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Thursday, November 4, 2004

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Apple Trims Music Purchases To iTunes 4.5 Or Higher

As of today users of iTunes 4.2 or lower will not be able to purchase or download songs from the iTunes Music Store. "Less than 5 percent of all iTunes customers are using the old iTunes 4.2 version, so asking them to upgrade to the free iTunes 4.7 is no big deal."


Glenda Adams Speaks Out On Mac Doom 3

"For most games it is a huge optimization effort to even get the Mac version to run close to as fast as the PC."

iPod And iPod Mini Win Which? Praise

Despite Consumer Association accusations that Apple overcharges for iTunes tracks in the UK, its monthly magazine, Which?, continues to celebrate Apple's iPod.

An iPod In Every Room At The New Dream Hotel In NYC

iPod Download Is Back!

Doom 3 Coming To The Mac


Apple's iPod Must Beware Woes Of Netscape, Nokia

There's no question that Apple has built a beautiful mousetrap... Still, the likes of Microsoft and Sony are hardly going to stand still while Apple pockets every last cent of what Bono called "the dividends of the digital age."


iPod Photo

Hacking iTunes

I'll explore ways to work with the iTunes Music Library file, an XML document, for fun and education, including transforming the library into an HTML page using various technologies, and querying Amazon and Google's web services for other suggested recordings and related information.

Automatically Import Images Into iPhoto

There seems to be a great opportunity to automate the process of moving images from Bluetooth camera phone into iPhoto for asset management. But there are a few potholes along the way.

Power Pack For An iPod Keeps The Music Playing

iPod Sings With Harman Speakers

Sizing Up The Latest iPod Iteration

The new iPod Photo is a great choice for storing and sharing digital photos. We just hope it comes down in price.


Internet Radio, Here Comes Your Competition

Lately, for some reason, I cannot get to listen to the archives posted on Your Mac Life, the Internet radio show for Mac people. My QuickTime player will try to connect — and then fail after a long time. (Actually streaming doesn't seem to work on my Mac anymore. I could not watch the latest iPod event on Apple's web site either.)

But, I don't miss it anymore — because of all the other podcasts that are available on the net. Probably everyone listens to Adam Curry's Daily Source Code and IT Conversations, but I'm also starting to listen to Dave Winer again. (His new microphone really made a lot of difference.) The best part: they are all free, and I can put them on my iPod very easily.


Microsoft Expands European Music Download Business

Microsoft launched its MSN music download service in eight new European countries on Thursday in an attempt to fend off a recent expansion push by archrival Apple's iTunes.

Coming To Project Managers: Multiscreen Microsoft PC

The Project PC is an extension of Microsoft's philosophy of customizing PC hardware for specific verticals. Its innovation is essentially to offer small-form-factor hardware optimized for multiple screens.

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