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Friday, October 15, 2004

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Steve Jobs Unveils Apple Mini Stores

The first six stores using the design, which Steve Jobs described as "designed to be small, and cool because [they] are small," will open this Saturday.


MP3 Losing Steam?

After years as the unrivaled king of the digital-media world, the venerable MP3 music format is losing ground to rival technologies from Microsoft and Apple.

Are Hackers Now Gunning For The Mac?

Mac users have to keep their OS patched — like Windows users — but there's no cause for alarm.

Synaptics Gets Strong iPod Boost

Synaptics shares surged more then 10 percent Thursday on expectations the company will benefit from higher-than-expected iPod sales by Apple.

.Mac Members Get 300 GarageBand Loops

.Mac subscribers can download a sampling of 300 loops from the three GarageBand Jam Packs currently available.

Apple Eyes Birmingham For Next UK Store

iMac, iPod, iConquered

For Apple Computer, will 2004 be remembered as a transformative year?

iTunes Music Store Tops 150 Million Downloads

iTunes users are now downloading more than 4 million songs per week, a rate of over 200 million songs per year, Apple said.


Apple Is Not "Duping" Anyone

Saying that music purchased from the iTMS won't work with anything but the iPod is very misleading and patently untrue. Buy it, burn it, play it back or copy it to wherever you please.

Is Apple Still A Computer Company?

Apple's stock may be ripe and worm-ridden from every traditional valuation method, but its business is now as golden and delicious as it has ever been.

iTunes At The Airport Apple Store

If Apple's going to start selling iPods in airports, it needs to create some sort of kiosk to allow people to buy music from the iTunes Music Store and load it on their iPods as they stand within the store.

Why The "Photo iPod" Won't Do Video: It's All About Battery Life

Licensing Fairplay Would Dilute, Not Strengthen Apple's Position

Downloads Up, Purchases Down. Now What?

What should those involved in commercial music distribution do?

A Bitter Apple Replay?

Apple lost one war to Microsoft by not licensing its Mac operating system. It may repeat the error with its iPod and music software.


Microsoft Program Lets Macs Run Windows, Easing Switch To Apple

In my tests, even on the speedy G5 iMac, the virtual Windows computer ran like very slow Windows hardware, despite some speed improvements in this new version.


When Web Geeks Meet Car Geeks

The result: cars that "roll over".


If It's Tuesday It Must Be Patch Time

Microsoft can't plug holes fast enough.

Storming The Microsoft Edifice

Now that the leading opening source browser and office suite have blooming qualities that attract Windows users in swarms, we need not actually storm the Microsoft edifice. Moderation and having a good ear for the markets will have untold benefits as the Microsoft era itself passes into the realm of myth.

PlayForSure? It Had Better

My advice to Microsoft: Make damn sure all these pieces — many you can't control — really do work together. Plays for sure? It had better.

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