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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

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Apple Whistles A Happy iTunes

It's been 12 months since "hell froze over" at Apple Computer. And while the company hadn't magically converted Windows users all to the Mac view of hte world, it has made a pretty nice business for itself.


Quark Launches QuarkXPress 6.5

iPod Shortage Now On The Cards For Xmas

A shortage of iPods is now on the cards for the Christmas market in Ireland, acccording to Apple.

iPod Contract Brings 100 Jobs

On-Line Support has landed a contract to provide technical support for one of the hottest MP3 players, the Apple iPod.

iPods Tap Word Of Mouth

The iPod has done it again — launched a whole new way of communicating. It is called podcasting, and in less than a month, it has built a tidal wave of sound for surfers.

Teachers Have A 'Grassroots' Mac Effort Underway At University School

The Univeristy School of Nashville is officially an all-Windows school, but a dozen or so Mac-using staffers keep the Macintosh spirit alive, thriving and even growing as part of their "rebel" movement.

Now, For Your PC: Mac OS X

"It's not a hoax," programmer and designer Arben Kryezlu said in response to widespread skepticism about CherryOS on the net.

Apple Users Hit By One Of 19 Critical Microsoft Flaws

A critical flaw in Microsoft's Excel means Mac users who run Excel are also at risk of having code remotely executed on their systems.

Apple Fires Back At Microsoft Over 'Closed' Comments

"There is a lot of customer choice happening today, it's just that Microsoft doesn't like the choices customers are making."

U2 Pitches For Apple

It was a beautiful day for Apple on Tuesday, as the company kicked off a new advertising campaign featuring rock superstars U2.

It's All About The iPod

Despite increase competition, Apple's iPod still rules the digital-music world, according to new reports from market researchers.

See Also: Fewer People Paying For Music Downloads — NPD

Apple's iTunes remains the leader in paid digital music downloads, but the number of paying customers for this sector overall has decreased since April, research firm NPD said Tuesday.


PhotoPod? Uh, No Thanks

Squinting down at a tiny 2-inch screen, or worse still, trying to share a tiny 2-inch screen with a bunch of friends, just doesn't sound like much fun.

Apple's Mid-Life Crisis

The biggest mistake an investor can make with a stock that's had an amazing run is to try to call a top when its business remains strong. Take Apple Computer, for example.

iMac: The Missing Memory

In the long run, insufficient stock RAM only hurts Apple.


Pod People Untouched By Zen

The iPod is even more user-friendly following the introduction of the click wheel. iTunes is the best jukebox software on the market and if Apple ever manages to introduce the iTunes Music Store locally, the digital muic experience will be complete.

Extend Your AirPort Network With AirPort Express

Fsck And You

Spoken Word

I recorded a meeting using the Notebook Layout feature in Word 2004. Here's how it turned out.

An RSS Reader Made The Apple Way

What struck me the most about NewsFire was its simplicity.


Peeling Into The Cherry

A new emulator, Cherry OS, claims to emulate the Mac OS X on a Windows PC. Breakthrough in emulation, or just plain hoax? Leadner Kahney from Wired News is on the case.


Microsoft Launches Windows Shopping Portal

Microsoft quietly launched its new shopping portal for hardware and software, which the company claims will not be used to promote its own products.

Microsoft Takes Aim At Everything

New partners and products signal Redmond's intent to dominate online music and video. Apple, watch out!

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