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Friday, October 8, 2004


Students Get Schoolbooks, iBooks

Cahaba Heights Community school distributed laptop computers to its sixth-graders Thursday in the launch of a pilot program called the first of its kind in Alabama.

Is Apple's Closed Shop Lawful In Europe?

Apple has refused to license the digital rights management (DRM) software in its iPod to competitors, resulting in an antitrust complaint to French authorities. But analyst firm Reckon suggests it unlikely to fall foul of European competition law.

Podcasts: New Twist On Net Audio

For anyone who loves listening to the wide variety of internet audio programming, but can't always listen to their favorite shows when they're scheduled or take the time to download them manually, help has arrived.

Microsoft Confirms Virtual PC RAM Issue; Update Coming

Microsoft has confirmed that its recently released Virtual PC 7 will not work with Power Mac G5s with more than 2GB of RAM installed.

Jonathan Ive's Apple Cube Still Considered A Work Of Art

The Museum of Modern Art reopens in Novvember... "and Apple's G4 Cube computer will greet the public."

Apple Is 'Clear Winner' Of PCWorld Retail Survey

"In contrast to the cluttered warehouse feel of many tech superstores, The Apple Store had a Zen-like simplicity."


Supporting The Mac Is Required For Social Computing

You can build enterprise software that doesn't work on a Mac but you cannot build social technologies that don't work on the Mac.

Soho Apple Store

Has the Apple Store in SOHO become a victim of its own success? Every single time I've been there, it's been wall-to-wall with people. Purchasing something as simple as a box of blank DVD's is an exercise in frustruation because so many people in the checkout queue use it as a way to circumvent the endless lines at the Genius Bar.

Microsoft Surrounded?

Despite the clear advantages of OS X, the trajectory of improvements to desktop Linux, and Sun's ability to field a technically competent player, all three operating systems sorely lack the one thing that will likely be a factor in decisions by AT&T and other businesses to stick with Windows: a tier-one hardware partner as the sales channel.

In Defense Of The iEmpire

Apple is a classic Rule Breaker.

Apple Is Rotten

The Borg-like fidelity of Mac zealots, coupled with misplaced enthusiasm for the firm's nifty gadgets and a giant dose of media hype, has conspired to push the stock far beyond a rational valuation.

Still Not Much Of A Joke

Ballmer clearly claimed that most music on iPods is "stolen", and implies that the iPod's support for non-DRM-protected music is a "problem."


Broken iPod Remote

Not broken, as in cannot be used, but broken, as in, who came up with this horrible, stupid broken design.

This Is Broken: "When you have [the remote] in your pocket or out of sight, and you want to change the volume, skip or pause a song, you actually have to look at the remote to see which direction it is facing, or run the risk of htting the wrong button."

Firstly, Someone Need To Buy Me An iPod

Dave Winer: If you want to understand podcasting, get an iPod, get the software, subscribe to some feeds. Then go for a drive, ride a subway or an airplane, take a walk, do something away from the computer and take the iPod with you. Listen to one of the new programs. Then let me know if it works.... Nike says just do it. The iPod commands: Use it.

Stopping Winking The Wrong Way

There is only one way to wink, and that's our way, claims Microsoft. :-)

Actually, the beta of Microsoft's latest MSN Messenger 7.0 (for Windows, I believe) has been delayed because "testers found it had the potential to send rogue 'winks'," or non-MSN approved emoticons.

I've to wonder: is this feature even necessary in the first place?

Rumor Today: 60GB iPod To Pack Photo-Viewing Features

Think Secret: The new iPod will pack Toshiba's new 60GB 1.8-inch hard drive, a 2-inch color liquid crystal display, iPhoto synchronization, audio/video-out capabilities, and will sell for $499.

And I wonder, is iPhoto for Windows coming too?


Word Mangled By Unpatched Security Hole

A highly critical and unpatched security hole in Microsoft's ubiquitous Word for Windows software could be used to launch a denial of service attack and give system access.

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