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Monday, October 4, 2004

Top Stories

Apple, Mobiles And 3G

Apple's gentle push toward the mobile market continues, as wireless carriers Verizon and SmarTone adopt QuickTime.


iPod Adapterc Can Be Installed In Vehicles

Bad news: You no longer have an excuse to buy a BMW so you can listen to your iPod on the road.

Incase Charger Keeps Your iPod Juiced At Hoem Or In Your VW

Alleged Apple Flash iPod 'Partner' Signs With Rio

Hopes that Apple may be preparing a Flash-based iPod appeared to be dashed on Friday when the company's alleged MP3 chip partner announced a deal with Aple portable player rival Rio.

Check In And Chill Out:iPods At High-End Hotels

Music by request is the latest guest freebie at upscale hotels.


To The Patio And Beyond: Speakers WIthout Wires

It's important to understand that no wireless speakers can match the sound quality of a wired spekaer at similar price and size. The Acoustic Research set, however, comes very close.

Tracking Your Tunes

TunesTracker is a free service that automatically emails you when new releases from preferred artists hit the shelves of the iTunes Music Store.

Easy Emulator Allows Mac Purchase Instead Of Windows Shopping

Virtual PC is still a great asset to someone who wants to enjoy the many benefits of a Mac but retain access to powerful business applications and Windows-only servers.


Too Much Real Is Not Good For Your TV

Every weekend, I like to switch on my television, sit back, relax, and watch Jon Steward on CNN. (Didn't you know that CNN International broadcast a highlight reel of the Daily Show weekly outside of U.S.? They have to run a disclaimer before the show that states that this is not a news show.)

Unfortunately, every time I watch this program, I have this nagging feeling that the television is going to freeze any moment, and the irrating message "Buffering..." is going to scroll across the bottom of the screen.

Yes, I have been watching clips of the Daily Show on the web via RealPlayer, and I have been tortured too much by it. :-)

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