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Friday, October 29, 2004

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A Rising iPod Lifts All Boats

Consumers who buy all of the iPod's add-ons are more likely to stick with the iPod over rival offerings from Dell, Sony and others — just as most PC owners won't consider moving to the Mac because of all the Windows software they already have.


Canada To Get iTunes; Japan Next?

Apple "can't just translate its North American catalog to Japan. They have to be sensitive to that market to succeed."

RadioSHARK Software Update Improves AM, More

Apple Shares Barrel Past $50 On iPod Juice

Apple's stock has continued to soar along with sales of its iPod digital music player, topping $50 a share for the first time in four years.

Apple Announces Three New Store Openings

Lynnwood, Washington, West Des Moines, Iowa, and Syracuse, New York.


iPhoto The Next iApp Likely To Go Cross Platform

I don't think Apple needs to convince people to buy iPods, but they want people to slowly migrate to Apple's applications until the only thing left is the operating system and the computer hardware. And from there the next step is moving to Mac OS X on Apple hardware.

60 GB iPods! Woo Hoo!

I actually like the store workers talking to me.

A Sound Contention

In the Windows world, a portable media device capable of video makes sense because of Microsoft's enterainment strategy. TV programming is a source of legally consumable content.

Why There's No Video iPod — The Real Reason

No evil schemes. No Machiavellian thoughts behind it. It's just not a good move for Apple without the sources of content they need.

The World's First iPod Photo Trick

You've just created the first electronic photo flipbook.


Java Development From Linux To Mac

The Apple PowerMac G5 with cinema display made a fine Java development platform, and should be considered by anyone who likes a stable, attractive and quiet computer, and is not constrained by a budget.

iPod Photo: First Impressions

Given that few of these iPods have made their way into the world, I thought I'd offer a few initial impressions.

iPod Photo: A Photo Gallery

Myst IV Revelation

Myst IV: Revelation is truly a work of art on many levels, and is far and away one of the finest adventure games ever created.


Backward And Forward Compatibility

Windows goes to great length in order to maintain backward compatibility; Raymond Chen illustrates yet another instance. Of course, it will lead to all sort of interesting, er, features. "If you have a triple-monitor Windows 98 machine lying around... you will see all your minimized windows parked out in the boonies."


Gateway To Tap Out Photo, MP3 Player Beat

Gateway is joinging the band of computer makers selling hard-drive-based digital audio players, but its riff adds miniaturization and a color screen for displaying photos.

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