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Thursday, October 14, 2004


'Touch Me, Touch Me,' Macs Get Interactive

A new touchscreen system for 17-inch PowerBook G4's ships next month.

This Is Not An iMac!

Hordes of clueless customers at a French computer store are unable to distinguish between the flat-screen iMac G5 and Apple's flat-screen Cinema Displays.

MSN Messenger, Remote Desktop Connection Client Updated

Apple To Open Six 'Mini Stores' This Saturday

The smaller stores will have a completely new layout and design, and will allow Apple to get its products in front of more people in "interesting locations."

Apple Reports $106 Million Profit; Ship 2 Million iPods

"We are thrilled to report our highest fourth quarter revenue in nine years."


The Competition Killer

Apple announced fourth quarter financial results that clearly demonstrate the iPod's domination of the personal digital player market. And by domination, I don't mean that Apple simply has a comfortable lead over the competition, I mean that, for the most part, there is no competition.

Mac Takes Honors As Best Unix Desktop

GNOME is nice, KDE is fine and the forthcoming Looking Glass may be wonderful, but the best Unix desktop is the one in the Macintosh.

Business Motivation

Much has been made of Apple's paltry OS/hardware market share, but when you think about it, when a designer label can capture even 5% of a market that competes heavily on price, that's an impressive achievement.


iPod Tested

CherryOS First Impressions

The new CCherryOS Mac emulator for Windows XP is not an outright fraud, but whether it works aas advertised, I can't yet say.

Screen Spanning iMac

Apple has disabled extended desktop mode in Open Firmware. The key is that if this feature can be disabled in Open Firmware, it can also be enabled in the same way. The trick is how to do it.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell


Genius Bar? Your Bar Is Too Low

Owen Rubin discovered that some geniuses at the genius bar are not really up to the mark.

Apple Creates Computers...

while the other guys do a part at a time, and hope that everything fits together.

What's the point of creating the world's smallest Windows computer, when you have to use hacks to read web pages?

Rumor Today: Music Giant Readies Canadian Launch

National Post: iTunes, Apple's hugely popular online music service, is gearing up for a Canadian launch that could come as early as next month, music industry sources say.


Spyware Targets Only Windows Users

Anti-spyware maker Webroot Software said that it hasn't detected a single piece of spyware targeted at Macs or Linux machines.

Putting Yor PC In A Pocket

Thanks to some of the very advances in miniaturization that make hand-held gadgets possible, a couple of former Apple laptop designers have devised the world's smallest Windows XP computer: 4.9 by 3.4 inches and less than an inch thick.

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