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Friday, October 22, 2004

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Sky Captain And The G5 Of Tomorrow

The new movie Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow was shot entirely in bluescreen, and the production process made a Mac convert of special effects supervisor Darin Hollings.


Sky Captain And The G5 Of Tomorrow

The new movie Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow was shot entirely in bluescreen, and the production process made a Mac convert of special effects supervisor Darin Hollings.

Apple iPods Spring Up Across Campus

Fruits Of The MP3 Market

The market has grown from one solo fruit tree to an entire orchard of players... Meanwhile, Apple's influence has not dissipated.

Return Of The Browser Wars

With the elegant Firefox, the open-source camp is mounting a full frontal attack on Microsoft's long dominant Internet Explorer.

Join The Podcasting Revolution

Feed your iPod fresh daily content.

iPod Your Car, Even If You Can't Afford A BMW

Digital Denistry In Colorado

University of Colorado School of Dentistry students no longer struggle with heavy backpacks full of books, and trying to find time to work in the computer lab. Instead, the future dentists carry a 12-inch wireless PowerBook notebook computer from home to class to the patient simulations clinic.

The iPod Economy

The iPod itself is the beating heart of a growing body of marketing centered on the device.

Older iTunes Versions Being Shut Out, Apple Warns

Apple is warning users of older iTunes software versions that it plans to stop allowing those versions to connect to its music store.


The MacAddict Guide To iPhoto

After Effects 6.5 Professional: Adobe Packs A Punch In Upgrade

Its accelerated performance, built-in animation effects, and generous software bundle continue to make it a market leader. But its overburdened interface keeps it from being truly exceptional.

Airport Express: Compact Base Station Touches Down In The Living Room

Apple has created a product that not only provides a highly functioning 802.11g base station in a portable shell, but also pushes into a new product category.

Interarchy 7.2: Internet File-Transfer Program Aids Power Users

If you need only basic FTP abilities, Interarchy 7.2 is probably overkill. If your needs include encryption, Web transfers, automation, and network monitoring, Interarchy rolls together an impressive array of tools at an attrative price.

Phone Answering And Automation Systems

The more mature PhoneValet offers a refined interface that will appeal to people who seek an easy-to-use voice-mail system enhanced with dialing features.

Pumping Up The Power Of The iPod

Replacing the battery yourself is the way to go. It's half the price of getting someone else to do it, and very easy to do.

Behind The Bargains

iMac G5: Get The Skinny On Apple's Superslim All-In-One

In many ways, the new iMac G5 represents an even more radical design leap than the two models that came before it.


Bye, And Thanks

One of the better local Macintosh resource (local == Singapore, in my case) is saying bye-bye. Thanks, MacSingapore.

I Was Wrong; Podcasting To The Rescue

I once thought that music subscription service (you know, what those other guys are offerin?) is the solution to music sampling and discovery, and is something that Apple should promote for their iTunes/iPod platform? I was wrong.

Podcasting is the solution. Catch some of the podcast of Daily Source Code, and you will have already discover some cool new music. And it works with your iPod.

More Notes From A (New) Cocoa Programmer

I wish Apple will really make some good APIs for kiosk-like applications to go full-screen. I know that, in general, Macintosh applications shouldn't take over the entire screen, but even Apple's HCI guidelines acknowledges that sometimes, you just have to.

Actually, the actual rant today is that handling the moving of NSViews across different NSWindows is a pain in the neck. :-)


Microsoft's Software Assurance Mistake

The company's greatest failure has been its inability to transition from a products company into a subscriptions and services company.

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