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Tuesday, November 30, 2004


FPT Becomes Official Distributor Of Apple Computers

Viet Nam's leading computer producer and distributor, the Corporation for Financing and Promoting Technology, has become the first official distributor of the US computer group Apple in Viet Nam.

Tech Takes Bugs Out Of Apples

Students Warm To Free iPod Offer

Apple Gains On iPod Enthusiasm

Shares in Apple Computer gained 6 percent on Monday after two key analysts raised their target prices for the company's stock amid continued strong demand for the group's popular iPod digital music player.

Apple iPod: Faster Than A Speed Walkman

After 2.5 years on the market, sales of the iPod are about 1 million units ahead of Walkman sales after the equivalent period of time.

Black Friday Delivers For Apple

Several stores report moving at least four times the average Friday volume on the day after Thanksgiving.

Apple To Rule Family Room With Entertainment Server?

Ambrosia's Apeiron Game Goes OS X


iMac's G5 Top Choice Of Year

This is a computer that will deliver several years of good use and thus is a good value for the money.

iPod Will Be Music To Her Ears

Lost iTunes Library, Found iPod

The issue is what one should do when an iTunes music library has been vaporized due to a hard drive crash and a copy of that library exists on an iPod.

iPod Photo: Color Does Make A Difference

I don't know if there is something Apple can do with the photo thumbnails to make them a bit bigger, but nothing else realy stood out on the negative side for me. On the positive side, there is a lot to like about the iPod photo.

The Complete U2: The World's First Digital Box Set

$149 buys a lot of U2. How much do you need?


Talk To Me And My iPod

"Dear boss, I need a voice recording device, and I hear that there is this great new white little thing that I can use to do voice recoding..."

("And I can listen to some great podcasts on the way to the interview too.")

Yes, you guessed it. At least one reporter out there is using the iPod as a microphone.

Spread The Message

As software professionalists, we need to advice this more often: "What can I use to prevent spyware? The short answer is: Use a Macintosh."

Gentlement, Start Your Mouse

Your mouse ball (if you still have one), your mouse button, and your wrist are all doomed, I tell 'ya. Cause Apeiron X is here.

No plots. No too-dark-to-see-anything corridors. No do-not-even-know-where-to-begin puzzles. Just pure plain shootin' and killin' arcade fun.

Monday, November 29, 2004

Top Stories

To Know Me, Know My iPod

Somehow, I had ended up inside of Ken's head — in Kenworld.


Passion For Music Keeps 'Hard Times' Rolling

"Hard Times", which won a Billboard music award in 2002 for Best Regional Music Video Show, has been picked up by several diferent broadcast and cable stations. Woodward produces "Hard Times" on his own time at home on a Macintosh computer and says his show's budget is pretty much nonexistent. His staff, he says, consists of "me, myself and iMac."


You Know, When I Was Young...

Once upon a time in Mac OS X land, if you remember, Finder used to suck.

Sunday, November 28, 2004


Friends Don't Let Friends Do Windows



Rumor Today: Peter Mehring, Former Founder of Umax, New Mac Hardware Division Chief At Apple?

Redazione speculates on Apple's replacement choice.

Are we going to see mroe radical designs, or more of the evolutionary-kind of products like the iMac G5?

Friday, November 26, 2004

Top Stories

King Of Music Players

As Apple's iPod capitalizes on a shift in the way people enjoy entertainment, many believe its popularity will endure.


Apple To Press Play On iTuens In Canada

Apple said this week the company intends to meet [it's self-imposed] deadline. "It's still November; we'll launch in November."

Boiiiiing: Adam Curry And Postcasting Hit Mainstream Media — So Do Not Forget: Windows Mobile Devices Are Pefect For Podcasting Too!


Band-Aid: Some Suggestions for Apple's Damage-Control

So, here's the London Times' article about how Apple refused — simply refused — to sell the tune "Do They Know It's Christmas?" for charity, because the song is supposed to be sold at £1.49, while Apple balks at anything that doesn't sell at the standard 79p price point per song.

No matter whether you agree that Apple has a case or not, whether the Times article is fair and balanced, or not, the damage has already been done. (As far as I know, the Times is a rather reputable, or at least, mainstream, paper over there.)

So, what can Apple do?

Apple can agree to sell the song on iTunes Music Store at the 1.49 price. Apple may also not sell on the iTunes store, but instead choose to sell it on the online Apple Store instead.

But those are still cop-out options. Rather, may I humbly suggest, that Apple should negotiate with Universal Music to sell the tune at 79p on the iTunes Music Store. And Apple should match the remaining 70p per song as a charity donation.

This may or may not totally repair the damage already caused, but at least it's going to be a worthwhile gesture.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Top Stories

Apple iTunes Don't Know It's Christmas-Tme At All

The Apple iTunes music store has refused to sel the charity Band Aid song Do They Know It's Christmas? because it would damage the company's dominance of the download market. The track cost £1.49 on other major online sites which have agreed to donate their profits to relief efforts in Africa. Apple sells individual tracks at 79p but has refused to raise its price for the charity song.


St. Louis Apple Store Coming

iPort Pipes iPod Music Into Whole-Hole System

Sonance is now shipping iPort, an in-wall docking station that enables you to play the music in your iPod over a whole-home audio system.


Apple, Audio And Hardware

There's nothing as flexible as a personal comptuer. But there's nothing more user-friendly than a well-designed appliance. Apple obviously knows the difference.

iTunes Is Ripping Us Off

I love U2, but there is no way in hell that I'm paying $150 for a handful of rare tracks.

U2 Makes A Note Of It

The greatest contribution U2 has made to digital music is nudging Apple one step closer to releasing liner notes for the albums it sells.


Panorama V For Victory

Throughout the nearly 20 years of its history, ProVue's flagship database application, Panorama, has been ahead of its time; now the times have caught up, and Panaorama has risen to the challenge.

The Changing Face Of Web Design

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Top Stories

Apple iPod Holds Sway In Japan

In Japan, home to four of hte world's top-five consumer electronics companies by sales, advance orders made Apple's iPod mini the top-selling portable player three weeks before its July 24 release. It still is.


Give Your iPod Fifteen Minutes Of Clubbing Fame

North London digital music lovers have a new forum where they can share their musical taste in a democratic clubbing experience — Playlist Club.

Watson Now Available For Free

It should be noted that some of Watson's tools are no longer functional, and developer Dan Wood said he cannot update the program because of the deal with Sun.

Apple Launches New Student Site With Blog

Bluetooth Update Improves Performance, Reliability


Mo' Better Podcast Listening!

While there's no way to delete content directly on your iPod, I think I've come up with a way that might be even better!

Modifying Stickies

In this article, you're about to learn how to update your Stickies applications to give it abilities that its authors probably never considered.

A Company With Simple And Elegant Products

For as long as I've been writing for the Times, one company has consistently created clever, well-priced products — and I've never reviewed them. It's SanDisk, the memory-card maker. The trouble is that its products are so simple in concept, none of them really merits the full 1300-word "State of the Art" column treatment.


Rumor Of The Day: Apple May Go Galactic summarizes today's rumor: Apple's Asteroid, which allows musicians easily plug their analog gear into a Mac.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Apple Developer Numbers Growing

Apple has grown the size of its global developer community by 2 1/2 times over the past two years, with much of the credit going to its switch to the Unix-based OS X operating system.

Solar Powered iPod Backup

Engineering, Support Executives Leave Apple

Two Apple Computer executives have quietly left the company in recent weeks, including the Macintosh unit's head of engineering.

Apple Posts iCal 1.5.4 Security Update

Xserve Shipments Soar 119 Percent; Trend Likely To Continue

Analysts expect triple digit growth for the Xserve could continue into 2006 before it levels off.

Apple Stocks End sDay Up 11 Percent

This is after Piper Jaffray raised its price target on the stock to $100.


Six Percent Of Windows iPod Users Have Already Switched To The Mac, But This Is Just The Beginning

Windows users who buy an iPod for use with their PC, are in fact coming back later and replacing that PC with a Macintosh.


Computer? What Computer?

Reason #6 on why David Pogue is so productive: "I do most of my work in Mac OS X. I therefore spend zero time on viruses, spyware, maintenance and all those other typical computer time drains."


Microsoft Notebook: Top Exec Shares Business Lessons

Jeff Raikes shared a series of business lessons, explaining each using inside stories from his more than two decades at Microsoft.

Monday, November 22, 2004


Laptop-Less Freshmen Have Differing Views About Status

For most of the freshmen, the loss of the iBooks is no big deal. Some said they are glad to be rid of them.

.Mac Reinstates Virex Download For Members With New Version 7.5.1

5000 Apple Religious Nuts Camp Outside London Store

More than 5000 followers of Steve Jobs encircled a sacred site in Regent Street in Londinium over the weekend as a new holy of holies was opened.

Apple Reboots Into Retailing

The Geniuses — tech support staffers clad in black, offering free advice from behind a sleek, barlike counter — were an afterthought when Apple expanded into retailing in 2001, another non-traditional tool to bring in shoppers and draw attention that Apple computers were not getting at traditional computer retailers. The concept has become so successful that 100,000 people visit the Geniuses every week.


RadioSHARK A Great Addition To The Digital Hub

A New Computer

You really don't notice the raw power of the G5 that much in the Finder. It's quick, but it's when you open up applications that are dual processor aware, you feel the speed this kind of machine supplies.


Please Use The Product Before Reviewing

How does a mainstream press manage to do comparison review between different products, without showing a single thread of evidence of using one of the said product?

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Top Stories

Apple's Flock Worships New Store

Shop openings this side of the Atlantic traditionally consist of some feeble ribbon-cutting, a few pictures for the local newspaper, and maybe even a free goody bag for the first lucky customer to pass the threshold. But in the world of Apple it was always going to be so much more.


Apple Shop Bucks Dire High Street Sales Trend

The frenzied interest in Apple's store is in sharp contrast to the fortunes of many UK retailers who are preparing for the toughest Christmas in years.

Apple Store London Opens, Pictures Online Now


Made In USA

Unlike other American companies, Apple's obsessed with good design. Or more precisely, their CEO is.

Mac Crowd Bashes Windows

The reason behind the growing support for Macs has less to do with Apple than with the failure of Microsoft's Windows operating system and Internet Explorer browser.

Mac 911 Attends The London Apple Store Opening

If today's reception is any hint at how The Apple Store will be greeted in other European capitals, The Store has a very bright future abroad.


Top Computer Makers: Apple

iPod Brings Music To Your Photos

Apple's latest offers a brilliant color screen and photo capabilities, but the price is high.

Saturday, November 20, 2004


Creative Stunt Lands 20 iPods

By the time the shutters came down at 7pm, Creative had collected 20 iPods.

Stormy Braves Storm To Be First In Line

A student from Texas is camping out on a rainy sidewalk to be first in line for Saturday's grand opening of the new London Apple store.

England Enjoys Mac Attack

Apple iPod Mini Waterproof H2O Audio Case

Apple Confirms Plans For First Canadian Retail Store

Apple confirmed plans to open the company's first retail store in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Software Blades

Windows still sits in the middle, but now, with the BlackBerry, the iPod, the Mac, Wi-Fi, and RSS, I can route around it.

My First Sony Walkman

I miss the feeling that I had when I got my first Walkman.

Why Apple Is Worth Revisiting

Apple is making a serioius play for both the small-and-midsize business and the enterprise storage markets.


Live From London

A live webcam pointing at the queue outside fo Apple's London store is now in operation over at ifo Apple Store web site.

No, It's Not Just Us Folks

David Pogue discovers that there are other us-verus-them debates besides the great Mac and PC uproar whenever someone writes something remotely controversial in the mainstream press. Be careful when you compares LCD and plasma television. :-)


Dumping Microsoft Isn't Always Practical

ActiveX, IE, and Outlook aren't easy to do without.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Top Stories

Wanna Buy An iPod, Guv?

Don't bet your house on getting your hands on the iPod of your choice, though. The newest iPods have yet to arrive.

Apple Confirms More UK Retail Stores

Apple today confirmed it plans new retail outlets across the UK and Europe.


iPod Updater Brings Parity And A Bit More

So what's this "and a Bit More" promised in the headline? It turns out that the update changes some of the mini's diagnostic tests.

MacExpo: Fans Wait With Intent For Apple Store Opening

The queue has started. A tent and a handful of dedicated Mac users were spotted outside the Apple Store on Regents Street last night at 1 am. Two days before the store is set to open to the public.

U2 Sees iPod TV Spots As Synergy, Not Sellout

"Selling out is when you do something you don't want to for cash. We really wanted to do this. What could be cooler than having our own iPod and exploring new digital formats?"

Wozniak Gives Old Friend Jobs High Marks For Technology Leadership

Wozniak said Apple is the best bar none at developing technology that "fits how a human being is and thinks. I still see that going on at Apple more than any other company in the world."

The iPod Economy

All kinds of companies are going along for the ride.

MacExpo: Knoica Minolta Offers Free iPods

Knoica Minolta is offering a free 20GB iPod with some printers.

iPod Updater 2004-11-15 Released

This update is mainly aimed at iPod mini users.


Apple's iSight, A Webcam And More

Software developers have made the iSight good for much more than just video chat.

Radio Takes The Big Leap Forward

Despite some flaws, for radio buffs like me, RadioShark is a very useful product but it could use some fine-tuning.

Spider-Man 2: The Game

If you are not 110% hardcore Spider-Man fan you will not enjoy this.


Microsoft Says IE Updates Possible

Microsoft, under pressure to add new features to Internet Explorer, said it might do so by way of the browser's add-on mechanism.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Top Stories

Apple Plans Music Download Service In Japan — Paper

The Nihon Keizai newspaper reported on Thursday that Apple aimed to offer more than 100,000 songs with an emphasis on Japanese music by March 2005.


Apple Updates G5 Firmware, Xserve RAID Admin Tools

U2 iPod Unboxed!

Lost Ellen Feiss Switch Ad Unearthed

Errol Morris has posted several of the never-seen-before Swtich ads to his website, including a new spot featuring the only breakout star, Ellen Feiss.

Freeverse Ships Big Bang Board Games

Apple Computer Says To Delist From Tokyo Bourse

Apple said the turnover of its shares had been small, making it difficult to justify high listing costs.


iBetter? Haha

If I own a Zen Micro, I would be spending my time hiding it from being seen.

Win Autographed Creative Zen Micros

Who wants to buy or win an MP3 player with some CEO's signature on it?


Creating iPod Tattoos

Printing these things is more fraught with peril than you might think — the problem is getting the size of the graphic right and getting your software to print the graphic at the top of the page. There are easy ways to get it done, however.

Eudora 6.2 Alternates Between Silly And Serious

The... new features in Eudora 6.2 are more along the lines of what I know and love about the program.

Peace Of Mind For Notebook Data

U2 iPod Impressions: Better Looks, Cleaner Audio?

Like a number of other recent Apple products, the U2 iPod just looks better in person than it does in official publicity shots.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Apple Of Their Eye

SoHo's Apple Store has become the latest singles hotspot. The techie's paradise on Prince Street is a hive of young, hip New Yorkers who stop by to read their e-mail, load their iPods and check out new digital gizmos — and each other.

Tiger Presents New Opportunities For Developers

The real benefit of Mac OS X 10.4 will be realized as users discover the massive new wave of innovative, Tiger-ready applications from independent developers.

Bono Cheating On Apple With Sony?

According to Tech Digest, Bono has supposedly been hiting up Sony for one of their new 20GB NW-HD1 Network Walkman digital audio players.

Students In 36 Maine High Schools Are Getting Laptops

Three dozen Maine high schools that opted to use local money to pay for laptops for ninth graders have received the computers and students can scarcely wait to get their hands on them.

Apple Changes iPod Photo To 'iPod photo'

In an apparent attempt to unify its iPod product names, Apple has tweaked the name of its iPod Photo to iPod photo (lower case "p").


Viewing All 68,647 New Yorker Cartoons On Your iPod


iPod Photo: Breakthrough Device Or Work In Progress?

The iPod photo is a great evolution of the iPod product line. It doesn't do everything that everyone wants the iPod to do, but it is an evolution of the digital wallet.

Put PowerPoint On Your iPod Photo


MSN Music To Offer GarageBand Songs

MSN Music is teaming up with music site to distribute free music from artists that aren't signed to traditional music labels.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Greek Music Fans, Too, Can Now Get It On The Internet

Launched in Greece late last month, Apple's iTunes Music Store has, despite the lack of publicity, already drawn a considerable number of local customers for online music purchases at a cost of 0.99 euros per song.

Steve Jobs To Keynote Macworld Expo San Francisco

AirPort 4.1 Fixes Encryption Irritation

Apple has released AirPort 4.1 software for Mac OS X 10.3, and this update includes a feature that's been in great need: the ability to use more modern and secure WPA encryption when you're also linking base stations wirelessly through WDS.

PortalPlayer Rides Popularity Of The iPod

PortalPlayer, based in Santa Calra, Calif., is a chip maker for personal media players. But its business is highly concentrated: 93 percent of its sales go to Shanghai's Inventec Appliances Co., which assembles iPods.

Apple's Computer Sales Could harmonize With iPod's Success

Shop Till You're Cool

Checkout lines and stocked shelves? Not at these stores, where the point is hanging around.


iPod And Corporate America

My brother's employer, BIG BANK Inc., has decided to get every employee above call center and administrative staff an iPod so they can listen to things like earnigns calls on their way to work.

iPod In The Sky?

Get music-on-demand for a monthly fee.


Blast! No Infraread

If El Gato added an IR blaster, I would immediately turn my G4 Cube into a home entertainment center.

Safari -> Firefox

Firefox is faster, cleaner, more extensible, and user-friendly than Safari.


There's No Such Thing As Native Speakers of Traditional/Simplified Chinese

The whole deal with traditional and simplified Chinese is in the writing, not the speaking. Even though a resident from Beijing writes in simplified Chinese, while a resident from Taipei writes in traditional Chinese, so long as they are using the same dialet (most likely Mandarin), they will pronounce their words in exactly the same way.

Monday, November 15, 2004


Burberry iPod Cases

If you've got $200 burning a hole in your daddy's credit card, the plaid lads of Burberry are selling two new iPod cases at each of their 5 US stores.

Audio Hijack 2.2 Adds New Features

The new version adds an AIFF sample rate selector, a "Stop Recording After" setting, two new post-processing scripts and several other features.

HP And The Mac: A Love Affair

Patent For Wireless iPod Turns Up


This One Goes To Eleven

The iPod Photo has been causing me some headaches. Mostly because the hype has been so strong around the Mac web, but no one has really been able to tell me why I'd want one.

The Time Of Your Life

Come on, stop reading so many weblogs, focus!


Podcasting Overloading In My Mac Life

It's up and running: one of my favorite radio show, Your Mac Life, has the first "official" podcast up on the net. You can download the MP3 manually, or you can subscribe to the XML feed via iPodderX so that this and future podcast can be automatically pushed to your iPod.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Top Stories

Gates Vs. Jobs: The Rematch

In many ways, the story sounds eerily familiar.


London's Apple Blossoms

Shoppers crave it for Christmas with a near religious fervour, but now those who revere Apple's iPod music player will be able to worship their icon at a high-street temple. Europe's first flagship Apple Store is about to open in Britain.

Mac Fans Attack Schools' PC Plan

As school districts across the country have become more and more PC-driven, Mac lovers have held on with a vengeance.


Apple's Latest Development iPod Photo Seems Unfocused

Ultimately, the iPod will successfully transcend its original mission, of a jewel-like, musical companion, to something beyond audio. It hasn't yet.

Apple iPod Photo 60GB


Real Ghost Sighting?

A real ghost sighting, or another urban legend? You decide whether the whispering or the white mist that are being captured in this commercial are real or fake.



Microsoft Takes Lead In Software For Handhelds

For the past three months, gadgets running the software giant's Windows Mobile operating system outsold Palm handhelds, finally overtaking a rival that first popularized the electronic datebook organizers in the mid-1990s.

Saturday, November 13, 2004


FileMaker Takes Major K12 Award

Students Cash In On iPod Giveaway

Rumors Of Apple iPod Deal Lift Digital River Stock

Shares of Digital River rose to a four-year high driven on what analysts said were rumors that its technology might be used to download games onto the next version of Apple's popular iPod.

Staples: Brand Warriors

"Staples is all about easy, and the Apple platform just makes it easy for my team to be creative. That freedom lets up push the limits, test more options, and produce more compelling communications."


Microsoft Biting The Apple

One fact is clear: Microsoft is looking long term and has the cash to stay the course. At some point, portable media players will become commodity items, and Apple won't be able to charge customers the high prices it does now. Then the equation will change, perhaps to Bill Gates' advantage.


Getting In Tune With AirPort Express

AirPort [Express] is by no means the perfect solution for streaming music on a local network. But it's darn good.

Build Your Own Blogging Application, Part 2

Friday, November 12, 2004

Top Stories

The True Story Of Audion

In short, we didn't want Audion, flashy crazy Audion, to go with a whimper. We felt it was time to celebrate this one application — this one tiny tale in a world of millions — that's done so much for us, and whose customers and fans have helped us become what we are today, to whom we owe so much.


Comments Field: Useful Or Useless?

What should really happen is that the Comments field should be way more accessible.

Two Things I Wish Every Mac OS X User Knew

We get enough support requests to have some idea of the things people often don't know about Mac OS X.

Additional Poofery

I offer the following addendum to last week's bit on poof consistency.


Griffin RadioSHARK

It was worth the wait.

Shrek 2

The pity is that with a touch more thought the game could have been tweaked to be a shining example of what a platformer should be about. Instead, it's a competent example of the genre.


Microsoft Registers Trademark — 19 Years Late

Microsoft introduced its Excel spreadsheet program in 1985, but didn't get around to officially registering its trademark until earlier this year.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Top Stories

Apple No Longer Reviewing Itself

Apple products now appear without a rating.

French Court Won't Force Apple To Open Up iTunes

The French Competition Council has dismissed a case brought by Virgin's French arm against Apple for alleged abuse of market dominance.


iPod Socks Now Available For Order From Apple Store

Google To Give Gmail POP3 Support, Plans Antivirus

"We want to make it the best e-mail service in every single dimension so you have aabsolutely no reason to use any other."


Little Black Disc Killers

U2's deal, in which the band will market its massive 400-track digital box set — the entire U2 collection, including stuff not previuosly heard — suggests the end of the CD as we, and the big labels, know it.

The Word On The Next iPod: Flash

Despite denials from Apple, teh buzz is building that the company is ready to launch a digital music player that uses a memory card.

Apple's Inadequate Quality Testing

Apple's hardware universe is sufficiently small that Apple should be more dilligent than it appears to be.


Build Your Own Blogging Application, Part 1

How to harness the power of Perl and Tcl/Tk along with your .Mac iDisk to build your own blogging application.

Bose's Pricey iPod Speaker Dock

The sleek, shoebox-size device produces solid sound, but at $299 it's rather pricey.

Log In, Rock On

The biggest advantage of iTunes, apart from ease of use, is that it supports iPod.

Four Options For Buying New And Used Macs


One Toe In The Pod-O-Sphere

Shawn King, of Your Mac Life, tries out PodCasting. Unfortunately, he missed out on one key feature of Podcasting: the automatic push to the iPod. What's missing? The actual MP3 file should be placed into the Enclosure field of the RSS feed, so that applications such as iPodderX can automatically download the MP3 file, put into a special playlist in your iTunes, so that the next time you connect your iPod to your Mac, the MP3 will automatically upload itself to your iPod.

Look Ma, No hands.

And How About You?

And if you want to get into the pod-casting business, here's a new web site that teaches you how to podcast in three (relatively) easy steps.


Microsoft Web Searcher Isn't As Good As Google, But In Time It Could Be

Google is still my search service of choice, but Microsoft has arrived in search and will be a more and more attractive alternative.

Microsoft Skips Itanium With New Windows

Microsoft will come out with a special version of Windows next year for clusters, but it won't run on Intel's most powerful server chip, at least for now.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Top Stories

Why iPod's Tune Won't Change

The hardware add-on market is fiercely energetic, with more than 300 accessories. But that's only half the story.


Developers Have 'Opportunities In Mac Audio'

Mac developers should take a deeper look at the platform's musikc ecosystem, according to last month's third O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference.

Reader's Digest: Mac Shows True Colours

"ColorSync is a really extraordinary chance for the publishing and printing industries to carry out colour management, calculations, adjustments and adaptation using the same framework — it's the best system-level colour management available today."

USD 250 makes PowerSchool A Priority

After a couple of years of discussion and a presentation last night, the Pittsburg USD 250 Board of Education voted to make the PowerSchool program a purchase priority this year.

Analysts Raise Apple, iPod Projections For The Quarter

Amazon To Launch iPod Store

Online retailer, Amazon, is preparing to debut a new store focusing on sales of Apple's iPod and related products.

Apple Supported Technologies Approved By DVB

The revision includes two technologies supported by Apple, H.264 or Advanced Video Codec (AVC) and High Efficiency AAC (HE-AAC) audio codecs.

Virtual PC Update Fixes RAM Issue

Corrects an issue affecting users running G5 machines with more than 2GB of RAM.

Firefox 1.0 Released


Fun iPod Tricks

Not only can you use your iPod to play msuic from your favorite singer or band, you can use it to listen to radio recordings, listen to "audio weblogs" (known as podcasts), and more.

Go Beyond Safari

How-To: Play "Movies" On An iPod Photo

Pointless? Yes. Will a lot of people try this and put movie trailers and porn on their iPod photo? You betcha, and we’re here to help as always.

Delicious Library

It's clever, pretty, and fun, but also a bit green.

Replace Your iBuds

As cute and identificable as the iPod's stock earbuds are, they're no match for the quality of sound the iPod is capable of producing.

Delicious Library

Airburst Extreme

AirBurst Extreme is an absolutely wonderful game, and excellent fun for people of all ages.


No Legally-Rippable Content For iPod Movie?

Dear Steve Jobs, I beg to differ. At least, I beg to differ here in Asia, where the dominant delivery medium for movies is VCD, rather than DVD. There's no DRM-protection, however weak, on the VCD format, so ripping from it for own personal use should be legal.

But I will agree with Steve Jobs: what's the point of watching movies on a tiny 2-inch screen? There's a reason why, before the iPod era, you do often see people listening to radios or Walkmans or Discmans, but rarely do you see people watching programmes on a portable TV during the commute.

Kill Me Softly

What is worse than having a song stuck in your head early in the morning? Having a song from Barney (the television show that my daughter is now crazy about) stuck in your head early in the morning.


Microsoft Aims At iPod Market

Microsoft is fighting to expand its online music share and break the hold Apple's iPod has on the market.

Microsoft Commits To XML Docs For Long Term

Responding to a request from the European Union to improve data interoperability, Microsoft has committed in perpetuity to offering a royalty-free license of Office-related XML document formats.

Tuesday, November 9, 2004


iPod Nation?

Tufts Associate Professor of Anthropology David Guss said that the iPod is so successful because it "empower[s] people to become more than simply passive consumers. iPod and other systems create new circuiltires in which consumers are also producers."

The Apple Of Their Eye

Store offers comptuers, tech help for Mac users.

Making The Cut

Apple's GarageBand, Sony's ACID and other powerful yet easy-to-use software programs let professional musicians write and record music whenever and wherever the muse strikes.

Here Comes The Sun — Get Out The iPod!

MyPower Adds Up To 32 Hours Of Playback Time To Your iPod

The new iPod case is rechargeable battery and portable dock, all in one.

Apple, Jobs Snare Two Billboard Awards

Apple won Brand of the Year while Jobs secured Visionary of the Year for his dual roles as CEO of Apple and Pixar.


U2 Is Smart To Bite Into This Apple

What U2 has done is adopt the new playbook for pop-music success.

Google Search On Mac Not Needed

Video iPod: Wrong Time, Wrong Place

With its iPod success and Steve Jobs' Hollywood ties, I sure wouldn't bet against Apple. But only when the time is right. And that time isn't now.

Tasty Fruit

Product upgrades and strong demand are driving growth at Apple.


Singing With The Sonnet Encore/ST G4 Duet

For those of us who still aren't at ease with Mac OS X, a processor upgrade is a great way to extend the viability of an existing Mac without the trouble and expense of buying a whole new system.

New iMac Delivers Value For Windows Users

Style, performance and security make Appel's new iMac G5 computers one of the best values for home and small-business users — especailly for Windows users shopping for their next PC.

The New iMac Is Beautiful

Simply put, the new iMac is beautiful.

Apple Has Surprises Tucked Into Panther

Here's how to bring out a few of the hidden features of the application with the simple name, Mail.

Apple iPod Photo

Apple iPod Photo

What's stopping us getting over-excited? One, to view the images properly you really need to view them on a television and two, to view images ont he television you need to carry around a long cable with three phono plugs in your pocket.


Microsoft Moves Closer To Wiping Its Antitrust Slate Clean

By reaching antitrust settlements with two additional litigants — Novell and Comptuer & Communications Industry Association — Microsoft has broguht its cost of persuading rivals to drop lawsuits to roughly $3 billion.

Monday, November 8, 2004


Apple Insiders Sell $73 Million In Stock

So far this year, 10 top executives havve sold $229 million in company shares.

Music Sharing That's Free And Legal

A new twist on file sharing is holding out the promises of allowing millions of people to share their song collections online, at no cost — and without legal risk.

Delicious Library Ships

Delicious LIbrary is an "electronic card-catalog" application for Mac OS X. It lets users track books, movies, music and video games that they own.

Macworld Is Moving To The Hynes

"Based on feedback that we have, the show in its current size is not big enough" to fill the new center's massive exhibit hall, said IDG World Expo. "We want people to be able to feel a lot more close together."

Apple Opens Store In Jordan Creek Town Center

The mood was more like a concert and fans lined up well before dawn.

Old Computers Tossed; New Apple Store Opens

While some were perusing the new Apple Store, hundreds more were waiting in line at the Ley Creek transfer station as part of household computer and television recyclig day.


Should You Want New iPod Photo? Well, It Depends

Icing on the cake, or gliding the lily?

On The Leading Edge, With Elan

Slim. Sleek. Streamlined. Stylish. Chic. Those aren't adjectives normally associated with a desktop computer — unless it's an Apple iMac.

Device Does For AM/FM Radio What TiVO Did For Television

If you're a fan of late-night radio talk shows, or odd-hours disc jockey music programs that air while you're at work or asleep, RadioShark may be the answer for you.

Sunday, November 7, 2004


Creative's Offering A Free Zen Micro For Your Old iPod — If You Live In Singapore

If you live in Singapore and are one of the first five people to get in line at the Creative Fest they're holding there later this month.

iPods At The Gate

Like little armies dragging their downloadable ammunition behind them, Apple's iPod are poised at the juncture of teenworld and your campus, just waiting to invade. Can this be a good thing?

Apple Dashboard Widget Contest

Members of Apple's Developer Connection who hold an active software seed key are eligible to enter Apple's new Dashboard Widget Contest to win a new iPod.


Minimalist-Looking iMac G5 Is A Powerful Desktop Computer

Photo Plus Music Equals An Expensive iPod

iPod Photo's biggest obstacle isn't other products, it's human nature. It's a lot harder to gawk at pictures while walking, running or driving than it is to listen to music; none of Apple's engineering wizardry can change that.

Saturday, November 6, 2004

Top Stories

U2 Talk iPod Strategy

Band's partnership with Apple has deep roots.


Debdoot Das

"Now you can afford to have a system that does it all, so I was able to do everything under one roof. And because it's all connected with the same philosophy, it just flowed."

Sid Fleischman

Playing God: BiblePlayer For iPod Catches On

Combining the use of the iPod with the Bible highlights the gadget's potential as a conduit for e-books.

Apple Updates DVD Studio Pro

Mac OS X 10.3.6 Released

The update delivers enhanced functionality and improved reliability.

Macworld Boston Switches Venues

Boston Macworld will move to Hynes Convention Center for 2005, as the center "is a more appropriate location and will provide an excellent customer experience for this particular event based primarily on venue size."


Music At A Wheel's Click, But Do We Really Hear?

Maybe an irreversible progression is under way: more kinds of music, fewer listeners for each kind.


Protect Your PowerBook From Scuffs And Wear

Over the years I've used dozens upon dozens of products to protect my laptops from harm. Here are a few I recommend without hesitation.

iPod Remote Doesn't Control Photos On iPod Photo

You can only use the iPod remote to control music on the new iPod, but not to advance, pause or play photo slideshows.


If, as I hope, you are just like me, and you have a strange fascination with text editors too, perhaps you might like to join me as I take you on a tour, line by line, character by character, into the wonderful plain text world I've explored.

Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons Of WWII

Gamers looking for something a little more new or inventive in terms of game play will find this expansion lacking.


Another Design Tips For The iPod Guys

Attention to details, that's what Apple is famous for. When your iPod is switched off while it is on hold, releasing the hold switch will automatically turn on your iPod.

Unfortunately, the reverse is not true. When your iPod is paused and is not playing any music, turning on the hold-switch should switch off your iPod. After all, no music is being played and you will not be playing any music anyway while on hold, the iPod might as well be switched off. But, this is not the case. My iPod mini will just stay on doing nothing.

(Technically, your iPod doesn't get switched off. It just goes to sleep.)

The Blogging Event

You can listen in live all day from Blogggercon — the event for all bloggers and readers and podcasters — at ITConversations.

My Mac Life Is Back

Even though I didn't really miss listening to Your Mac Life due to my QuickTime Player not cooperating with me, nevertheless I am still happy I am able to solve the mystery and have my player start to download and play the archives.

Turns out QuickTime Player is really brain-dead. For some reason, QuickTime Player decided, one fine day, to use "UDP" as the transport portocol, which didn't work at all. (In Mac OS X, you can find this setting at System Preferences : Connection : Transport Setup.) So, I switched it to "Automatically determine the best protocol and port ID, trusting QuickTime Player to try all combinations and give me a setting that simply "just work."

Did I mention QuickTime Player is really brain-dead? Turns out that the player is not smart enough to determine the best protocol and port ID. In fact, I don't think it even tried.

The correct way to listen to Your Mac Life and other QuickTime-streamed content is — if the earlier options still don't work for you — to use "HTTP" and Port ID 80. Set it manually yourself, and it will finally work.

So, now I finally am able to listen to Shawn King and the rest of his gang. And my hatred for QuickTime Player has just increased another notch.

P.S. And special thanks to Shawn King for prompting me via email to get up on my lazy ass and do something about QuickTime Player.

Friday, November 5, 2004

Top Stories

Apple Store Takes Reviews — But Not Of Its Own Stuff

Customers visiting Apple's online store can now post their own reviews of the products they buy — unless it's the latest iPod.

Rate Products, But Not Apple's

Apple's online store now allows customers to rate many third-party products, but not Apple's own. "It gets worse."


New Apple Stores In Liverpool, Jersey

More news from Apple's reseller channels, with a new stores in Jersey and Liverpool and a new accreditaion...

Apple Launches Epson Promo

Free Epson printer with the purchase of a qualifying computer.

At Posh Hotels, iPod A High-Tech Mint On The Pillow

Music lovers checking into fine hotels may want to ask the front desk about the latest trend in upscale amenities: in-room iPods.

Apple Addicts Will Arrive Early For Store's Opening

Twenty years after Apple introduced the Macintosh, the company is opening a retail store in Iowa.

Mac Developer Looks To Windows To Escape Tiger

With Apple threatening to push his product aside, longtime Mac developer Arlo Rose has moved his Konfabulator over to Windows.

Cell Signaling Technology: Switching An Entire Company To Macs

"Switching to Macs company-wide has been good for us. No one worries about the system anymore. They're concentrating on their work, using the Mac as a tool rather than as a computer."

REAL Software Ships REALbasic 5.5.4


How Far Can Apple Ride The iPod Craze?

It's tough to bet against a company seemingly doing everything right, and there's no real reason to at the moment.


Microsoft Wants Servers To Drive Office Sales

Microsoft wants to create closer ties between its Office desktop software and its server applications in the next version of Office, hoping customers will upgrade their copies of the dominant desktop software suite.

Thursday, November 4, 2004

Top Stories

Apple Trims Music Purchases To iTunes 4.5 Or Higher

As of today users of iTunes 4.2 or lower will not be able to purchase or download songs from the iTunes Music Store. "Less than 5 percent of all iTunes customers are using the old iTunes 4.2 version, so asking them to upgrade to the free iTunes 4.7 is no big deal."


iPod-Crazed Youths Invade London Station

Welcome to the world of Mobile Clubbing — turning up at a pre-arranged public place on mass where you begin to dance to the sound of your own personal stereo.

Glenda Adams Speaks Out On Mac Doom 3

"For most games it is a huge optimization effort to even get the Mac version to run close to as fast as the PC."

iPod And iPod Mini Win Which? Praise

Despite Consumer Association accusations that Apple overcharges for iTunes tracks in the UK, its monthly magazine, Which?, continues to celebrate Apple's iPod.

An iPod In Every Room At The New Dream Hotel In NYC

iPod Download Is Back!

Doom 3 Coming To The Mac


But There's No Software For The Mac, Right?

Apple's iPod Must Beware Woes Of Netscape, Nokia

There's no question that Apple has built a beautiful mousetrap... Still, the likes of Microsoft and Sony are hardly going to stand still while Apple pockets every last cent of what Bono called "the dividends of the digital age."


iPod Photo

Hacking iTunes

I'll explore ways to work with the iTunes Music Library file, an XML document, for fun and education, including transforming the library into an HTML page using various technologies, and querying Amazon and Google's web services for other suggested recordings and related information.

Automatically Import Images Into iPhoto

There seems to be a great opportunity to automate the process of moving images from Bluetooth camera phone into iPhoto for asset management. But there are a few potholes along the way.

Power Pack For An iPod Keeps The Music Playing

iPod Sings With Harman Speakers

Sizing Up The Latest iPod Iteration

The new iPod Photo is a great choice for storing and sharing digital photos. We just hope it comes down in price.


Internet Radio, Here Comes Your Competition

Lately, for some reason, I cannot get to listen to the archives posted on Your Mac Life, the Internet radio show for Mac people. My QuickTime player will try to connect — and then fail after a long time. (Actually streaming doesn't seem to work on my Mac anymore. I could not watch the latest iPod event on Apple's web site either.)

But, I don't miss it anymore — because of all the other podcasts that are available on the net. Probably everyone listens to Adam Curry's Daily Source Code and IT Conversations, but I'm also starting to listen to Dave Winer again. (His new microphone really made a lot of difference.) The best part: they are all free, and I can put them on my iPod very easily.

Update on the QuickTime Player: a bulb finally lighted above me and I am able to get the player working again.


Some Like It Small

Look out iPod. Flash digital-audio players are getting better than ever.

Microsoft Expands European Music Download Business

Microsoft launched its MSN music download service in eight new European countries on Thursday in an attempt to fend off a recent expansion push by archrival Apple's iTunes.

Coming To Project Managers: Multiscreen Microsoft PC

The Project PC is an extension of Microsoft's philosophy of customizing PC hardware for specific verticals. Its innovation is essentially to offer small-form-factor hardware optimized for multiple screens.

Wednesday, November 3, 2004

Top Stories

Resellers: Market Share Down Because 'Apple Eats Its Children'

Resellers said that there's been too little product to sell for too long and that Apple continues to "squeeze" resellers and distributors, removing sales incentives.


Can Radio Kill The Digital Music Star?

A funny thing happened on the way to the consumer electronics store.

iPod Mini-Matching Earbuds

The catch? Japan only.

Apple Shares Reach Four-Year High On Demand For iPod

Apple shares rose to a four-year high as demand for the iPod surges before the year-end shopping season, reversin the slump triggered in September 2000 by a disappointing profit forecast.

The Old New Thing

Aside from partisans for the Macintosh, there are also many determined fans of a smaller, hand-held device who are so united in their devotion that they form a kind of secret society. No, not iPod fans. Newton fans.


My Mac OS X Switching Saga

Can The iPod Keep Leading The Band?

Apple has to continue to out-innovate a growing crowd of contenders.


A Simple Drawing Sample In Quartz 2D

iBook, Power Mac 1.8GHz Benchmarks

The message here is not about value; the new Power Mac is definitely a bargain. But it does appear that, when it comes to frontside bus speed, megahertz does indeed matter.

The iPod-Powwered PC

Migo Personal for iPod transforms Apple's popular music player into both a backup device and a setup device for remote PCs.

How-To: Get Music Off Your iPod

In this How-To we show you several different ways of getting the music off of your iPod and onto both Macs and PCs, all with free tools.

Pricey iPod Upgrade Worth Every Dime


The People Of America Have Failed Us Today...

Joi Ito: "For awhile, many of us thought that you had been conned into voting for Bush — that you didn't iknow he wanted to be a War President... We thought you had made a mistake. Now US policies = US Citizens. You have my sympathies, but it's still your fault.


IE Exploit Is Top Of The Hacks

Is Dell's Winning Streak In Jeopardy?

Tuesday, November 2, 2004


Mac OS X — 'World's Safest'

A 12-month study by a leading digital security company concludes that Mac OS X and Open Source BSD OS's are the world's safest computing environments.

iTunes Gooing Places, But No Music For Our Ears

Waiting For The 'Halo Effect'

Though the jury is still out, there is some evidence the iPod's success may boost Apple computer sales.

iPod Download Giveth, Apple Taketh Away. But Not For Long!

It appears the code used to disable this specific utility can be overcome by simply forgetting how to spell.

There's No Worm In Your Apple — Honest

After a week of contemplation, Apple has annnounced that the 'Opener' malware program blighting OS X is not a virus — although the security community disagrees.

Strange Bug Caused Full Processor Usage In The Last Hour Of October

Apparently, became a bit confused with the change back to standard time, and began ramping up processor usage in the last hour of October.

With iPod Success, Apple Takes "Network Effect" From Microsoft

Apple has finally beaten Microsoft at its own game. The iPod, not Microsoft's extensive platform and ecosystem, is defining the market for portable digital media. And for a company that has long struggled in the shadow of its massive competitor to the north, that's good news indeed.


Examining The Consistency Of Your Poofs

It's a cute effect, made for demoning how cool Mac OS X looks — but it's shitty user-interface design, and Apple has implemented it inconsistently.

Top Down Vs. Bottom Up Technology

We need Apple and Microsoft. We also need Linux and the Internet. To grow the technology sector we need a balance, and unity.

Word To The Whiners

iPod Download was written as an iTunes plug-in. Apple controls the SDK for these plug-ins and has some say abou what they can and cannot be used for. Anyone writing such a plug-in would be well served to carefully scrutinize the SDK's licensing agreement.

More 'iPhoto On Windows' Thoughts

Apple Should Get Into Games

Apple has shown that they can come out of nowhere, and simply dominate a market. So why not games?


The Inside Wire: Keeping A Journal

Beginning with Mac OS X 10.2, Apple added a useful technology called Journaling.

Solution For Noisy iPods

In nearly every case, the iPod exhibited the problem only when used with third-party headphones.

Homeworld 2

The game is a blast just to play and the visuals just make it that much better.


Internet Explorer Takes Another Market-Share Hit

Challenges to Microsoft's Web browser dominance are mounting as Internet Explorer loses more market share to open-source rival Mozilla.

Monday, November 1, 2004

Top Stories

Apple Sees Market Share Decline In Q3

Despite positive financial results, an increase in Mac unit sales, and the popularity of the iPod, Apple's worldwide market share has declined, according to Gartner.


iTunes On Pocket PC 'Possible'

Information Appliance Associates has devised an application that enables the automatic transfer of music from Apple iTunes to Pocket PCs and MS Smartphone handsets.

iPod Still An Eyecatcher

Analysts say Apple could continue to dominate. But, they say, they expect its market share to erode amid the slew of new arrivals, which are matching the iPod's storage capacity; approaching it in style and ease of use; adding extra features such as an FM tuner or voice recorder; and, in some cases, undercutting Apple in price.


More On Apple's Breaking Of The iPod

There are innumberable untilities available to help you move your music from your iPod to your Mac, of course, but that's not the point. The point is that Apple is devoting time, money, and lawyer- and engineer-hours to breaking your iPod and selling it to you as a "fix."

Stevenote Review

Arguably, what's right is that you can take any digital content with you, but whatever: Apple only has a photo solution right now, so they'll run with that.


A Computer To Love

It's certainly a machine that would sit well anywhere in the house and, with the outstanding iLife software suite, is a powerful and flexible computing tool.

Airport Express — Don't Leave Home Without It!

We thought the Airport Express would have its travel advantage in hotels, but as it turns out its real advantage has been in internet cafes where the owners don't seem to mind us using our laptops.


Touch Me, Scroll Me, And I'll Play You Some Tunes

An actual working iPod Halloween costume, with a Microsoft Tablet PC as the brain.

Welcome To The Dark Side

It seems Apple's DRM restriction is getting dumber everyday. A reader from MacInTouch reports that the latest iTunes will not get the track name for you, if you didn't rip the song in iTunes yourself. The fine line between being the good guy (it's all RIAA's fault!) and the bad guy (I'm in bed with RIAA folks) is now somewhere underneath Apple's feets.

Kerry Is Going To Win

And the winner of this election: John Kerry. Why? Because the Redskins lost to the Green Bay Packers.

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