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Wednesday, October 20, 2004


iPod Bribe For UK Retailers

Apple has been promising retailers: "Let us come and pitch our product to you for an hour and we'll give you an iPod."

Apple iTunes Wins Digital Music Awards

Apple iTunes Music Store won recognition once again last night, at the Digital Music Awards.

Kids Make The News As Presidential Election Nears

Parkview Middle School eighth-graders are learning as much about sound bites, newscasts and movie-making as they are about the election with their iMovie production.

Due For Reassessment: Sony

Song has rebranded themselves as thugs who are playing also-rans to the iPod.

Mac OS X V10.4 Tiger: Developer Overview

This article will highlight some of the most exciting new technlogies in Tiger and show what they will mean for developers.

10 Years Of OpenStep

Today, the OpenStep API celebrates its 10 anniversary. What started out as a joint adventure of NeXT and SUN to define an application development standard that would run on all machines, making 'write once, compile everywhere' a reality, is still unfolding within the vivid and active community of GNUstep, old NeXT, and Apple lovers.

Apple VP: No New PowerBooks Before The Holidays

According to Dvaid Moody, Apple's vice president of Worldwide Mac Product Marketing, Apple fans shouldn't expect new or revamped PowerBooks before Christmas.

Apple Offers Tiger Early Start Kit For Developers

The Tiger Early Start Kit for Developers is priced at US$500 and includes: a year-long ADC Select membership, pre-release versions of Tiger and Xcode 2.0, and more.


Quiz Tests How Well You Know Your Mac

How well do you know your OS X Macinotsh? Here's a 10-part quiz.

Today's Theme: Themes

Consistency in and of itself has been a fundamental pillar of the Mac user experience from 1984 onward. But with Apple no longer leading the way, it's fading. "At least it's still more consistent than Windows" is not high praise.

Nowhere To Run: Why Mac Programs Don't Work On Your PC, And Why They Will Soon

I can't imagine that a generation from now, people will still tolerate incompatible breeds of digital devices, any more than we'd accept a Sprint phone that couldn't take calls from an AT&T phone... My hope is that, in another decade, when I find a cool new piece of software, I'll be able to run it anywhere I want.

Microsoft Movves In On Music Downloads

Investors, at least, don't think that Microsoft can undo everything Apple has worked for over the past three years, in one single announcement.


Second-Class Software? Not Anymore

I thought I'd join in the fun and add a handful of the great low-cost Mac programs I use constantly on my Mac.


New On MyAppleMenu

Here are some of the new things here on MyAppleMenu:

This site is now licensed under a Creative Commons License, which allows you to copy, distribute, display, and to make derivative works, so long they are for non-commercial purposes.

The web page layout has been cleaned up a little, but it shouldn't be noticeable.

The monthly archive will list all the daily contents throughout the month, instead of just individual links to the daily archives. (However, note that I have not converted most of the older archives to the new format yet.)

The Google ads (on the web page) has been moved to the right, so as to be less intrusive (I hope.)

Enjoy, and do report any bugs to me. Thank you.

Some Random Thoughts From A (Newly) Cocoa Programmer

I've signed up on a new project at work, and it's a job that invovles programming on the Mac OS X. Yeah! My last Macintosh project (for real money) was working on some multimedia stuff on System 7/8 long long time ago, so this is really the first time I'm playing around with Cocoa and Mac OS X as a developer.

Anyhoo, here are some of my first impressions:

Cocoa is great — much better than MFC. (I have not really examined .Net up close yet, so no comparison from me.)

Is it me, or does the FileMerge application need some work on the UI front? I've already lost work a few times using that little beast. Now, I am super-careful when using this application.

I want my Think Reference updated for the 21st century. In fact, Apple needs to strive for the quality of Inside Macintosh for its current documentation, which is somewhat lacking.

Why, after so many years, it is still so "difficult" to create a full-screen application on the Macintosh?

Cheered Me Up

For some reason that I'm not too sure, I really like this little poem by John Mazur.

Rumor Today: Expanded Multi-User Controls, QuickTime Sharing Spotted In New Tiger Builds

AppleInsider has apparently gotten hold of a recent build of Tiger. If you are eager to find out what's new in multiple user control and QuickTime player, do take a look.

Amazon Is Guessing

Now, has a "June 30, 2005" ship date tagged for Mac OS X Tiger. As I've said before — Amazon is guessing. Just like the rest of us.


Microsoft To Debut 'Istanbul' Applicaton

Microsoft introduced on Tuesday a desktop computer application that aims to seamlessly integrate e-mail, instant messaging, video conferencing, traditional phone service and Internet-based calling.

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