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Saturday, October 16, 2004


Changing How We Listen To Music

The iPod has revolutionized the way we consume music. Unlimited song storage and the nifty shuffle function has let ordinary listeners become DJs.

Apple Computer Store Opens In Christiana Mall

"This is a different ball game here," said Karey Pittaro, store manager, "because we're talking about tax-free shopping."

I See An iMac And I Want It Painted Black

Thanks to the folks at ColorWare, you can now order an iMac in virtually any color you want.

Helmut Kobler: Marketing The Indie Film "Radius"

"Final Cut Pro is thorough, well-designed and intuitive. In 15 minutes I can teach someone the skills they need to edit a movie — and of course you can do so much more when you learn the advanced tools."

iPods An Eye-Opener For Industry

"It really shows that the digital music age is here, if there was any doubt about it."

Mac OS X Tiger Available March 31, 2005?

Online retailer has puslibhed a page on their Web site taking orders for Apple's Mac OS X Tiger, saying that Tiger will ship on March 31, 2005.


The iPod In Perspective

Now the copycats are on the march, and in time they'll have the numbers on their side.

Microsoft's Strategy: Be Apple

You'll pardon my skeptcism if we've heard much of this before. Like maybe from — oh, I don't know — Apple.

CherryOS: The Latest

I've been trying for the last three days to get the system up and running on various machines — to no avail.

So Where's That 5GB iPod Mini?

Since 5GB drives are the same physical size aas the 1-inch 4GB drives Apple's currently using, it's only natural Apple would raise their game and intro a new 5GB iPod minin in time for the big holiday shopping bonanza that awaits us.


The Game Room: Space Colony, Total Immersion Racing, Big Bang Chess, Tapwave Zodiac, And More


Overall, Gish is a fabulous game. On the other hand, it is fairly odd and macabre, which may not appeal to some people.


Choose A Date. Any Date.

The rumor of today: Tiger will ship on March 31, 2005, based on the estimated (?) date by

You know what, this really sound like just a date pulled from the air. First half of the year is what Apple promised, so let's just choose a date in the middle. April 1st sounds so not-real, hence March 31st.

Choose An OS. Any OS.

Fine, Microsoft, so Apple didn't allow you to put your tunes on the iPod.

But for a music store that promises "Play for Sure", why haven't you port the whole Windows Media Player to Mac OS X or Linux? Why can't I use my Creative Zen on my Mac?

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