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Sunday, October 10, 2004


Ellison To Microsoft: You're No IBM

Oracle's CEO talks about why IBM used to be the great innovator, and why no other company has been able to fill those shoes, with the possible exception of... Apple Computer?

Low Budget, But Not Low-Effort

"During this psending spree he bought an Apple iBook and a digital camera, and — poof! — we had ourselves a mini film studio."


Virtual PC 7 Links Best Of Both Worlds

Let me tell you that Virtual PC 7 worked great, letting me plug Windows-compatible devices like a digital camera, scanner and printer into Mac ports and then operate them in Windows XP Professional.

Cinema Display Evokes A Surge Of Tech Lust

The Cinema Display is a luxury accessory that inspires tech lust of the highest magnitude. It seems sinful to want one, but impossible not to after using it.

User-Friendly iMac G5 Keeps It Simple

The iMac G5 makes a few important leaps for Apple's consumer line of computers. Adding the G5 processor is a significant boost but doing so in a simple, functional and space-saving design seals the deal.


Eat Bugs, Win iPod

Winner: Manhattanite Shai Pariente, ate 13 cockroaches — without ketchup, mind you — to win an iPod. "Crunchy and salty."

I wonder what you'd have to eat to win a PowerBook.

You Can Predict The Result Of The Election By Watching ESPN

The outcome of Washington Redskins football games has correctly predicted the winner of every U.S. presidential election since 1936.

Hence, someone better be watching the Redskins vs. Green Bay this coming Oct 31.

Rumor Today: No Settlements For The Apple Vs Apple Case

Johnny Evans, Macworld UK, quotes an unnamed source: "This case is likely to go to court."


MSN Music Falls Just Short Of iTunes' High Marks

If you're not going to shop at iTunes, you'd do well to direct your online-music budget toward MSN. But for this store to start winning market share from iTunes, Microsoft has more work to do.

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