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Thursday, October 7, 2004

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Love DRM Or My Family Starves: Why Steve Ballmer Doesn't Get It

Microsoft is making the mistake of wanting consumers to want what it needs them to want, rather than thinking about what they actually want.

Mother Of All Home Movies

Jonathan Caouette explains how he captured his turbulent childhood and his mentally ill mother in his documentary "Tarnation" — which he created on his computer for $218.

Apple Rises Ahead Of Earnings Report

Apple's shares rose Wednesday, as one analyst raised his price target on the stock and others weighed in on the company's outlook ahead of its fourth-quarter report next week.


Griffin Talks About RadioSHARK's Development

Honeywell Sues 34 Companies

Industrial conglomerate Honeywell said Wednesday it filed a lawsuit against 34 electronics companies including Apple and Kodak, claiming they infringed on its patent for liquid crystal display technology.

Users Complain About Free iPod Site

Complaints of lengthy delays and spam e-mail have brought a shadow on its reputation that the company has vigorously defended.

Cool Stuff

Apple's server and storage offerings are helping company overcome its reputation as the high-priced computing option.

Southern California MacFair 2004 Coming

More than 40 companies are expected to participate in the event, which also includes more than 25 hands-on and classroom training workshops.

iPod Dominates Teenage Mindshare, Market Share

Of all the high school students surveyed, 16 percent currrently own an iPod and 24 percent plan to buy an iPod within the next year.

OmniWeb 5.1 Beta Adds Latest Apple WebCore, More

Due to the updated WebCore, many Web pages that did not render correctly in OmniWeb 5.0 (but which worked in Safari 1.2.x) will now work in OmniWeb 5.1.


Re: Barred From The Apple Store

Could Apple be putting somewhat cut-rate machines in its stores? This would allow it to reduce costs for the display models in the stores, but still provide a venue for customers to try before they buy.

Why Apple Does Not Fear Microsoft, Dell Computer

As Steve Jobs put it back in 1997 when he took over the helm of Apple once again, the desktop operating system wars are over. Microsoft won. Today, the big winner is Apple and Apple customers.

Ballmer's Bluster

Provide a DRM scheme more appealing than what the competition offers, and you might have a chance.

Free iPods — Engraved

FreeiPods decided to engrave on the back of all the new iPods.

Some Joke

Successful consumer platforms are designed to make consumers happy, not clueless entertainment industry executives.


Apple All-In-One Is One For Almost All

The new iMac G5 is a powerful computer disguised as a flat-panel display. You thought the era of the desktop was nearly over? Maybe not.

'TiVo' For Your Radio

If radioShark were smarter, it could be a sensation. For now, though, it's more of a curiosity, or a tool for radio enthusiasts with a good sense of station schedules and time to invest.

Making XP A Welcome Guest On Mac

Virtual PC Version 7 is a very worthy upgrade, good for Mac users who need a PC for occasional tasks. And it likely runs like a champ on Apple's latest dual-processor hardware.

Varmintz Deluxe

This game does an excelent job of paying homage to 80s style games while adding a modern flair.


Baked Apples First it was the baked PowerBook, and now it's the Baked iPod. Includes video. (via Cult of Mac)


Andreessen: IE Faces One-Two Punch

The Web browser wars may have been reignited, according to browser pioneer Marc Andreessen.

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