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Saturday, November 6, 2004

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U2 Talk iPod Strategy

Band's partnership with Apple has deep roots.


Debdoot Das

"Now you can afford to have a system that does it all, so I was able to do everything under one roof. And because it's all connected with the same philosophy, it just flowed."

Sid Fleischman

Playing God: BiblePlayer For iPod Catches On

Combining the use of the iPod with the Bible highlights the gadget's potential as a conduit for e-books.

Apple Updates DVD Studio Pro

Mac OS X 10.3.6 Released

The update delivers enhanced functionality and improved reliability.

Macworld Boston Switches Venues

Boston Macworld will move to Hynes Convention Center for 2005, as the center "is a more appropriate location and will provide an excellent customer experience for this particular event based primarily on venue size."


Music At A Wheel's Click, But Do We Really Hear?

Maybe an irreversible progression is under way: more kinds of music, fewer listeners for each kind.


Protect Your PowerBook From Scuffs And Wear

Over the years I've used dozens upon dozens of products to protect my laptops from harm. Here are a few I recommend without hesitation.

iPod Remote Doesn't Control Photos On iPod Photo

You can only use the iPod remote to control music on the new iPod, but not to advance, pause or play photo slideshows.


If, as I hope, you are just like me, and you have a strange fascination with text editors too, perhaps you might like to join me as I take you on a tour, line by line, character by character, into the wonderful plain text world I've explored.

Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons Of WWII

Gamers looking for something a little more new or inventive in terms of game play will find this expansion lacking.


Another Design Tips For The iPod Guys

Attention to details, that's what Apple is famous for. When your iPod is switched off while it is on hold, releasing the hold switch will automatically turn on your iPod.

Unfortunately, the reverse is not true. When your iPod is paused and is not playing any music, turning on the hold-switch should switch off your iPod. After all, no music is being played and you will not be playing any music anyway while on hold, the iPod might as well be switched off. But, this is not the case. My iPod mini will just stay on doing nothing.

(Technically, your iPod doesn't get switched off. It just goes to sleep.)

The Blogging Event

You can listen in live all day from Blogggercon — the event for all bloggers and readers and podcasters — at ITConversations.

My Mac Life Is Back

Even though I didn't really miss listening to Your Mac Life due to my QuickTime Player not cooperating with me, nevertheless I am still happy I am able to solve the mystery and have my player start to download and play the archives.

Turns out QuickTime Player is really brain-dead. For some reason, QuickTime Player decided, one fine day, to use "UDP" as the transport portocol, which didn't work at all. (In Mac OS X, you can find this setting at System Preferences : Connection : Transport Setup.) So, I switched it to "Automatically determine the best protocol and port ID, trusting QuickTime Player to try all combinations and give me a setting that simply "just work."

Did I mention QuickTime Player is really brain-dead? Turns out that the player is not smart enough to determine the best protocol and port ID. In fact, I don't think it even tried.

The correct way to listen to Your Mac Life and other QuickTime-streamed content is — if the earlier options still don't work for you — to use "HTTP" and Port ID 80. Set it manually yourself, and it will finally work.

So, now I finally am able to listen to Shawn King and the rest of his gang. And my hatred for QuickTime Player has just increased another notch.

P.S. And special thanks to Shawn King for prompting me via email to get up on my lazy ass and do something about QuickTime Player.

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