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Wednesday, November 3, 2004

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Resellers: Market Share Down Because 'Apple Eats Its Children'

Resellers said that there's been too little product to sell for too long and that Apple continues to "squeeze" resellers and distributors, removing sales incentives.


Can Radio Kill The Digital Music Star?

A funny thing happened on the way to the consumer electronics store.

iPod Mini-Matching Earbuds

The catch? Japan only.

Apple Shares Reach Four-Year High On Demand For iPod

Apple shares rose to a four-year high as demand for the iPod surges before the year-end shopping season, reversin the slump triggered in September 2000 by a disappointing profit forecast.

The Old New Thing

Aside from partisans for the Macintosh, there are also many determined fans of a smaller, hand-held device who are so united in their devotion that they form a kind of secret society. No, not iPod fans. Newton fans.


My Mac OS X Switching Saga

Can The iPod Keep Leading The Band?

Apple has to continue to out-innovate a growing crowd of contenders.


A Simple Drawing Sample In Quartz 2D

iBook, Power Mac 1.8GHz Benchmarks

The message here is not about value; the new Power Mac is definitely a bargain. But it does appear that, when it comes to frontside bus speed, megahertz does indeed matter.

The iPod-Powwered PC

Migo Personal for iPod transforms Apple's popular music player into both a backup device and a setup device for remote PCs.

How-To: Get Music Off Your iPod

In this How-To we show you several different ways of getting the music off of your iPod and onto both Macs and PCs, all with free tools.

Pricey iPod Upgrade Worth Every Dime


The People Of America Have Failed Us Today...

Joi Ito: "For awhile, many of us thought that you had been conned into voting for Bush — that you didn't iknow he wanted to be a War President... We thought you had made a mistake. Now US policies = US Citizens. You have my sympathies, but it's still your fault.


IE Exploit Is Top Of The Hacks

Is Dell's Winning Streak In Jeopardy?

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