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Thursday, October 28, 2004

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You Broke It, You Fix It

The new iMac is perhaps the most user-serviceable machine on the market. But Apple is not alone in outsourcing repairs to customers.

The iPod's New Trick: Photo Show

As it turns out, the existing iPod's design, originally conceived for music, lend itself beautifully to photo shows.

New Food For iPods: Audio By Subscription

While Internet-based recorded audio is not new, podcasting combines audio with an online subscription technology known as R.S.S., or Really Simple Syndication.


Faithful Get The Good Word Via iPod

Sydney's inner-city St. Barnabas Anglican church is converting its archived semons to MP3 format so tech-savvy faithrul can listen to them on their iPods.

iPod Chipmaker Edges Toward Stock Market

PortalPlayer, the company whose chip powers Apple's iPod, has moved a step closer to becoming publicly traded.

Steve Jobs: He Thinks Different

Putting Bluetooth In An iBook

The hack permanently ties up one of the USB ports, but no longer does the iBook have an ugly appendage.

Apple Shares Hit Four-Year High Of $50.30

Apple Posts Security Update 2004-10-27

A Second Fleeting Look At Tiger


Linux Kills Apple

Should Linux become more elegant or easier to use than OS X then Apple could be in a serious amount of hot water. Fortunately that scenario seems unlikely.

Mobile Video: Why Steve Jobs Is Wrong

I honestly think this is Steve trying to shape consumer opinion because of his ties to the movie industry, rather than him listening to what people want or looking towards the future.

Apple Sticks To Being Personal

A video iPod at this point in time would likely face the fate of the famous Newton: amazing technology, lousy timing.

The iPod Photo's Slippery Slope Towards Video

Sure, video is ridiculous, but how about an iPod that can display 30 photos per second synchronized to sound?

Even I Didn't Know That Windows Had Gotten This Bad

It's one thing to be the better platform. It's a whole other thing to be the only usable platform out there. You do the math.


XM Vs. The iPod

Is it just me, or is it obvious that XM and Apple should get together?


Two Years Old

My little girl turned 2 last Monday.

Proud Owner

My brithday is coming up... but during my daughter's brithday party last Monday, my wife surprised me with a brand new blue iPod mini. And I've been loving it ever since.

Rejected Limited Edition iPods

The door has been opened for imitators to follow...


Three Challengers Take On The Mini

These challengers are getting closer in style to matching Apple. But, until they are as easy to use, I can't recommend them over the iPod.

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