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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

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Apple Announces Souped-Up iBooks

Apple today announced that it has unveiled its fastest, most affordable iBook G4 ever, featuring built-in AirPort Extreme across the line and prices starting at US$999.


There Goes The Neighbourhood: Sims 2 Moves To The Mac

After months of speculation, Texas-based game publishers Aspyr Media have officially announced that they've licensed the award-winning god game, The Sims 2, and are bringing it to a Mac-Near-You.

Apple Adds 1.8GHz Model To Power Mac G5 Line

Apple today announced the addition of a 1.8 GHz single processor Power Mac G5 desktop priced at US$1,499 to its 64-bit Power Mac G5 line.

Apple Updates Xserve RAID Storage System

Laptop Student The Teacher To The Parent

Parents of Hodgkins Middle School students became students themselves Monday, in a night of training on the state-supplied laptop computers.

Apple 'Will Satisfy' Xmas iPod Demand

Apple is reported to have cranked up iPod production in time for the Christmas shopping season, hoping to avoid the iPod shortages that marred last winter.

iPod 'Product Of The Year' — What? HiFi Magazine

Apple's iPod has claimed yet another award — this time from What? HiFi magazine.

Apple Stock Continues To Climb

RSS For Mac OS X Roundtable

The first DrunkenBlog Roundtable, with five of the best RSS aggregators available for Mac OS X.

Special Apple Music Event Planned For Oct 26

Select members of the press on Monday received an invitation to a special Apple event at 10AM Pacific Time on October 26. "Steve Jobs, Bono and The Edge invite you to attend a special event," reads the top of the invitation.

See Also: Bono's iPod

Rock band U2 has cut a deal with Apple to sell custom iPods promoting the band's forthcoming album. Sources close to the group say the U2 edition of the popular digital music player will come preloaded with the band's new album along with portionsof the Irish supergroup's 25-year catalogue.

Corel Ships Painter IX

CherryOS Not BS, Author Says

Despite being widely accused of code theft, fraud and other chicanery, the author of the controversial CherryOS Mac emulator is sticking to his guns: It's all on the up and up, says programmer Arben Kryeziu.

Apple Stuck In Its Niche

For all the democratic appeal of the iPod, Apple still sees its computers as premium products.


Why The Small White Box Is Boosting Online Advertising

You might not think the music industry has much to do with the world of advertising. There are no ads on your iPod and no commercial breaks on your favourite CDs.

Mac OS X And Java 1.5

Apple Computer Customer Support — How To Weasel Out Of A Warranty

A screw comes loose from my one month old computer and causes damage. Apple then cites the damage as violation of my warranty — even though a flaw in the machine caused the damage in the first plce... Apple can find a way to get out of a warranty situation — however slimy — they will do so.

Don't Be A Dork

As with the Walkman before it, the iPod is a brand — and, like Kleenex and Xerox, nearly a generic one at that. Regardless of how many features you pack into your MusicLamer 200, that's a tough advantage to overcome.


Microsoft Office 2004 For Mac Service Pack 1 Squishes Bugs

Adobe Updates Its Easy Photo Fix

This is not the full Photoshop that is used daily by professionals the world over. It's not supposed to be. But it is a very, very useful program for those of us who want to take care of our vacation pictures, or touch up heirlooms from the family album. I highly recommend it.

Net Service Offers More Than Ever

I consider .Mac a bargain at $99 a year. If you use even half of what it offers, I bet you'll feel the same.

Griffin RadioShark

The radioShark is now a firm fixture on my desktop. I can't wait for a digital edition.

Software Bargains Week

We're delcaring this Software Bargains Week at Macworld, and have rounded up some of our favorite utilities that you can use to perk up or perfect your Mac without having ot break into your piggy bank. Today, programs that bolster the Mac's creative powers are int he spotlight.


It Is Still True

Three years ago, Farhad Manjoo wrote: "Apple needs only to scribbe a note to reporters and, immediately, there are rumblings about something big afoot. The rumor sites abound with speculation, and Mac fans strain their heads to put their fingers on Apple's next dream machine."

Three years later, as demonstrated once again, this is still true.

Saving Up For An iPod Mini

If you know me, you'd know that I'm saving up to purchase an iPod mini this coming December. Why the mini? Because it's small, it's light, and it will work great with my Macintosh.

So, I'm having mixed feelings about Apple releasing new iPods between now and then.

On the one hand, of course I want the latest and greatest, so if Apple releases new iPods, I will get the latest and the greatest.

On the other hand, if Apple does release new iPods, chances are, there will be product shortages and waiting lists and — worse — later availability outside of the U.S. just like what happened to the minis. Which means I will not be getting the latest and the greatest until later.


Rumor Today: The Unmarked Boxes Are Here

ifo Apple Store discovered that new products are "being delivered to... retail stores in unmarked boxes, with instructions not to display them until notified."


These Days, Microsoft Isn't So Scary

Rivals still fear Redmond and its deep pockets, but its clout is diminishing. The decision to unveil Office's source code is the proof.

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