listen to one of the new programs. Then let me know if it works.... Nike says just do it. The iPod commands: Use it.

Stopping Winking The Wrong Way

There is only one way to wink, and that's our way, claims Microsoft. :-)

Actually, the beta of Microsoft's latest MSN Messenger 7.0 (for Windows, I believe) has been delayed because "testers found it had the potential to send rogue 'winks'," or non-MSN approved emoticons.

I've to wonder: is this feature even necessary in the first place?

Rumor Today: 60GB iPod To Pack Photo-Viewing Features

Think Secret: The new iPod will pack Toshiba's new 60GB 1.8-inch hard drive, a 2-inch color liquid crystal display, iPhoto synchronization, audio/video-out capabilities, and will sell for $499.

And I wonder, is iPhoto for Windows coming too?


Word Mangled By Unpatched Security Hole

A highly critical and unpatched security hole in Microsoft's ubiquitous Word for Windows software could be used to launch a denial of service attack and give system access.

Thursday, October 7, 2004

Top Stories

Love DRM Or My Family Starves: Why Steve Ballmer Doesn't Get It

Microsoft is making the mistake of wanting consumers to want what it needs them to want, rather than thinking about what they actually want.

Mother Of All Home Movies

Jonathan Caouette explains how he captured his turbulent childhood and his mentally ill mother in his documentary "Tarnation" — which he created on his computer for $218.

Apple Rises Ahead Of Earnings Report

Apple's shares rose Wednesday, as one analyst raised his price target on the stock and others weighed in on the company's outlook ahead of its fourth-quarter report next week.


Griffin Talks About RadioSHARK's Development

Honeywell Sues 34 Companies

Industrial conglomerate Honeywell said Wednesday it filed a lawsuit against 34 electronics companies including Apple and Kodak, claiming they infringed on its patent for liquid crystal display technology.

Users Complain About Free iPod Site

Complaints of lengthy delays and spam e-mail have brought a shadow on its reputation that the company has vigorously defended.

Cool Stuff

Apple's server and storage offerings are helping company overcome its reputation as the high-priced computing option.

Southern California MacFair 2004 Coming

More than 40 companies are expected to participate in the event, which also includes more than 25 hands-on and classroom training workshops.

iPod Dominates Teenage Mindshare, Market Share

Of all the high school students surveyed, 16 percent currrently own an iPod and 24 percent plan to buy an iPod within the next year.

OmniWeb 5.1 Beta Adds Latest Apple WebCore, More

Due to the updated WebCore, many Web pages that did not render correctly in OmniWeb 5.0 (but which worked in Safari 1.2.x) will now work in OmniWeb 5.1.


Re: Barred From The Apple Store

Could Apple be putting somewhat cut-rate machines in its stores? This would allow it to reduce costs for the display models in the stores, but still provide a venue for customers to try before they buy.

Why Apple Does Not Fear Microsoft, Dell Computer

As Steve Jobs put it back in 1997 when he took over the helm of Apple once again, the desktop operating system wars are over. Microsoft won. Today, the big winner is Apple and Apple customers.

Ballmer's Bluster

Provide a DRM scheme more appealing than what the competition offers, and you might have a chance.

Free iPods — Engraved

FreeiPods decided to engrave on the back of all the new iPods.

Some Joke

Successful consumer platforms are designed to make consumers happy, not clueless entertainment industry executives.


Apple All-In-One Is One For Almost All

The new iMac G5 is a powerful computer disguised as a flat-panel display. You thought the era of the desktop was nearly over? Maybe not.

'TiVo' For Your Radio

If radioShark were smarter, it could be a sensation. For now, though, it's more of a curiosity, or a tool for radio enthusiasts with a good sense of station schedules and time to invest.

Making XP A Welcome Guest On Mac

Virtual PC Version 7 is a very worthy upgrade, good for Mac users who need a PC for occasional tasks. And it likely runs like a champ on Apple's latest dual-processor hardware.

Varmintz Deluxe

This game does an excelent job of paying homage to 80s style games while adding a modern flair.


Baked Apples First it was the baked PowerBook, and now it's the Baked iPod. Includes video. (via Cult of Mac)


Andreessen: IE Faces One-Two Punch

The Web browser wars may have been reignited, according to browser pioneer Marc Andreessen.

Wednesday, October 6, 2004


Apple Battle Faces Delay As Computer Firm Ditches Lawyer

Apple has dropped law firm Linklaters from an ongoing legal battle with the Beatles' record label Apple Corp over the use of the Apple name to sell music-related products. It is believed that Apple decided to switch legal teams after Linklaters raised the possibility of a settlement said in legal circles to be close to US$35.65 million, far higher than Apple's expectations.

Analyst: Poor iMac Sales, PowerMac Delays To Hurt Apple Stock

Soleil analyst Shannon Cross wrote she is concerned the G5 iMac might not be selling as well as many expected.

Zacks: Investors May Want To Consider Taking Bite Out Of Apple

AT&T Looks Into Closing Its Windows

Network services giant AT&T is evaluating different operating systems, including Linux and Mac OS X, as alternatives to Windows for internal use.

Ballmer's iPod Slur Memory Lapse

"I don't know what I said exactly, but it was bad."


What's New In Virtual PC 7?

"Only Microsoft can make Windows emulation better," some had pointed out. They had a good point, and the new release of Virtual PC 7 may go some way to supporting their view.

Podcasting: One Small Step Toward Unity

Combining the hard drive of a music player with the modem-like functionality of a mobile phone is a no-brainer. Adding the computing power of a game machien and an organizer is the next step.


iMac G5: The All-In-One Computer Redefined

The iMac G5 is truly a "family computer" and was designed as such.

An Introduction To RubyCocoa, Part 1

You Synchronize... Correctly

Republic: The Revolution

Republic is an excellent strategy game that has a unique offering in the whole political scheme of things.

Stunning iMac G5 Is A Marvel On The Inside, Too

The new G5 iMac is the finest personal computer I've ever used, hands down. Nothing comes close.


Just Because I Can

Gizmodo: "I'm sure that you'd be breaking hundreds of license agreements and the like to do it, but someone has figured out how to install Mac OS X onto an Xbox."


Microsoft: Dividing To Conquer

How do you grow your market once you've saturated it? Microsoft's bet: Slice and dice your core product.

Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Top Stories

Barred From The Apple Sotre

Last week, Apple barred Bare Feats' webmaster Robert Morgan from using the Mac at his local Apple Store as a performance test lab — right after Morgan published tests results for the iMac G5 that contradict Apple's claims for the machine.

Windows Desktop Strnaglehold Slipping

There are a few straws blowing in an increasingly strong wind for Apple.


Movie Magic Touches Students

Pupils are no longer dragging their heels to traditionally 'boring' lessons like maths and French thanks to an inventive teacher who uses digital video to boost the appeal of unpopular subjects.

Jobs Back To Work As Apple Chief Executive

Employees and others who have had dealings with Jobs since his return say he never acknowledges his illness or recovery. He is the same old Steve and just as intensely driven as before.

Apple Store Offers Price Matching Policy

Apple's online store is offering a price matching policy for new purchases.

Microsoft Releases Virtual PC 7

Among the many new features, Microsoft executives boast about a 10 percent to 30 percent increase in performance and support for Apple's Power Mac G5.

The Newton O.S. Creeps Toward New Hardware

There is real hope for an emulator.

Laptops Joins Lists Of School Supplies

Mid-Missouri colleges and universities are encouraging or requiring more students to purchase laptops, which educators say provide students with versatility and instructional benefits.

Ballmer: iPods Packed With Stolen Tunes

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, speaking to a gathering of reporters in London, didn't pass up the opportunity to take several digs at archrival Apple.

RealPlayer 10 Beta, RealOne Player For Mac OS X Affected By Security Issue

In the case of Mac OS X, users are vulnerable if they play a local Real media file in either Real Player 10 Beta or RealOne Player. RealNetworks has since released a patch for this vulnerability.

iPod To Drive Apple's Market Share Higher

Piper Jaffray maintained an "outperform" rating and $40 target price on Apple, saying a 0.5% increase in market share "is not unrealistic" for the computer company if the current acceleration in interest and demand for its products continue.

Microsoft CEO Ballmer On The Digital Home: "There Is No Way That You Can Get There With Apple'

Worried about something, Mr. Ballmer?

Eric Meyer: Turning The Tables Using CSS

"I'm so much mor eproductive on a Mac that it's almost silly."

Apple Help For iMac G5 Owners

Apple is offering a Web-based troubleshooting assistant for owners of iMac G5s.

Florida Apple Reseller Closes Doors

"The slow economy, the three hurricanes, the break-ins, lack of G5s and iMacs for many months, are some of the elements that played against us."

Pepsi Canada To Give Away 2,016 iPods

Apple's iTunes Music Store still isn't available in Canada, but iPods are — and now Pepsi drinkers can try to win a free iPod.

Apple Releases Security Update 2004-09-30

Apple fixes two AFP Server and CUPS issues as well as problems with NetInfoManager, postfix and the ServerAdmin component in Mac OS X Server v10.2.8 and v10.3.5.


Those Criminal iPods

This is vintage Microsoft. When you're behind, it's cheaper to bash the leader until you can get people to buy your late-to-the-game product. And it works.

Macs Rule For Value When Cost Is The Key

At almost every level, Macs were less expensive than Dells with similar features.

The iMac G5: Elegant — But A Lost Opportunity

With any real improvement in Windows at least two years away, I think Apple could shake the industry by offering, for $700 or less, a PC-like Mac box for which consumers would provide their own displays.

MarsEdit User Interface Notes

I like writing about user interface — I like to write about the choices we made and why we made them.

Steve Ballmer: Where Is Your Survey?

We don't want your clumsy Microsoft DRM, we don't want your players, and we will listen to music the way we want to. Your control over this sort of thing is so over.

Ballmer: Apple The Wrong Bandwagon To Reach Digital Utopia

Say what you will about Microsoft, but they have an end-to-end solution for digital media in the home that just doesn't exist anywhere else.

Microsoft Can't Out-Cool Apple

You don't tell people you're cool. You show it. You offer it. You have to know what people want, and then give them more than they expect. Microsoft doesn't have that gene: it tells, not hears. And that won't play int he cool converged consumer space.


Toon Boom Studio 2.5: 2-D Pro Animation Package Delivers New Tools For 'Toons

Toon Boom Studio 2.5 is a fantastic, reasonably priced program that gives you almost every tool you need in order to produce hand-drawn animated cartoons on a Mac.

VectorWorks 11: A Panoply Of Productivity And Drafting Improvements Boosts Popular CAD Program's Value

If you're thinking about buying a CAD program, VectorWorks 11 should be at the top of your list. If you already own an older version of VectorWorks, the improved DWG translation and the new Viewports make the upgrade a wise choice.

Colour And Computers

ManOpen Opens Man Pages

ManOpen is plenty useful in its current incarnation, and I've installed it everywhere I find myself using man pages. It's a great example of how using a graphical interface can improve the Unix experience for those who prefer a graphical approach.

FileMaker On Track

What is compelling about FileMaker Applications is their flexibility, with the prospect of low-cost customisation.

Why The RadioSHARK May Change Our Lives

RadioSHARK is the device that Howard Stern and other talk radio fans have wanted for more than a decade, and it supports AAC format (read: iPod compatible, highly compressed) recording.

ToyViewer, A Cool Free Graphics Tool For OS X

Deep Tinderbox

Tinderbox — here's something of a polarizing application.

Magic Bullet Editors 1.0: Final Cut Pro Plug-In Creates Magical Film Effects

Magic Bullet Editors 1.0 is the perfect tool for achieving a stylish film look or an authentic-looking "classic." Just make sure your hardware is up for some heavy lifting.


A Little Knowledge Is A Dangerous (And Sometimes Stupid) Thing

Or, why you might want to consult someone who do know Chinese before you pick up a Chinese character tatoo.


Future Windows Component Could Spur Old-School Viruses

A planned component for Microsoft's next version of Windows is causing consternation among antivirus experts, who say that the new module, a scripting platform called Microsoft Shell, could give birth to a whole new generation of viruses and remotely exploitable attacks.

Monday, October 4, 2004

Top Stories

Apple, Mobiles And 3G

Apple's gentle push toward the mobile market continues, as wireless carriers Verizon and SmarTone adopt QuickTime.


iPod Adapterc Can Be Installed In Vehicles

Bad news: You no longer have an excuse to buy a BMW so you can listen to your iPod on the road.

Incase Charger Keeps Your iPod Juiced At Hoem Or In Your VW

Alleged Apple Flash iPod 'Partner' Signs With Rio

Hopes that Apple may be preparing a Flash-based iPod appeared to be dashed on Friday when the company's alleged MP3 chip partner announced a deal with Aple portable player rival Rio.

Check In And Chill Out:iPods At High-End Hotels

Music by request is the latest guest freebie at upscale hotels.


To The Patio And Beyond: Speakers WIthout Wires

It's important to understand that no wireless speakers can match the sound quality of a wired spekaer at similar price and size. The Acoustic Research set, however, comes very close.

Tracking Your Tunes

TunesTracker is a free service that automatically emails you when new releases from preferred artists hit the shelves of the iTunes Music Store.

Easy Emulator Allows Mac Purchase Instead Of Windows Shopping

Virtual PC is still a great asset to someone who wants to enjoy the many benefits of a Mac but retain access to powerful business applications and Windows-only servers.


Too Much Real Is Not Good For Your TV

Every weekend, I like to switch on my television, sit back, relax, and watch Jon Steward on CNN. (Didn't you know that CNN International broadcast a highlight reel of the Daily Show weekly outside of U.S.? They have to run a disclaimer before the show that states that this is not a news show.)

Unfortunately, every time I watch this program, I have this nagging feeling that the television is going to freeze any moment, and the irrating message "Buffering..." is going to scroll across the bottom of the screen.

Yes, I have been watching clips of the Daily Show on the web via RealPlayer, and I have been tortured too much by it. :-)

Sunday, October 3, 2004


iChat AV For Jaguar Official EOL'd

If you were still waiting for a good reason to upgrade your OS — this is a pretty good one.

iPod Wins 'Gold' In Japan's 'Good Design Awards'


Stand Up, Maui Queen

Sometimes, organizations make mistakes that seem completely innocent — until... they try and cover it up.


New iMac Looks Good, Works Even Better

Whether it's used for serious applications or just plain Web surfing, the iMac does the job efficiently and well.

Mac OS X For The Traveler, Part 5

In this final installment, F.J. shares some of his most clever tips for surviving on the road.

Power Mac G5 Dual 2.5GHz

The machine runs quietly, is stable, and fasat. The elegant, brushed aluminum design makes the machine a showpiece as opposed to something to be hidden under the desk.

iMac G5

The iMac offers a surprising amount of punch with very few limitations.


Rumor Today: Layoffs Hits FileMaker Development Team

Think Secret: Insiders suggest that up to 13 develoeprs, or one-third of FileMaker's development team, were axed in recent weeks.


Gates Undaunted By Linux

Saturday, October 2, 2004


Analyst: SigmaTel To Supply Chips For Apple MP3 Player

Citing "numerous sources in Asia," Tomas Weisel analyst Jason Pflaum said Apple will use SigmaTel's controller chips for a player it's planning to launch this Christmas. The new player would use solid-state flash memory, which has less capacity but can make for a lighter, cheaper player.

Real Confirms Security Hole Fixed In RealPlayer 10

RealNetworks has confirmed that the security vulnerabilities reported earlier today only affect previous beta versions of RealPlayer 10 and not the final version currently available for download.

iPod To Get Integrated Radio?

Apple's iPod Division is currently looking for an "RF Hardware Engineer," hinting that the iPod could gain radio capabilities.


My PowerBook Odyssey

Great hardware and OS design goes a long way, but I still need my ThinkPad.

Enough With Themes Already

I have a proposal for what to do with most themes: get rid of 'em.

No Margins

You can't please everybody — because, if you try, you'll then find there are people who are displeased by apps that try to please everybody.


Bull Market For The TAO

TAO is an outliner — a writing space for working with items of styled text arranged hierachically. Even more important, it's an outliner that understands what an outliner is supposed to be.

Friday, October 1, 2004


FileMaker Delivers Christmas Cheer

Apple Socially Responsible

Apple has been added to a list of companies deemed to be socially responsible.

Live Broadcast

First use of the Internet to broadcast live news throughout world will originate on Maui as Apple Computer and Maui to make broadcast history. The world may tune in next Thursday.

'Podcasting' Brings Personalized Audio Programs To Your Media Player

"Podcasting" is a term that is probably unfamiliar to most people, but it represents a real potential change in the radio landscape.


Apple Is Looking Juicier

Every other major PC maker has struggled to make money while going head to head with commodity king Dell. Only by focusing on innovation, premium products has Jobs avoided the fae. If he can keep delivering ont hat formula, Apple's future looks surprisingly bright.

Windows Versus The World

Anything that raises awareness that there exist alternatives to Windows is a good thing for everyone other than Microsoft.


iPod Speaker Sets Get A Hearning

Compact speakers for personal music players have been around since the original Walkman. Now that mini-hard drive music machines can hold your entire collection, the product category is back with a vengeance.

iMac G5: Apple's Consumer Desktop Strikes A New Pose

The new iMacs don't deliver the same floating-in-thin-air, adjust-it-any-way-you-want experience that Apple rightly made so much of when it introduced the iMac G4 models. But in every other respect — elegance, performance, and price — the G5 generation represents a big step forward.

Hands On With RadioShark

RadioShark is hwat it is — a USB radio that lets you time-shift, pause, and back up live radio, and record what you're listening to. For NPR addicts, dittoheads, sports fiends, or anyone else who enjoys the cornucopia of options on the airwaves, that's probably more than enough.


Now, Where Else Did I See This Before...

The "big" news out there in blog-land is that there is a news report reporting on the presidential candidates' "debate", reporting as if the debate is already over — when in fact, the debat has not even started.

Of course, media outlets has always pre-wrote news stories. Think obituaries, which might offer a clue to how the media view the debates.

Update: Rory J. O'Connor: "The media have done this kind of work for years... Reporters write out fairly certain aspects of a story in advance, so they can add the news as it happens very rapidly and get that story out to the public. Indeed, wire service reporters often will file a story very soon after the start of some event and then "recast" it some time later when more details are available... I don't view it personally as any indication of how much or how little news the debates might generate. I view it as a way for reporters to work eficiently."


IE — Embraced, Extended, Extinct?

Despite all appearances, Microsoft insists it hasn't lost interest in Web browsers.

Microsoft FAT Patent Falls Flat

As part of a re-examination, the U.S. Patent Office has issued a preliminary rejection for a patent previously granted to Microsoft for a Windows file format.

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